After an apocalyptic event that transpired centuries ago, you are reborn into the world of Chimeraland. The world is vast and diverse, being the home of many mythical beasts, beautiful ecosystems, and ancient structures. Anyone can be an ally but anyone can be an enemy as well and everything that happens in your adventure is ultimately up to you, the traveler.

Chimeraland is quite a complex world and you will need to familiarize yourself with a bunch of things in order to survive in it. In this guide, we’ll show you all of the things you need to know and guide you in your adventure when you play Chimeraland.

Character Creation

Chimeraland is not just home to the human species but it is also home to a wide array of humanoid ones as well.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Selecting the species of your character is done by traversing clockwise or counterclockwise through the character wheel. Additionally, you can set your character’s age by going closer to or farther from the center of the character wheel.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Upon selecting your character, you can further customize them. Impressively, Chimeraland gives you the option to customize every aspect of your character like their hair, face, body, and makeup. More impressively, you can modify the specific proportions of body parts.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland


  • Three factions fighting each other throughout Chimeraland -> can freely switch between them later in the game
    • Nine Li – stationed in Southmount, led by Chiyou. Brave and skilled at fighting, smithing, building armies. Military master and Sovereign of Nine Li
    • Bearie, stationed in Westmount, led by Imperius. Mastered the five elements and five art forms. Well-versed in combat and also know as the Yellow Emperor
    • Fiery Hills Tribe – stationed in Eastmount, led by Yich. Revered as the Farmer God for having tasted many herbs, planted grains, created pottery, and founded the marketplace. Called the Flame Emperor

After character creation, you have to select the faction in which your character will belong to. At present, Chimeraland consists of three warring factions and these are:

  • Nine Li – headquartered in the Southmount region; Nine Li is led by Chiyou who is regarded as a military master and the “Sovereign of Nine Li”
  • Bearie – headquartered in Westmount; Bearie is led by Imperious who mastered the five elements and art forms and regarded as the “Yellow Emperor”
  • Fiery Hills Tribe – stationed in the Eastmount region; Fiery Hills Tribe is led by Yich who is recognized as the “Farmer God” for having extensive agricultural expertise and is also called the “Flame Emperor”


Chimeraland is segregated into three regions. Each region houses one particular faction.

  • Southmount – the southern part of Chimeraland that arose from Mount Braggart and consists plenty of famous mountains, wetlands, and is habitat to many rare beasts
  • Westmount – the western part of Chimeraland that arose from Berthill and consists of plants, trees, minerals, and also rare beasts
  • Eastmount – the eastern part of Chimeraland that arose from Fruisian Mountains and consists of famous mountains, wetlands, and rare beasts.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland


Upon selecting your location and faction, you then have to select the birthplace of your character.

The location that you select consists of multiple regions and each region is abundant in a specific resource (i.e., pine, copper, fruit) compared to the others. Additionally, each region can also have a different climate. For now, you can select any region that you want.

Character Attributes

Your character has multiple attributes which can be upgraded throughout your adventure in the Chimeraland. 

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

  • Merdian Level – this is the level of your character, and it determines what features of the game that you can unlock; it can be increased by obtaining enough EXP from completing quests and other in-game activities
  • Home Level – this is the level of your character’s house, and it determines what house-building features you have access to
  • Faction – the faction that you selected; you can switch factions through the Commerce Official in your location
  • Conflict points – the degree of criminality that your character has; it can be increased by doing delinquent actions such as attacking travelers, buildings, merchants, and Law Department Officers, and hunting or gathering on another faction’s region without permission
  • Survival stats: 
    • Fullness – starvation level of your character
    • Stamina
    • Energy
    • Focus
    • Breath
    • Endurance
    • Toxins
    • Humidity
    • Sensory – the current temperature of your character. They will be harmed if they are too cold or too warm
  • Chimeraland Power – also known as “Battle Power, this is a single number representing your character’s overall power. You can know more about increasing your character’s Chimeraland Power/Battle Power in this separate guide (Character Upgrade Guide – Make Your Chimeraland Character Stronger).
  • Home Power – this is a single number representing the quality of your house and it goes hand-in-hand with the Home Level


Resource Gathering

Chimeraland is filled with resources that you need to survive such as meat, fruits, logs, stones, and others. 

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

With ingredients such as animal meat and fruits, you can cook multiple dishes which your character can consume to refill their health and fullness. Crafting and setting up a camp is required in order to prepare food in Chimeraland.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Materials such as wood, stone, and fiber are used to create structures and objects for your house such as walls, bases, windows, stairs, and furniture. Additionally, these materials are also required to upgrade your Home Level.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Resources can be gathered by going close enough to the source and clicking its interaction icon. To gather logs for wood, interact with trees to start cutting them down. To gather stone, interact with rocks to start mining them. There are plentiful sources of materials in Chimeraland and it is a must to harvest from them (Chimeraland – Resource Gathering Strategies and Tips).

Combat and Weapons

Chimeraland has a wide selection of weapons and wearable equipment. 

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

All of your owned equipment is stored in the Satchel where they are neatly organized into their own categories. Through the Satchel menu, you can assign at most five of your equipment to “Hotkeys” for easy access.

Weapons in Chimeraland can be melee or ranged weapons, and some have special capabilities that allow you to do unique actions (i.e., attack while in mid-air). Melee weapons have a regular attack as well as a special attack that effectively deals more damage but has a cooldown time. Ranged weapons (i.e., crossbows) require ammo that can be crafted manually.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Equipment can eventually break and become temporarily unusable unless they are repaired. To repair broken items, you can go to your Satchel and click on the “Restore” button to bring the restoration menu.

Repairing an item requires agates which come in three different grades: Mixed, Fine, and Rare. The higher the grade of the agate is, the more durability is given to the item once repaired. 

Repairing a broken item refills its durability but decreases its hardness. Once the hardness goes down to zero, you can no longer repair the item again.


Quests are going to be your main path of progression in Chimeraland. Available quests can be accessed from the Basic Quest Instruction box which can be accessed by clicking on the yellow exclamation mark or by pressing Tab.

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

The Basic Quest Instruction box displays main quests and side quests from various characters and displays the award associated with said quests. You can converse with these quest givers to start new quests. 

A Beginner Traveler’s Guide to Chimeraland

Once a quest has started, you can click on “Track” to display the quest on your main screen for quick viewing or you can click on “Go” to receive hints on what to do next.