Call of Duty: Mobile is now in its Season 4 Spurned and Burned, which has a lot to do with The 80’s America. The new Season is steeped in the action flavor of 80’s action movies. To the point that there is even a crate dedicated to John McClane from Die Hard. As with every update, even this one brought with it new nerfs and buffs to the guns. So naturally, there are now guns that were trash in the previous seasons but now are the new mains. That is what this CoD Mobile gun guide will be covering. More precisely, the guide will be focusing on the Multiplayer Mode of the game and which guns are the best picks in Season 4. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked


Starting with the sniper loadout. If you ever decide sniping on game modes like Hardpoint or Domination it’s recommended you use the FHJ as your secondary to take down enemy scorestreaks. Also suggested that you swap out Dead Silence for Hardline perk since you won’t be sneaking up behind enemies. As for the attachments, use the OWC Light Suppressor, YKM Lightweight short barrel, OWC Skeleton Stock, FMJ Perk, and the OWC Tactical laser for beginner snipers. You can also go with the OWC Stopping Power Reload instead of suppressor or with a Stippled Grip Tape for the fastest ADS. The Locus is one of the better snipers in the current meta. Make sure you have good aim if you’re planning to use this loadout without the OWC Stopping Power Reload.


With the Man-O-War still being the king of three-shot weapons, it is only right that it gets included in the list. Most players use this gun mainly for situations where they want to be passive, use more power positions, and just depend on the aim to do the work. You can use the Man-O-War to support teammates around the objectives. For the loadout, go with the Monolithic Suppressor, YKM Combat Stock, MIP Laser 5mW, and the Granulated Griptape. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

This loadout will give you decent ADS speed and range boost while still taking care of bullet spread accuracy. The Man-O-War is easy to control and requires little to no effort in killing enemies. The only downside is the low fire rate which causes the Man-O-War to be unforgiving if you miss your shots.


If you’re bored with the Man-O-War and want to give yourself some challenge by having body damage multipliers then go ahead and use the DR-H. This weapon has the potential to three-shot kill if you hit all your bullets to the enemy’s chest. The DR-H is still a great gun to use for holding areas while moving around the map or to rush on your enemies. For the build, go with the Monolithic Suppressor, No Stock, OWC Laser Tactical, 25 Round OTM Mag, and the Granulated Grip Tape. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

This loadout will give you decent movement for those occasional close range encounters while having the range to 3 shot kill. It should not be used beyond medium range, so avoid long range encounters. The DR-H was one of the favorite guns to use at the time it first came out and is still pretty good. Although it is being held back by the damage multipliers.


The king of three-shot weapons, ASM10 fell off and became somewhat of an anti-SMG AR. It is kind of a counter to the rising SMG’s like the QQ9 and the PP19. Using the ASM10 to rush players is where the three-shot lethality trends as of now. For the loadout, use the Monolithic suppressor, MIP Light barrel, No Stock, OWC Tactical Laser, and the Granulated Grip Tape. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

This loadout will help you in the close to medium range fights but that’s about it. If you want more bullets you can swap the Monolithic Suppressor for an extended mag. The ASM10 is a close range killer and for what it is it’s still pretty useful. Its high damage and easy recoil in close range are what make it shine among the DR-H and the Man-O-War. 


Heading over to the SMGs, you have arguably one of the best if not the best in its class. The QQ9 is perfect for when you want to rush and want to have movement as an advantage in a gunfight. In the CoD Mobile Season 4, the QQ9 is the SMG to use in both MP and BR games. For the gunsmith loadout, use a Monolithic Suppressor, RTC Recon Tac Long, No Stock, OWC Laser Tactical together with the 45 round extended mag. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

This loadout is good enough for most players with good enough movement. Ever since it’s buff almost everyone’s using it, but it has its own negatives. One of the big ones is its inconsistent time to kill in close range. 


Fennec is still the king of SMGs in CoD Mobile for close range gunfights. The Fennec is a go-to weapon when you’re rushing in Search and Destroy games. The thing that’s holding the Fennec back is the mag size. With the Fennec having an incredibly fast fire rate, it’s just hard to deal with three enemies with a single mag. For this gunsmith loadout you will be using the Monolithic Suppressor, MIP Customized Light Barrel with an optic of your choice. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

Ideally using the classic red dot sight together with the OWC Laser Tactical and the Extended Mag. Even though this build has less movement, it gives you the range you need to challenge face-to-face medium-range gunfight, given that you can control the recoil. The Fennec has been the dominating SMGs for close range for many seasons now. Till now, it has no signs of slowing down. It just shreds enemies face to face. 

PP19 Bizon

Now, the SMG that has been on the top charts of CoD Mobile Season 4. In this loadout for the PP19 Bizon you will be using the Trophy System instead of the Smoke Grenade. This is because you will be using this gun as an aggressive AR instead of an SMG. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Weapon Guide for Season 4 Ranked

This is arguably the best build for the PP19 Bizon. Use the Monolithic Suppressor and the MIP Extended Light Barrel to extend your range. Then, No Stock for movement, OWC Laser Tactical, and the Large Caliber ammo. This gives you a gun with good fire rate and consistent damage output plus a decent range. If you’re sleeping on the PP19 Bizon, you have to try it out.

KRM 262

KRM 262 is the perfect shotgun for extremely tight areas because of its one-shot kill potential. While you can’t use this gun in long ranges like a sniper rifle, you have to be more creative on how will you approach enemies and gun fights. Since you’re being limited to close range only, here’s a build you can use. Equip the Marauder Suppressor, RTC Light Extended barrel, No Stock, Speed Up Kill Perk, and the MIP Laser 5mW. This build will give you the most movement and hip fire range while being able to speed up whenever you get a kill. The KRM 262 is still the go-to shotgun in CoD Mobile.


Coming to one of the best ARs in CoD mobile, the LK24. With the default iron sight being so bad on this weapon, use the red dot for optics. Then put YKM Integral Suppressor Light Barrel, No Stock, RTC Laser 1mW, and Granulated Grip Tape. This is just a basic build but it will get the job done. The LK24 is one of those ARs that players will hold onto as long as it can beat the current meta.