Clash of Beasts is an interesting combination of strategy game with tower defense elements, in which the result is a game with an engaging PvP scene, but also with base building and development aspects as players construct their defenses and also upgrade a variety of different buildings to generate resources and, in turn, unlock new Beasts and upgrade their existing ones so they can achieve greater heights of power. 

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

And speaking of unlocking new Beasts, there are a variety of different units to obtain in Clash of Beasts, each of which has its own set of stats, attack types, affinities, and other unique properties. It’s these differences that make some creatures stand out among the rest as the ones that you should definitely try to obtain as early as possible, in order to get a leg up from the beginning. And in this guide, we’re going to share our own tier list of the best Beasts in Clash of Beasts, so that you know exactly which ones to look out for.

S Tier

As always, the units in the S tier correspond to the Beasts that are absolutely the best at what they do. Whether they’re Tanks, Berserkers, Rogues, or Mages, these Beasts are the best in their respective categories, and unlocking a couple of these can definitely greatly benefit your roster.

  • Talvara

The great part about the Beasts in this tier is that they’re actually available from the very start, as you receive them either from the story, or they can be unlocked early on.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

In the case of Talvara, this light-element Rogue specializes in dealing massive damage to individual defenses with multiple well-placed shots. Her attack type consists of simple projectiles launched by clicking on the enemy towers, with each of them consuming stamina. She also has a crushing chainfire ability that lets her attack several buildings at the same time, dealing massive damage if timed correctly.

Though she’s not tanky at all, Talvara can easily destroy enemy defenses when used correctly.

  • Vorgoth

You actually start the game with Vorgoth, and considering that he’s one of the best Tanks in the game, you definitely could do much worse than him.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

This fire-affinity tank can attack enemies with a constant, infinite stream of flames by holding down the button. And while his damage is far from being the best, he’s highly resistant to most forms of damage and can easily make his way across even the most well-guarded defenses. Moreover, with his powerful explosive shield, he can guard himself against even the most brutal onslaughts, and then deal massive damage to everyone in the vicinity when the shield breaks. Proper use of this skill is what makes Vorgoth so great.

  • Shadescale

While you don’t actually begin with this one, you can get him very early. In fact, it’s possible for him to be the first creature you create in the Forge.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

This darkness-type mage specializes in destroying multiple defenses at once with his powerful triple blast attack and, with his high attack stat, he can dish out true pain with every projectile. Other than that, he’s relatively straightforward, though he requires a bit of planning and forethought in order to target the most enemies with every single blast and maximize his DPS.

A Tier

Like the Beasts in the S tier, the units in this category are also quite strong, though for various reasons they’re not quite as powerful as the above. Nevertheless, you could do much worse than these units.

  • Kalaantis

The good thing about the units in this tier is that they’re of common quality, which means that they’re quite easy to forge and maintain, comparatively speaking.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

Kalaantis is a water-type mage Beast with massive attack power. There’s not really much to say here aside from the fact that he’ll be one of your mainstay units when attacking defenses of any element, except water, of course.

  • Crushgrin

The first and only Berserker unit on this list. Crushgrin can easily destroy defenses with his powerful charged blows, though using him correctly requires a bit of patience, particularly since Berserkers can charge up their attacks to deal massive AoE damage. In this sense, releasing your attacks early can severely limit your potential. Further, Crushgrin not only has massive damage but also has a much higher crit rate due to his class type.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

Since Crushgrin is a common unit, he can be quite easily obtained as soon as the player reaches level 4

B Tier

These units are not particularly strong, but they’re not bad either. Though you could do much worse, we recommend replacing them in your formation as soon as you get the chance.

  • Mavra

A powerful water-type rogue Beast with massive attack power and a very decent crit rate, though she can only be unlocked at level 4. Regardless, while her stats are quite appealing, she also takes a long, long time to heal completely, which can limit her usefulness when playing for longer sessions.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

  • Kerbera

A fire-type mage beast that doesn’t really have much going for it aside from the fact that it’s of common quality. Nevertheless, his attack power is quite decent, and the fact that he’s a mage means that he can easily attack multiple defenses at the same time. 

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

C Tier

Finally, the last tier is about the units that you should definitely avoid, as they’re not quite as strong as others, and are usually not worth the effort it takes to unlock them.

  • Korhal

You’d think that, by being a legendary Beast that can be unlocked at level 12, Korhal would actually be strong. And while his stats are definitely nothing to laugh at, his huge healing time makes him not worth the effort. Of course, if somehow you manage to get him by any means, you can definitely use him a lot, though you’ll likely want to use literally anything else.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

  • Skybark

Lastly, another legendary Beast suffers from similar limitations to the above, though Skybark is somewhat bad due to the fact that Vorgoth is available from the very beginning, and is usually more than enough to deal with any threat. And if you need a tank of any other element, there are a few other candidates that you can unlock without as much effort as Skybark.

Clash of Beasts Tier List - The Best Beasts in the Game

That’s it for our Clash of Beasts tier list. Use the units we’ve listed above to get an idea of what to look for when building powerful rosters. Also, feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below!