IGG’s Castle Clash: New Dawn is an exciting mix of familiar mobile strategy game features. In spite of its novelty, however, base-building remains a crucial aspect of progress, not only because the base is where you generate resources and troops, but also because others can raid your base and steal your gold and mana. You obviously don’t want that to happen.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

To create a layout that is more likely to protect your resources and repel attacks, you have to become intimately familiar with each building and its role. Then, you can use this knowledge to make optimal use of your Walls, Towers, and other defensive constructions. Rest assured: we give you all the information you need below.

Know Your Buildings and Their Purpose

In CC: New Dawn, buildings become available as your Castle advances in levels. At first, they are very cheap to build and upgrade, but this ceases to be the case just before you hit Castle 10. Naturally, you’ll have to do plenty of raiding in order to keep up with the demand for mana and gold. But before you can muster a powerful and diverse army, you have to know how to use and prioritize your available buildings.

The Castle

Aside from giving you access to more features of the game, the Castle doesn’t do much for your base. Many players choose to rush Castle level 10 and then upgrade the other buildings, which we also recommend to you.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Gold/Mana Factories

These buildings provide a decent portion of your resources, although not nearly as much as you have to gain through Raiding. More importantly, they determine how much gold and mana you can store, which is why upgrading them is a must before you can advance the Castle. Don’t forget that each factory can store a limited amount of resources before it becomes unproductive!

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Heroes Altar

The Altar regularly generates Hero EXP that you can use to boost your heroes’ levels. This is also where you can view and upgrade your heroes, as well as open Wish Coffers for a chance at resources and better units.

The Academy

A very important building in your base, the Academy is where you research and upgrade new types of troops. You shouldn’t focus on it before you reach Castle 10, but you will certainly need to improve it later in the game, when you will need access to a variety of units to face upcoming PvE challenges.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Magic School

This is where you discover new spells and upgrade your existing ones. The building is certainly not a priority in the early-game, but should be developed later on, when Spells can give you a significant edge in the “Dungeon” campaign or while on Raids.

The Garrisons (or Army Camps)

These buildings serve a double function. For one, they let you train troops that you can use to defend your base and attack others. Furthermore, their number and level determine how many troops you can deploy at a time.

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Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Hero Bases

These Bases decide the position of your Heroes when your base is under attack. They let you choose which heroes should defend the base, while upgrading them boosts your champions’ stats on defense.

The Walls

Walls are your most notable defensive structures. However, you only have a limited number of Wall pieces that you can use at a time, which means you’ll only be able to surround certain buildings. Choose wisely and bear in mind that upgrades can be excruciatingly costly.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Towers

Like Walls, Towers play an important role when your base is under attack. For as long as they stand, Walls fire arrows at incoming enemy units. When properly positioned and protected, they can significantly diminish a large army.

Defensive Traps

These buildings are mostly comprised of different types of bombs that you can strategically position in key areas around your base. Always consider which points of your base might be most attractive for attackers and place the bombs for maximum impact.

The Military Hall

Unlike other buildings mentioned here, the Military Hall doesn’t serve any defensive purpose. Inside is where you can design and adjust your formation for the Arena, while upgrading the Hall allows you to deploy additional troops during these PvP fights.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

The Guild Hall

This building is a prerequisite that allows you to join a Guild and participate in related activities. Upgrading it lets you assist fellow guildies more times per day and increases the number of attacks you can make on the world map.

Prepare Yourself for Incoming Raids

Raiders generally have a single purpose in mind when attacking your base and that is to steal your resources. Your interest is not so much to prevent an enemy victory as it is to prevent them from depleting your gold and mana reserves. It’s important to keep this in mind because this is the principle that should guide your general layout.

As we’ve mentioned before, you only have a few pieces of Wall to work with. Although it might be tempting to encircle the Castle and other such buildings, we advise against it. Instead, we recommend that you construct Walls around your Factories and that you use multiple chambers as opposed to one big rectangle. In addition, you can position a couple of Towers next to the Factories in order to increase their survivability and, ultimately, their damage.

Castle Clash: New Dawn – How to Build a Stronger Base

With such a layout, you basically ensure that enemy troops have to pass through several lines of Wall before they can reach your Towers and Factories. Meanwhile, your own Garrisons and Heroes can greatly reduce the number of enemy units so that the other player is prevented from reaching your gold and mana. Even if they do manage to earn a victory against you, you lose fewer resources, which is, after all, the main goal.

That’s basically it. As you venture to build an ever-stronger base, consider that you’ll need more and more resources to keep up with the upgrades. As such, you’ll want to focus on upgrading your Castle and Factories while looking for other bases that are vulnerable to strategic Raids. To make the grind easier and improve your control of heroes and spells during combat, you can always switch to the PC and play Castle Clash: New Dawn on BlueStacks. Several nifty features await your discovery there!

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