CoD Mobile is a game that is not meant for everyone. Some players find the game to be a bit bloated because of gunsmith or its multiplayer mode. That may or may not be the case for you but it is almost a fact that this game is different. From the simplest of things like making a loadout for your battle royale match to making ten of them for MP mode, the game requires its players to be aware. That makes ita requirement for players to have game knowledge and game sense. In the battle royale mode of the game, things are fairly simple to understand. You drop in the game with your BR Class and find a way to win the game. Nothing too out of the ordinary. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

In the MP mode however, things tend to change. It shows that the devs at CoD Mobile give a lot more focus on its multiplayer mode; the different variations of loadouts with different perks, score streaks, different weapons for different situations. The Multiplayer ranked matches are intense and chaotic, to say the least. So, to help players have an easier time winning, here is a CoD Mobile guide. In this guide, you will learn five things you should start doing to win. Whether that’s trying a new lethal equipment or trying new sniper tricks or even making reloading a bit faster. This guide will help all CoD Mobile players at all levels because some pro players aren’t even aware of some of these tips and tricks.

#1 Thermite:

The Thermite is a grenade that sticks to wherever it lands which damages and slows down the enemy upon contact. It can even stick to the enemies. Thermites are being used for two reasons, one is to slow down enemy traffic and damage them. While doing so, it can also be thrown as far as a grenade which is further than the Molotov. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

The common areas you can throw this are on enemy flags, hardpoint entrances, flank routes, and opening routes. In search and destroy you can throw this at an enemy planting or defusing a bomb. Once it comes in contact, you can rush and finish the kill or the Thermite will do its job. Its main downside is that its damage is dependent on how near a player is to the detonation. That’s why it should be used in tight areas, on doorways, and on flanks. This lethal equipment is banned in the global pro scene and that may be the reason why less people are taking advantage of it.

#2 Overpowered Blank Scope:

There should be no argument on how snipers are overpowered in the game. If you have got your movement down together with blank scoping, you can challenge face-to-face gunfights if you can react fast enough. Instead of using hard scoping to find enemy players, snipers too can move around the map and take kills. There is actually a way you can land almost guaranteed shots on enemy players. The method is called Blank Scoping and it is very popular among the top snipers in the game. Blank Scoping is when you center your aim at the enemy then scope in but before fully scoping in you tap the fire button then scope out immediately.

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

This guarantees the kill without even having to rely on hip fire bullet spread. You might get reported because it will look really suspicious in the killcam. To start practicing for blank scoping you might need to make some changes in the settings. First, you have to enable hip fire for snipers in shooting mode. Then choose between Tap to ADS or Tap and Hold to ADS in settings. Remember one thing, if your sniper build is focused for lower ADS time then you can blank scope more easily.

#3 Prone D-Sync:

D-sync maybe annoying but there’s a way you can take advantage of it. The devs at CoD Mobile did nerf this move in Season 13 and now standing after prone is slower than ever. Still, you can use this move because it takes a split second before you even show up to your enemy screen. You can use this whether you’re using the prone button or not. To enable the prone button turn the “Hide Prone Button” setting off. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

You can use this to prone peak whenever you’re behind cover and want to surprise an enemy. In gunsmith, you can now apply the “Tough” perk in your ARs. This allows you to speed up after respawn. Do this every time a round begins in Search and Destroy or every half of Domination. Before you perform this make sure you got a speed boost loadout, with the “Tough” perk equipped to an AR. Get your speed boost loadout equipped before the round even begins. Equip it with knife and grenades to have the maximum sprint speed. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

Once the round begins you need to auto sprint towards the direction you want to rush. Then after 5 or so seconds or after that speed effect on your screen disappears, quickly change to the loadout you want to use. This gives you the advantage to get into position before the enemies can giving you the ability to pre-aim beforehand.

#4 Reload Cancelling:

When CoD Mobile added or rather made the reload animations slower, it made things difficult. In an intense match, quick reloading with big magazines is not even a possibility in the game. Your choices are basically between extended mags and quick-draw mags. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of something called reload canceling. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Game Guide for Search and Destroy, Blank Scope Explained

With the new reload animations when you reload a weapon with no bullets in the mag then it will take longer. When you reload with a few bullets it will happen a bit faster. However, to get the quickest reload in CoD Mobile you need to hit the scope when the mag gets attached to the gun. It will skip the rest of the animation and you will have a reloaded weapon before anyone else.