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Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

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To become the strongest tribe is the ultimate goal in Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. Determining who has the strongest tribe is done through the power system which is shown on your tribe’s menu. Generally, the higher your power level is, the more powerful your tribe becomes. However, this isn’t always the case especially if your tribe only has power fillers which are elements that add to the power computation but have no real value to your tribe’s strength.

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

The power calculation involves features in your tribe such as your troop count, trap count, invocations, skill points, and hero relics. Some buildings also add to the power level of your tribe. While the facade of a higher power level intimidates a lot of players to mess with you, more skilled players will see through this and be able to easily subdue your tribe. So, how do you efficiently raise your power level using useful elements of the game?

Relevant Sources of Power Points in Chief Almighty

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

Power levels can be deceitful in the game especially if you’re only up against players who try to stack up random stuff without caring about where they allocate their resources. In essence, it does work to scare off other players easily. However, with an inefficient source of power points, even someone with half the amount of tribe power can destroy that tribe easily if they are smart about allocating their resources at the right place.

Troop Power

Troop power is the most important source of tribe power and will be the highest contributor to your power points. However, as mentioned in the Chief Almighty Military Guide you’ll need to decide whether you’ll steer your military’s direction on defensive or offensive. This is to ensure that you’re allocating your resources efficiently in what you’re planning to do in the game. Having a mixed military focus can prove to be very difficult to maintain and use.

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

Buying low-level troops offers some power points quickly but don’t give the best value for it. Higher-level troops give higher power points and for good reason. Make sure to update your troops to those that are the highest level in their class and remove low-level units if you need the upkeep to make more. If you build the right units, you can take down someone who has twice the amount of power points than you.

Building Power

Building power is another good source of power points. Defensive infrastructures such as your wall and cave offer the best source of power points. Although, the important thing to upgrade in your tribe is increasing your squad capacity through the Altar of War and increasing your food production from the Hunting Grounds to be able to house more troops for your army. This indirectly increases your power points through the army power.

Gear, Glyph, and Beast Power

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

Gears, glyphs, and beasts offer very low power points but will indirectly increase the effectiveness of your army by increasing their stats with a significant percentage. Again, your troops will be your primary and biggest source of power points so all these other sources will only serve to increase the power of your army. Prioritizing gear and glyphs which increase troop stats will give you a great boost in the long run.

How to Raise Your Power Levels Quicker

The most efficient way to raise your power levels quickly is by using Speed Boosts and activating your 2nd Builder bonus which is all free when you start out in the game. Make sure that you upgrade to Level 7 Tribe Center as soon as possible by using your skips or asking help from your alliance. You should also have 10 Hunting Grounds and all of which are maxed out with your Altar of War. Keep making level 3 troops until you hit your Tribe Center 10 mark.

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

While it might feel difficult to use your speed boosts, always keep in mind that the game will always offer you replacements through the daily login, harbor rewards, and wild explorations. This means that there’s an endless amount as long as you keep sending your troops out to farm wildlings. However, you should be smart about spending speed boosts by leaving at least 11 minutes on your timers so you can skip it for free.

What should I do if someone drops my Power Level?

Losing troops through a military defeat can significantly drop your power levels. Luckily for you, it’s quite easy to get it back. All you need to do is use a shield found in your item bag and train more troops in your army. Since at this point, you’ve managed to build higher-level buildings to make troop production faster. Use any remaining speed boosts you have to skip training time and surprise your enemy with a fresh batch of troops raring to fight again.

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

Another common way to refresh your power levels which most players tend to overlook is through healing wounded troops. You can heal wounded troops through the healing hut you can find on the lower part of your tribe map where your resource buildings are located. Building more of these will increase your healing capacity and save more troops in case you attack/defend unsuccessfully against an enemy attack.

Increasing My Power Level Capacity

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

Your tribe power is only as strong as your Tribe Center. Reaching a higher tribe center level allows you to upgrade your buildings at a higher level thus increasing the limit of your squad total. Remember not to stop upgrading all your buildings equally in order to have a balanced economical and military progression. There is no limit on how much power you can acquire in the game but it does get more difficult to increase it as you go along.

Raising Your Power Level in Chief Almighty

The stone ages are a part of our unknown history where people are said to have lived in harsh environments. With Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC allowing us to relive this moment in time, it is our duty to do our best to lead our people to the glory different civilizations have reached today. Learn more about how to play this game in the BlueStacks PC Game Guides and dominate the competition with the advantage you can use from using BlueStacks’ features.

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