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Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

The greatest highlight of Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC is its amazing battle system which lets you build towards the end game goal of conquering the realm through military might. With the stone age themed warriors of the past, your journey as a chieftain will test your ability to choose which of these warriors you should focus on. After all, in this savage world, pacifism isn’t an option you can take as others will always smell blood.

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

Military advancement isn’t as much a linear direction as you’d think it would be. On the contrary, there are different ways you can progress when advancing your military might depending on the direction of battle you want to take. The two military advancement paths you should be looking at is the defensive military advancement and the offensive military advancement where you’ll be focusing on building different units for battle.

Defensive Military Advancement

Defensive military advancement is recommended when you’re relatively smaller than most of the other existing tribes in the realm. Building a defensive military will help you fend off attacks and prevent others from trying to mess with you afterward. This can also be a path for those who want to take a protective role in their alliance, being able to send reinforcements when one of your allies is under attack by an enemy chief or alliance.

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

A successful defensive tribe will always try to build:

  1. High defense units (Guardians, Javelineers)
  2. Different kinds of traps
  3. Defensive Relics
  4. Higher Wall Levels
  5. Defense Invocations
  6. Higher Leveled Clan Chamber

The only problem with defensive tribes is that they have a hard time fighting wildlings since they have very few attacking units in their army. Make sure that your traps are always at max capacity and are diverse so that you can successfully defend against all types of units that the enemy will throw towards you. Bonus stats that increase your wall fortification, unit health, unit defense, or trap effectivity should be prioritized when choosing invocations or relics.

Offensive Military Advancement

Offensive military tribes are harder to pull off since defenders often have the power advantage since they have traps. However, being able to attack gives you the availability of loot such as resources or treasures. Besides, everyone knows that the best way to have fun is attacking other players who are weaker than you so that your army won’t have to sit inside the base most of the time. Taking the risk gives you a sense of adrenaline which is rewarded greatly with good results.

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

A successful offensive tribe will always try to build:

  1. High Attack Units (Marauders, Archers, Barbarians, and Riders)
  2. Higher War Horn Levels
  3. HP Increasing Invocations or Skills
  4. ATK Increasing Invocations or Skills
  5. Higher Level Watchtower

Attacking tribes have the option of taking control of an entire area through their military prowess. Communicating with your guild to rally in a clan war greatly increases your success in sieging defensively-focused enemy tribes. However, offensive tribes are often susceptible to counter attacks and leave themselves open when they attack. Make sure that you have a reliable partner who is ready to give you defensive aid whenever you need it.

Maintaining Your Army

Maintaining your army is an important part of having a military setup whether you’re on the defensive or offensive side. However, a lot of people tend to miss important steps in maintaining a great army so they make mistakes such as let their army die of starvation or simply overflow the army capacity with useless units. To make sure that your army is in its top shape, keep in mind these simple tips:

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

Raise your upkeep level

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

Upkeep is the ratio at which elements in your game such as infrastructures or soldiers consume food per hour. The goal is to have a higher food production than your upkeep so that your troops won’t starve to death or so that you are always producing an excess amount of food for building purposes. Food production invocations and skills also help to achieve this goal. Don’t build any more troops if it will cause your upkeep to overtake your food production.

Heal your wounded troops

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

It’s really easy to skip healing your troops especially if you’re the type who doesn’t explore what your buildings do. You can find your healing hut on the bottom side of your tribe map near your resource buildings. Healing your troops doesn’t take too long and is a better option than replacing your troops with new ones and spending a lot of resources to do so. Healing should be done every other battle so you can maximize refreshing your losses.

Update your troops

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

If you’ve been building troops and haven’t attacked other players that much since you started the game, chances are that you have some level 1 units in your army. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, you’d rather want higher level troops especially if your Tribe Center is level 10 or higher. However, you should only do this if you need to replace the upkeep they consume. If you have excess upkeep and are nowhere near maximizing it, just leave them be in your army.

Be smart diplomatically

Being smart diplomatically doesn’t necessarily mean being able to negotiate your way in every situation. This means that you should choose who you surround yourself with and be careful who you want to mess with. Oftentimes, players get too zealous with their ambitions and just attack whoever they want to since they have the power to do so. Remember that alliances will always try to protect their own, so if you mess with the wrong squad, you’ll be in a world of pain.

Preparing For War: Chief Almighty Military Advancement Guide

Good chiefs have the greatest instincts for battle. Remember that losing your entire army can mean game over for games like these so consider your troops to be precious resources. The world of Chief Almighty is filled with difficult choices that might make or break your game. This is why you should follow the BlueStacks PC Game Guides so that you’re always informed about playing the games you love.

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