In CoD Mobile BR games, your mission is to survive till the end of the match. It is never an easy job to win the match and to be the last man standing. You may panic when facing your enemy squad or you may also feel afraid when surrounded by your enemies. This CoD Mobile guide is going to teach you how to survive against the enemy squad. How to destroy them and wipe them out. 

Ninja Lesson 1

As a Ninja, you should always be looking for high ground. The water tank towers are the perfect spot for attacking or camping. You can catch the enemy unprepared, as well as avoid any threats on the ground. Also, remember to go prone when you have to hide, or reloading the weapon. It is easy for you to chase down the enemy as well. You can glide to his blind spot, and strike by surprise. These are the benefits of having the high ground. That’s why Ninja is one of the better classes in CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

Let’s say you just got locked by a sniper. In this situation, you have to keep moving while looking for the enemy sniper. You need to learn this Ninja trick, that helps you move faster on the ground. Don’t ever go straight towards your enemy. Go sideways around the enemy, so that he can’t target you easily.

Another good example of Ninja Class moves is using the rooftops to approach the enemy. You should observe first, make sure how many enemies are on the ground, and which one should be your first target. Launch your attack, and try to knock down the enemy as soon as possible. Once you are exposed, relocate yourself and attack again. As a Ninja, you don’t enter a room through the door or stairs. Always go through the window or top of the building to surprise your enemy. Last but not least, the Ninja skill not only can get you to high ground, but also can help you to approach the enemy from the sky.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

You can hook to a tree or any high buildings, then you will be able to glide. It can be used to surprise the enemy or to move further distance. This is an advanced Ninja move that you should learn to master. Now, you need to apply these Ninja moves in the game. Think like a Ninja and fight like a Ninja.

Ninja Lesson 2

The next lesson is about attack timing. You could start attacking an enemy, but most likely you will die after you knock one or two enemies. If there is a full squad that has gathered, you need to wait for the right time to attack. Attack when it’s your chance. Usually when a guy is busy looting the airdrop, or while his teammates are still on the way. This is the perfect time for you to eliminate them one by one. It is extremely important in CoD Mobile, that you launch your attack at the right time. Especially when facing multiple enemies, the result can be very different.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

Another example of attack timing. You notice that a teammate is downstairs after you have knocked the enemy. Based on the distance, he will be retrieved by the time you got there if you don’t move quickly. So you jump off using your Ninja class without any hesitations to catch them. Thanks to your Ninja skill again, you’re able to get there just in time, and got both of them. This is actually one of the top strategies from the Art of war, Attack the enemy where he is unprepared, and appear where you are not expected.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

Aim Training Session

Just like other shooting games, accuracy is the key to defeating your opponents. How to improve accuracy is the ultimate goal that you should keep pursuing. It’s the cornerstone of winning. In this CoD Mobile guide, you’ll learn how you can train yourself properly for better aiming. Pro players spend hours and hours in training in order to aim faster and shoot more accurately. Anyone can become a pro level player, if they follow the right training approach, and keep practicing in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

First, grab the weapon you’d like to train or most comfortable with, and head to the training room. This training session consists of 5 parts and a final test. The difficulty increases gradually from level 1 to level 5.

For level 1, your target is to improve the stability of your aiming. You need to track the moving target as close as possible, while trying to keep your camera view as steady as possible. This is very basic but essential for aim training. You can do this a couple of rounds when you start the training, take it as a warm-up for the rest of the training session. You can also track the flying target for more advanced training.

The second part of the training is called flip shot. It is designed to improve the aiming accuracy. To do that, you can point your crosshair in the middle by default. Then flip it to a target as soon as you open the ADS. Repeat the process multiple times to finish this training session. A more advanced way is to shoot one bullet each time, try to hit as many targets as possible without reloading your weapon.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

Level 3 is called flip tracking. Just as its name implies, it is the combination of the previous two parts. You can do this by tracking a moving target first, then flip to another target and shoot it. This is an advanced technique, which could be hard for beginners. If you keep practicing, you will master it sooner or later. To make the training session even harder, you can try to flip shoot a moving target.

At this level, training becomes more and more challenging. Target shooting is a comprehensive training session, that is supposed to simulate real combat. In a real combat, you often encounter multiple enemies at the same time. How to quickly switch the aim from one target to another is what you are practicing here. You will have to continuously shoot multiple targets without making any mistakes. Take down a target with minimum cost, and then flip the aim to the next target. Do this repeatedly until you run out of ammo. Try your best to take out as many targets as possible.

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

To finish up this training, you have to be faster and more accurate, which eventually can help improve your aiming. This is the last part of this training session, it’s also the most difficult level. Here you will try to add movements in between aiming and shooting. This is an advanced technique, that most pro-level players use in their gameplay. By sliding, jumping, or going prone you can avoid a few bullets on the battlefield. Thus, making it harder to be targeted by your enemies. However, those movements also increase the difficulty of aiming. So you should definitely practice this in the training room as well.

You can do this by sliding towards one direction, turning back while jumping, and aim down sight to your target as quickly as possible. You can also add other movements into your own training session to customize it for your own playstyle. At the end of your training session, you will need to do a final test. Many of you probably are not aware of the shooting game in the training room. It is a perfect system designed to test your aiming and shooting ability. The game contains many levels, just like this training session, the difficulty gradually increases as you get to the next level. It is very similar to the practice mode of Valorant. 

Call of Duty Mobile Ninja Class Guide: Learn How to Move Like a Shinobi

In each level, enemies pop up randomly in the room, and you have 5 chances to take down the enemy within a certain amount of time. Successfully taking out 3 enemies will get you to the next level. Level 1 to level 5 are really easy, you can take them as a warm-up. From level 6 and above, things start getting more intensive. At level 8, it’s almost impossible to finish it.

Remember that, Rome was not built in one day. You should keep practicing this in CoD Mobile. Spend at least 10 minutes in the training room every day before you heading into any game. The secret of being a pro-level player is all about practicing and training.