In this Call of Duty: Mobile guide you will be learning about some tips and tricks to help you become better at using sniper rifles. These tips are some of the things that will help you in your journey to become a better sniper. Starting with the most basic, whenever you’re sniping and you want to have a great time start using a sniper that’s most comfortable to you. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

In CoD Mobile you have plenty of choices such as the DL Q33, Locus, the Arctic .50, and the Outlaw. Then there are some of the marksman rifles like the Kilo. The current meta is dominated by the DL Q33 and the Locus. Most players have been having more fun and success with the Locus because it’s smooth. For some, the DL Q33’s bolt action may seem a little clunky. 

Locus Gunsmith

The DL Q33 feels a little clunky to use in this Season of CoD Mobile. That is probably one of the big reasons why players have started to avoid it. For the gunsmith build of Locus, if you want your quick scopes to be quicker, put on the Stippled Grip tape instead of the Suppressor. If you’re a beginner sniper, it is highly recommended that you use the OWC Stopping Power Reload. You can also use the FMJ Perk with the OWC Stopping Power Reload if you want. Without the OWC Stopping Power Reload, you need to be more accurate with your shots and hit the lethal hit box. You could always go with the DL Q33 if you don’t want to worry about magazines and hit boxes. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

Still, using a comfortable sniper rifle will help you so much and will make the process easier. It is no hidden fact that ADS-ing is much faster than manual scoping for beginners but that is not the case for higher ranked players. We know that the best options are either tap to ADS or tap and hold to ADS. What it comes down to is your reaction time. Timing is king in CoD Mobile matches, so going with the option that is faster is better. This will ultimately give you the advantage in most gunfights. If you’re using BlueStacks then definitely give manual scoping a shot. 

CoD Mobile D-Sync

Let’s start with taking advantage of the famous D-Sync that has been part of this game. D-sync has and always will always be present in CoD Mobile. Just like the pros, you should also take its advantage. Whenever you peek, it will take a few milliseconds before the server sends the info to your opponent. This means you can see your enemy before they can see you. That is basically what D-Sync is about. Just for a split second, you can see the enemy before they can see you. With most sniper rifles in CoD Mobile being one-shot kill weapons, most of the time that can be a huge advantage. Especially if you hit your shots consistently.

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

Why Snipers Die

While you shoot when using a sniper, you die mostly due to one of these reasons: either someone rushed you with a shotgun or you got killed by an NA-45 user.

Or maybe you’re new to sniping, or you’re running out of bullets, and now you die while reloading. Even if you already know this, it’s still worth sharing the upcoming tip because of the time you shave off in reloading: Start your reload animation and wait for the exact moment your bullet resets. Just aim in and out the fastest you can. For the Locus, when you see the mag getting inserted the bullet count updates and from there, you can cancel the reload animation. That way you will spend less time reloading and more time sniping.

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

You always want to have the fastest reaction time possible and make things easy for yourselves. You want to be set up for success, scope in and fire, that’s all you need to do. Combining centering while being able to blank scope in close range will give you the easiest shots you will ever have to make in your whole life. Doing this will give you more kills than you think. Just using the knowledge of where players like to go and anticipating them with your crosshairs lined up gives you the fastest reaction time possible. Having centered on lanes where you expect enemies to be and watch those while your teammates are pushing a certain area or while you push with your team. You can practice your centering on the Shipment map where enemies constantly appear and as you play more games try to learn where enemies like to go.

Learn Predicting

This step falls under trigger discipline and is also related to the previous tip. This is the key to hitting your sniper shots. Predicting enemy movement and tendencies is important in order to align your crosshairs to the enemy. For example, if the enemy is bunny hopping in front of you, remember that what goes up must come down. Make sniping easy for you by anticipating where the enemy should land. This also applies when you see someone far away and you know they’re going to be peeking that corner or be running in one direction. Lead your crosshairs and let the enemy walk to his death. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

If you want to have better predictions, continue putting yourself in stressful situations. After hundreds of those stressful situations, you’ll find yourself to be more composed when it comes to those scenarios. It’s okay to have a wrong prediction in a gunfight or the feeling of not being where you want to be. Knowing that you’ll eventually get there if you put in the work is what matters in the end. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Locus Sniping Guide For Headshots

That being said, getting flustered can really affect your performance in the game. One of the things you can do is to reframe your mindset. First thing to remember is this is just a game, having fun with practicing is actually more important. A competitive mindset is good but sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are playing a game. Sniping certainly takes some skill. A player that has great mastery of the basic principles in a really high level of gun skill will make any sniper rifle trump any other weapon.