When using the .50 GS, you have to make sure that you’re in the best position to get your kills. The .50 GS is a secondary weapon like no other in Call of Duty: Mobile as it embodies the one-hit kill nature. Unlike most weapons in CoD Mobile, the .50 GS is a one-shot at all ranges. Therefore, the precise aim needed to wield the weapon is a key factor in winning with it. You must play different positions and a different playstyle when .50 GS is equipped. For example, Rust is one of the best maps to play with a .50 GS. The close range nature of the fights on a map will allow you to fire at maximum speed while retaining the accuracy needed to get the kill.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

Quite simply the .50 GS is a death machine at close ranges as it’s very difficult for enemies to react fast enough to get the kill on you. Just because the .50 GS works very well at close range does not mean that it cannot be used at longer ranges. The fact that the .50 GS can one hit at long range makes it difficult for the enemies to actually kill you. They have to either stand out in the open and get the frag on you making them an easier target, or they will have to push close to you. This will be putting you in another great position as they’ll be at very close range. 

The .50 GS OFF Advantage

There are some other angles and positions that the .50 GS can be heavily favored when using. These are specifically off angles and they’re highly effective, but when overused can actually become pretty predictable. A lot of players don’t expect these angles and therefore you’re able to get some extra time from the element of surprise. Playing an off angle will catch the enemy off guard as they just don’t expect you to be there. However, in order for that to be true, you just can’t do it every round. These off angles aren’t always advised as most of them are out in the open and with light cover. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

Something you also need to be worried about when using the gun is not falling into bad habits. With the .50 GS specifically there are tons of them. For starters, running and gunning. Many players will enjoy the idea of rushing and trying to get some kills as quickly as possible. With some guns, that might work. But when using a weapon like the .50 GS, the way you play has to change to be more effective with the weapon. You can no longer just go into the habits of rushing, especially due to the large inaccuracy that the .50 GS has when sprinting.

Another problem that some players face when using this weapon is not correctly counter strafing. Counter-strafing properly is very important because if you don’t do it you’re going to be really inaccurate. To give you an example, when peeking to the left you’ll hold down the left button until the point where you’re exposed to the angle and therefore could face an enemy. Instead of just letting go of the button, it’s much better to let go and then press the right button simultaneously. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

Doing this will stop you in place and make your first shot more accurate. Many players are in a mindset that once they let go of the left key, you’ll just stop moving. However, there is a short period after you let go where you carry on your momentum. If you need to shoot quickly after letting go, your body in-game will still be in motion giving you less accuracy on your gun. These are just one of the many bad habits with the .50 GS. 

Why The .50 GS?

When using a sniper, you should try to have a fast fire rate pistol as your secondary. So if you miss your shot and the enemy is pushing you, you need to be able to get that kill quickly. One of the main problems with the .50 GS is the fact that it only has a few bullets until you use gunsmith on it. This means that you have to make sure when using the hand cannon you are constantly aware of your positioning. If you just shot six or seven bullets with the .50 GS you’re going to need to reload. If you’re out in the open, an enemy can just peak your angle and you’re going to die. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

So make sure that when you’re using the .50 GS, you constantly have a good track of how many shots you’ve taken. You don’t want to be surprised when you have to reload out of cover. This lack of ammo is why many players will constantly play close to walls. Always be in positions where you’re just peeking out to shoot a bullet and then fall back to cover. This leaves you in a much stronger position because if you need to reload, you’re safe, and if the enemies are pushing, you have cover as well.

The .50 GS Mindset

When using the .50 GS you need to have a completely different mindset and playstyle to get the kills. The best way to use it is to play a much more passive style. You have to slow down how you usually play and make sure to guarantee your kills and work off your enemy’s mistakes. A passive style of play will make sure that you get kills and also give your team a lot of information on where your opponents are playing from. The .50 GS is very strong but it’s going to be pretty difficult to win a round completely on your own with it. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

.50 GS is either two shots at the body or one shot at the head. So when working together as a unit a team of .50 GS can be just as dangerous as a team of AKs. That’s because the .50 GS has to be used in a very accurate way with the low ammo capacity. So make sure that you spend some time warming up with both the AK and .50 GS before your games. You want to make sure you get those crispy one taps and you have to make sure you’re hitting them in your warm-ups too. Basically, just make sure that you use the weapon as much as you can and really spend your time warming up into it. Once you have completely mastered the .50 GS there won’t be rounds where you can’t get kills.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is important when using any weapon. However, when using the .50 GS specifically crosshair placement may be the most important factor that affects whether you get your kills or not. The .50 GS doesn’t have the most ammo or a fast fire rate, so every bullet counts, especially the first one. After the enemy hears the piercing sound of .50 GS shot they know exactly where you are and

they can quickly kill you. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

That’s why having perfect crosshair placement is going to save you a lot of hassle in the future. When using the .50 GS, hold your crosshair at head height at all times. The .50 GS best serves as a one tap machine. So don’t keep your crosshairs too close to the wall too when peeking or holding an angle as you won’t be able to react quickly enough. Set yourself up for success not for failure. Making sure that you have the best crosshair placement will put you in a better opportunity to get those kills. 

Trigger Discipline

Leading on nicely from the last step is trigger discipline. Trigger discipline is the idea of holding back your shots and letting enemies push up, giving you a higher chance of getting the kills. For example, having good trigger discipline is generally favored for the defenders as they have the chance to kill the bomb planter and give teammates time to rotate towards the site. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - The .50 GS is Your Secondary

Due to the .50 GS’s poor accuracy when shooting quickly, you need to make sure you know where most of the enemies are. This will help you a lot when using the .50 GS as you can precisely switch between their positions and then get kills quickly. The .50 GS is one of the most satisfying secondary guns in CoD Mobile when used correctly. It also can be pretty tough to nail down.