Leaderboard rankings are nothing to laugh at in any battle royale game. Those players that have their names plastered in the leaderboards of Call of Duty: Mobile have proved themselves to be some of the best players in the game. If you are also thinking about increasing your rank in CoD Mobile then you’re at the right place. The ranked mode in Call of Duty: Mobile has some of the most exciting matches and the toughest of players. In order to win a match against these heavyweights, just a few tips and tricks won’t be enough. There is no trick or tip that can help you in increasing your rank but what this CoD Mobile game guide will offer is a nudge in the right direction.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

Let’s start with some of the basics of Call of Duty: Mobile ranked mode before we being with the actual guide. There are two game modes in CoD Mobile, one is the multiplayer mode and the other is the battle royale mode. Both of these modes have ranked matches and any player can participate in those matches once they reach level 7 in the game. However, all battle royale matches in Call of Duty: Mobile have ranked matches so if you were thinking of increasing your battle royale rankings then a new game account will become necessary. Any XP that players earn while playing ranked matches in Call of Duty: Mobile will increase their rank XP in the game as well.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

Now with all that covered, we can start with the guide itself but first, we would like to get some things clear. This game guide is going to teach you how to start playing ranked matches in CoD Mobile and also how you can increase your chances of winning each time. Our main focus for this game guide is the players who are using BlueStacks to play Call of Duty: Mobile on their PC. If you’re playing on a mobile device then we would highly suggest switching over to your PC. Lastly, the pointers that will be given below can be used for most battle royale games that you play on BlueStacks but our main focus is going to be the CoD Mobile battle royale ranked matches.

Map Control

Call of Duty: Mobile has two maps in its battle royale mode. One is the Alcatraz map and the other is the classic map. Both maps are small in size and most of the matches in either map will last for a maximum of fifteen minutes. In those ten to fifteen minutes, you need to get a strategy ready and chart a path around the game that gets you the right loot and hopefully a win as well. That is what map control is supposed to be.

We are talking about not only knowing the right locations to drop but the right locations to hold, fight, loot, and camp. This may seem too difficult when you’re reading it but the more you play the more you get familiar with the game mechanics. A good way to tell if your map control is at a decent level is when you already know about the area that will be in the final circle by the time you’re in the middle of the match. The only way to learn map control is through muscle memory and that will only come with practice.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

Warm Up

Practicing is something that is not only necessary but if you’re actually serious about getting your name on the leaderboard then it almost like oxygen. Now, Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t have a practice mode for battle royale so the only way to practice is through a second account. When we say practice or warmup before playing a ranked match we are saying that you need a practice routine. An average battle royale match in CoD Mobile will last for ten to fifteen minutes and what you need to do is play practice matches from your secondary or guest account.

There is no need for a grueling practice routine but a good one that suits you. We recommend playing two practice battle royale matches from your guest account before you start playing ranked matches from your main account.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

Always Have SMGs

This is something that we recommend doing in CoD Mobile specifically. When you are playing battle royale and you’re a sniper then get that sniper rifle but also remember to have an SMG like QQ9, Cordite, or Fennec. The same goes for players who love taking close fights and mostly use assault rifles. SMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile is way too powerful and will take down enemies in a flash. Another thing you need to do is loot a lot of ammo. Loot more than two hundred rounds of ammo so by the time the match is about to end, you have everything you need to win. It goes without saying but even if you’re using a rocket launcher then also have an SMG in the loadout.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

Avoid Tanks

Everyone should avoid tanks, both in Call of Duty: Mobile and in real life. Tanks were introduced in CoD Mobile battle royale to make it more exciting but it is not very useful. When a tank drops in the match you will know about it but the way you use that information is important. One thing that is certain, a lot of players will be moving towards the location of the tank to either get the tank or to get kills. We recommend that you avoid the tank completely and use a helicopter to get yourself a high vantage point near the tank. This way you will be protected from the missiles that the tank can shoot at you. That way you can take shots at the tank. Also, using Nova gas will give damage to the player inside the tank as well.

Start Playing Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Matches with This Battle Royale Guide

With that, we conclude this Call of Duty: Mobile game guide. These pointers will help you in starting your journey of climbing the leaderboard ranks and make you a better player as well. Just remember that you avoid playing unnecessary matches like solo vs squad matches or solo vs duo matches. Getting a higher rank is less dependent on kills but on winning. The more you win the higher your rank will get.