With the recent additions of the QXR and the PP19 Bizon together and with the QQ9 buff there has been a significant change in the current meta in seasons 2 and 3 of CoD Mobile. In this CoD Mobile weapon guide you will be going over the top 5 best SMGs you can use in the game.  This guide will be showing you some builds that you can try out. Before getting to the top five, there were some SMGs that did not make the list. None of them are bad weapons, but they just did not have enough firepower to make the cut.

5. Pharaoh

For the first pick, the SMG of choice is Pharaoh. Yes, this gun is secretly meta if you have a good aim in close range. You need three out of four bullets per burst to get a kill. The gun has an insanely fast time to kill and very good hip fire accuracy. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 SMG Gun Guide For Multiplayer Ranked Games

Both of which make this weapon very powerful in MP games of CoD Mobile. It actually has the fastest time to kill among the SMGs at close range. You may know this already but it will take pro tier aiming to be able to kill enemies beyond that. It’s just not an ideal weapon to take gunfights in medium and long range.

4. Razorback

This is a gun that has slow recoil and high damage output. With the Rapid Fire perk equipped you can use the razorback against the current meta. However, you will have to use it as an AR because of its slow ADS speed. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 SMG Gun Guide For Multiplayer Ranked Games

This gun just shreds at certain ranges and with that mobility, it’s basically an AR with good movement. It is very accurate and effective in challenging ARs and SMGs at medium range. The downside of this SMG is that it has the slowest time to kill in its class.

3. QXR

A very popular SMG before the rebirth of the QQ9 because of its consistent damage output and its ease of use is the QXR. This gun has a high fire rate and is a very good performer in medium range as well. That is due to its easy to control recoil mostly. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 SMG Gun Guide For Multiplayer Ranked Games

With the Enhanced Bolt perk equipped, it becomes very competitive in closer ranges. It is just slightly behind the Fennec and the QQ9 in terms of close range time to kill. There aren’t any real downsides to this gun apart from being outshined by the top three guns in the list. This is an SMG that is very efficient and is still viable in the current meta. 

2. PP19 Bizon

The newest SMG in CoD Mobile and certainly the one with the most potential is the PP19 Bizon. This SMG quickly became popular in the game since its release and for good reasons. The recoil takes little effort to control. The gun feels like an LMG with high mobility and its damage output is good enough to compete in the current meta. Those are the most obvious advantages of the PP19. Beyond that, it is a very balanced gun. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 SMG Gun Guide For Multiplayer Ranked Games

The hip fire accuracy is very good and you can build this gun with a consistent damage output at decent ranges while getting rid of the body damage multipliers. The only thing to complain about it is the jittery fire rate. The PP19’s advantages together with the high mobility make it the go-to SMG for this season. In the game, its is a very versatile weapon if used correctly. It shoots fast and kills fast but you can run out of bullets pretty fast too.

1. Fennec

The Fennec SMG still outshines most of the guns in its class at close range. This is a weapon that will outgun the QQ9, QXR, and the PP19 Bizon in close range consistently. Since its release, its downsides prevented it from being the top one in this list. The most obvious downside is the mag size and the recoil. It takes a skilled player with the Fennce to challenge enemies in medium ranges. A tip for the Fennce mains: in medium ranges center the crosshair at crotch level or just below the chest in order to compensate for the immediate kick when you start firing this gun. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 SMG Gun Guide For Multiplayer Ranked Games

Whenever you enter ranked games, you’re going to see a lot of QQ9 users from your team and the enemy’s. Its high fire rate and potential damage make it the most preferred gun to use this season. The recoil is also relatively easy to control. Just pull it down and to the left the only to get a handle on it. The downside is its inconsistent damage output. If you’re going to maximize the damage potential of the QQ9, you need to exploit the movement speed in order to win the gunfight.