MMORPGs like the new Chronicle of Infinity are designed so that, while offering a few different classes with wildly varied play styles, the game is very much easily beatable with any of these. Because of this, your decision of best class will depend not on whether or not they are actually good, bad, or even viable, but on your actual choice of playstyle at any given moment. Whether you’re looking for a tanky warrior slashing down hordes of enemies; a cunning rogue-type class that can deal lethal burst damage to single enemies, or a mage that keeps hordes of foes at bay with an assortment of devastating elemental spells, your choice here basically boils down to what’s coolest for you.

However, we understand that, even when considering the above, choosing a class in any MMORPG can be quite difficult. And while you can effectively play with all three classes at the same time by playing Chronicle of Infinity on PC with BlueStacks, not everyone will want to go through the effort of managing three different accounts. For this reason, we’ve decided to create this brief guide where we’ll give an overview of the three classes in the game, as well as our personal thoughts about their strengths, weaknesses, and overall play styles.

If you’re stuck not knowing which class to choose, this guide is for you.


  • Survival: 5*
  • Operation:  3*
  • Burst: 5*
  • Teamfight: 4*
  • Output: 4*

Chronicle of Infinity Class Guide - The Best Class for Every Play Style

As their name implies, the Phantom class specializes in weaving in and out of combat like a ghost, taking down high-value targets with their superior burst damage. This type of class is ideal for players who enjoy a high-risk and high-reward playstyle. However, their fragile and squishy frames make it necessary for users to learn how to properly navigate the battlefield in order to avoid enemies while bobbing and weaving towards their intended targets, which should always be the enemy spellcasters.

In a group PvE setting, Phantoms are arguably the least important class in terms of individual contribution. However, their massive burst damage makes them absolute powerhouses in PvP.


  • Survival: 5*
  • Operation: 5*
  • Burst: 3*
  • Teamfight: 4*
  • Output: 4*

Chronicle of Infinity Class Guide - The Best Class for Every Play Style

If the Phantom is the designated melee DPS of the three, then the Dragoon is its counterpart, consisting mostly of a big beefy warrior-type class with lots of different skills to tank damage, as well as to disrupt his enemies with a variety of control effects.

The Dragoon is the most beginner-friendly class in the game, offering a large HP pool and lots of defenses, which lets him thrive in combat even if the player makes a few mistakes here and there. And while his damage output is low compared to the other two, it’s still very much competent and lets him breeze through the story missions arguably easier than the rest, since they don’t have to pay much attention to dodging or repositioning thanks to their superior defenses.


  • Survival: 3*
  • Operation: 4*
  • Burst: 4*
  • Teamfight: 5*
  • Output: 5*

Chronicle of Infinity Class Guide - The Best Class for Every Play Style

Arcania is the only pure caster-type class in Chronicle of Infinity, and is likely the strongest and most difficult to use effectively, especially in PvP. This difficulty doesn’t come only from being able to effectively use the class’ skills, but also due to her meager defenses, which make her an easy target for enemy Phantoms.

Nevertheless, if the player masters her kit, the Arcania can very easily keep entire groups of enemies under control with her powerful spells. Furthermore, this class has the most sustained damage in the game, being able to whittle down even the sturdiest foes if given enough time to weave her web of spells.

And with this, we close our Chronicle of Infinity class guide. Which class is your favorite in this new MMORPG? Leave us your comments in the section below!