This is a CoD Mobile weapon guide and it’s going to cover the ranking of all assault rifles in CoD Mobile Season 3. There are currently 15 assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile. Which one is the best, which one should you pick for different ranges? 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

This CoD Mobile weapon guide will review all of them and then rank those weapons based on different damage ranges in the end. Before you start, let’s get something’s clear first. All the research work should be based on statistical data, not just personal experience or preference. 


AK117 has a great rate of fire with good accuracy, which allows it to melt enemies at close to mid-range. In Season 9, its hip fire and recoil got a huge nerf. However, its damage received a buff in Season 12, strengthening its combat ability at the mid-range. It now has 3 body multipliers, which makes it’s time to kill outstanding. The recoil pattern of AK117 is random, but mostly vertical.


TYPE 25 has the highest fire rate among all assault rifles in CoD Mobile. Fast is the only feature of TYPE 25. With the stopping power reload mag, it can 4-shot kill an enemy within 8 meters. The time to kill is only 230 milliseconds, which is amazing. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

However, it only works well in close range. The recoil pattern of TYPE 25 is curved, waggling from the right to the left, which is hard to control.


HBRa3 is a good assault rifle with good damage, good fire rate, and good accuracy. It is very similar to the AK117 in every aspect, except its headshot multiplier is only 1.1. So there is no need to aim for headshots with this weapon. Overall it is a competitive assault rifle that is easy to use. The HBRa3 has very good bullet spread accuracy, and an easy to control vertical recoil. 


AK-47 is a slow but powerful assault rifle of CoD Mobile. It is known for its constant high damage, and good range. It can 4 shots to kill an enemy up to 35 meters, and is designed for mid-range combat. Its damage stats rise depending on the distance, so as the range increases the damage drops. However, the damage stats of AK-47 in CoD Mobile are so high that the drop is negligible. This makes the AK-47 the most popular weapon in the battle royale. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

With the help of the new 5.45 Caliber ammo, the AK-47 becomes an aggressive weapon in multiplayer mode as well. The 5.45 Caliber ammo is completely a game changer. It boosts the weapon fire rate to 711 rounds per second. It changes the weapon damage and range as well. Now it can 4-shot kill in close range without relying on headshots. The recoil of AK-47 is very high, but it’s only vertical, which makes it easy to control.


ASM10 is a slow yet powerful weapon, just like the AK-47. It is an underestimated weapon by most of the players of CoDM. It not only deals constant high damage in mid-range, but can also 3-shot kill the enemy in close range. This adds more versatility to ASM10, makes it a killing machine in all ranges. The recoil pattern of ASM10 is not ideal, it has a bit of horizontal recoil to the right.


Man-O-War is the slowest assault rifle. However, its extremely high damage output and brilliant damage range make it a competitive weapon in all ranges. The time to kill is surprisingly low, thanks to its great damage range cover. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

It’s like a slower, yet more powerful version of KN44. The recoil of Man-O-War is still manageable, but the bullet spread accuracy is a bit low.


DR-H is a slow assault rifle. Its damage and time to kill figures are not very impressive by default. However, with the OTM mag, it deals 1.2 times the normal damage to the upper body. This means it can 3-shot kill an enemy in close range with one upper body shot. The time to kill was calculated, taking the average of 3 and 4 shots to kill. The recoil of DR-H is low, but it has a horizontal recoil towards the right.


LK24 is a well-rounded assault rifle. Its fire rate and time to kill figure is about the average. However, it has a really good damage range cover, which makes it 4 shots to kill up to 21 meters. The recoil of LK24 is low, but mostly horizontal.


KN44 is another average assault rifle. Very similar to LK24, it has an average fire rate and great damage range cover. Its 4-shot kill range is up to 21 meters as well, which makes it an effective weapon in close to mid range. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

One more thing about KN44, it has the quickest ADS speed among all assault rifles. The recoil pattern of KN44 is a curve. It goes to the left, and then back to the middle.


BK-57 is another average assault rifle. It is like a closer ranged version of KN44. It’s time to kill figures are slightly better than KN44, but the damage range cover is not as good as KN44. With the large caliber ammo, the headshot multiplier can increase to 1.3. The recoil pattern of BK-57 is curved to the left. With all that said, the BK-57 has one of the best default iron sights.


M4 is the very first assault rifle you start with in CoD Mobile. As the default weapon, it is under average in terms of the time to kill figure in all ranges. The only good thing about the M4 is its mid-range damage cover is longer than most assault rifles. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

The recoil pattern of M4 is not good either, it has a horizontal recoil towards the right.


ICR-1 is below the average, like a slower version of M4. It outperforms M4 in close range, but it is worse in mid-range in terms of the time to kill. Even though it has great mid-range damage cover up to 40 meters. It is worth mentioning that ICR-1 has the best accuracy and very low recoil. This makes it a beginner-friendly weapon that is easy to use.


HVK30 is a fast assault rifle with a great damage range cover. It has a 1.3 headshot multiplier. However, it’s time to kill is below the average, due to its low damage. In Season 11, the HVK-30 got a new attachment, the Large Caliber Ammo. This attachment increases the damage and range of the weapon in an irrational way, making HVK30 one of the better assault rifles in the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

HVK30 was a broken weapon, until it got nerfed in Season 13. Now the weapon damage with Large Caliber Ammo is chopped. The head and upper body multipliers are increased to 2 and 1.3. Plus it has an incredible long damage range. Overall it is still a viable weapon in longer range combat. The recoil pattern of HVK30 can be defined as waggling from the right to the left.


PeaceKeeper was the new assault rifle introduced in Season 13. It is an excellent assault rifle with decent damage, great mobility, and impressive accuracy. It has 3 body multipliers, and the default time to kill is about the average. Also, it has some exclusive attachments as well, which can improve this weapon in various ways. The rapid-fire barrel turns PeaceKeeper into a killing machine in close range. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranked Weapon Guide for BR: 10 Best ARs Ever

It boosts the weapon damage as well as the fire rate, at the cost of reduced damage range. It can 3-shot kill an enemy with one upper body shot within 6 meters. The average time to kill in close range is only 200 milliseconds, which is insane. This makes PeaceKeeper the most dangerous weapon in close range fight. The recoil pattern of PeaceKeeper is not ideal, so you should focus on improving the horizontal recoil.

Which ARs should you go for?

So, this is the final report of the weapon ranking in different ranges. The top 5 weapons are picked and listed in the order of time to kill. On one hand is the time to kill figures and on the other is the maximum effective range. Some of the essential attachments, like mags and barrels, are applied to the result. However, weapon accuracy and recoil pattern are not taken into consideration.

The PeaceKeeper is the winner without a doubt. It is overpowered in every aspect, thanks to its various attachments. ASM10 and Man-O-War come closely after. You should definitely try them out, if you prefer a slow yet powerful weapon. Finally, comes the all-time beloved AK. Statistically, they are good weapons to use in different ways.