Clash of Beasts is a brand new strategy game released and developed by Ubisoft, combining the best parts of the tower defense genre, with awesome PvP and assault aspects using your own army of beasts. The result is a game that you can play as a regular TD, but that also offers base building and tons of unlockable Beasts, which you can then use to assault other players’ bases, in order to farm for resources.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

With that being said, there are many different aspects to consider when it comes to progressing in Clash of Beasts, which is why we’ve decided to write this guide. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a few tips or tricks that will help to speed up your progress in this game, and hopefully give you an idea on how to proceed if you’re just getting started. Keep in mind that, if you’re new, you can also check out our Clash of Beasts beginner’s guide to help you get your bearings.

How to Maximize Essence Gain

One of the main factors that will limit your progress in this game is your essence generation.

Essence, in a nutshell, is a resource used for a variety of purposes in Clash of Beasts, including upgrading your base, strengthening your Beasts, and more. And while you can obtain it from many different sources, there are some that are much faster than others.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

The absolute best way to farm Essence is via the Essence Well, one of the buildings in your city that produces the resource automatically, up to a certain amount. And while it does its job at a slow pace, the process is automatic and you can claim the full amount several times per day. Also, while you can only produce a small amount at the beginning, you can also use Gold to upgrade this building, increasing not only its maximum capacity but its production rate as well. For this reason, the Essence Well should be one of the first buildings to focus on when upgrading your base. 

Another way to boost your essence gain is by using an Essence Well boost, an item that doubles the production of your Essence Well for 24 hours. And though you can get these for free by completing certain missions and working through the campaign, you can also produce them later on in your Workshop. Moreover, you can also boost your essence gain by activating the Beastmaster pass, a sort of “Battle Pass” for Clash of Beasts that gives several benefits, including a 50% increase to essence gains via the Essence Well.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

Lastly, the most common way of actually farming this resource is by attacking other players. Every time you successfully assault another player’s base, you get a small amount of resources as a reward, including essence.

Pay Attention to Affinities

And speaking of assaulting bases, one of the most important, if not THE most important part when it comes to successfully attacking other players, is the affinity mechanic.

In short, everything about the combat system in Clash of Beasts revolves around affinities. And affinities, in turn, are the equivalent to the elemental matchup systems in any RPG, in which every Beast and tower can have one out of the five main elements in the game, including Vorm (Fire), Theras (Water), Gaia (Wind), Haala (Light), and Slern (Dark). And while this game doesn’t have a matchup system where one element is strong against one and weak to another, you must always avoid attacking a player whose towers are of the same element as your Beasts.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

Whenever a Beast attacks a tower of the same element, they will automatically get a significant debuff which reduces their attack and blocks them from regenerating mana, blocking their access to their strongest skills. In this sense, it’s important to keep a roster of Beasts of varying elements. And when it comes to defending, you should keep the distribution of towers of different elements throughout your defenses, in order to counter the largest number of Beasts.

Claim Your Free 3-Day Beastmaster Pass

When you first start in Clash of Beasts, you’ll be offered a free trial of the Beastmaster pass, which offers you many different benefits including increased XP gain from battles, increased essence gain from your Well, the ability to work on two buildings at the same time, and more. And though this privilege is often available only to those who purchase it with real money, you can claim your free trial whenever you want, allowing you to enjoy these benefits for three days.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

Just remember to claim your free gems on the 2nd and 3rd days of your free trial, if you do activate the Beastmaster pass.

Work Through Your Quests

When it comes to progressing in Clash of Beasts, you really don’t have any guidance, and you can basically do anything you want after you finish the tutorial. However, there are a few quests that you can actually follow, which help to guide you through the game, while also giving you important rewards every time you complete a task.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

You can find these tasks in the “Quests” menu, and we strongly urge you to work through these in order to get a good start by claiming the rewards from completing them.

Expand Your Fortifications ASAP

Though your defenses are limited to just one area that allows you to build only 4 towers at the beginning, you will be able to unlock additional zones after you’ve occupied and built towers on every free slot. And the more towers at your disposal, the better your odds of defending against a number of Beasts. In this sense, one of the best things you can do at the beginning is to occupy all your tower slots, and then immediately work on unlocking additional slots. Just remember to keep a good distribution of elements across your defenses so that you can effectively deal with a varying number of enemy Beasts by countering their elements.

The Best Clash of Beasts Tips and Tricks for Making Quick Progress

That’s it for our tips and tricks for Clash of Beasts. Feel free to leave your own pointers and info in the comments below!