Clash of Gods: Infinity War is a brand new strategy card MMORPG where players can enjoy exploring vast open worlds using their avatar, and also participating in exciting real-time combat by deploying their troops to the field and commanding them effectively. In this sense, the gameplay in this title consists of two main modes: 

Clash of Gods: Infinity War Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

The first is the overworld exploration aspect, where players can interact with NPCs to learn about the lore and also receive and turn in quests, as well as roll for new cards, adjust their troop formation, and check out a variety of information about their army. The second is the card-based real-time combat where players can deploy their units on the field and watch them duke it out, while supporting them with skills and other useful effects.

Of course, while the game is relatively simple to pick and play, it still has many different elements to learn about if you want to progress without any major hitches. To this end, we’ve decided to write this Clash of Gods beginner’s guide, so you can learn about the basics, and get started on the right track.

The Overworld Exploration

As we mentioned just now, one of the key aspects of Clash of Gods: Infinity War, is the overworld exploration. This is where you can use the avatar that you choose at the start of the game to run around the world interacting with many different NPCs, and browsing through a variety of menus in order to gain access to new features, as well as adjust your armies, and check your ancients, among many other things.

Clash of Gods: Infinity War Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

The most important feature in the exploration is the quest button on the top right, which when clicked, will make you navigate automatically to the next quest objective. More often than not, you’ll find yourself using this feature to move across the world and find your next objective, whether it’s an NPC, or the battle portal. Nevertheless, if you want to navigate manually, keep in mind that this game features an old-school MMORPG movement system, where you can simply tap on where you want to go to make your character move towards the spot.

With a movement system like this one, it’s clear that the best way to enjoy this game is by playing Clash of Gods: Infinity War on PC with BlueStacks, as you’ll be able to play on your large computer monitor and get a much better view of the world at all times, as well as navigate using the precision of your mouse, instead of having to tap and swipe at your touchscreen. Not only that, but BlueStacks also has a variety of tools and features to further enhance your experience with this game, such as by letting you customize your mouse and keyboard controls, and maximizing your graphics, among others.

The Different Ancient Types

While the world exploration is easy enough if you use the auto-navigation feature, the combat system is where this game gets interesting, as it’s where you’ll have to use all your knowledge of your troops and ancients in order to march to the field and crush your enemies. Your ancients, in particular, are the most important asset in your army as they not only grant you special skills that you can use in combat to achieve different effects, but they also are the ones that give you the troops that you’ll be deploying in combat.

Clash of Gods: Infinity War Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

While we’ll talk about the different troops further down, one of first things you should know are the differences between the ancient types, of which there are four:

  • Warmonger: Ancients with high strength, which are ideal as frontline attackers or for flanking and targeting the enemy’s weaker links.
  • Commander: Features a nice balance between strength and vitality, which makes them the best ancients for tanking on the front rows.
  • Support: These ancients offer a balance between vitality and intelligence that lets them not only tank, but also provide valuable aid to their allies.
  • Spellcaster: Ancients with high intelligence that have some of the most useful and most powerful skills for the player to deploy in battle.

Understanding the differences between the different ancient types and striking a balance between them in your army is the key to victory later on. Luckily, at the beginning you won’t really need to worry too much about this, though it’s still important to keep it in mind as you progress.

Assembling Your Troops

Each ancient has a specific troop type associated with them, as you can see from the logo on the lower left corner of their cards. These troops can either be infantry, cavalry, or archers, each of which have a different attack and movement type, as well as strengths and weaknesses:

  • Infantry: Strong against cavalry.
  • Cavalry: Strong against archers.
  • Archers: Strong against infantry.

Clash of Gods: Infinity War Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Moreover, your troops can also be upgraded individually, and gain access to their specialty skills upon reaching level 2. These skills vary per troop type, but are instrumental for boosting their performance:

  • Infantry Specialty: Gain a bleed effect on attack that is highly effective against cavalry.
  • Cavalry Specialty: Gain a charging flank that allows them to attack from the left or right.
  • Archer Specialty: Gain a bullseye skill that increases the archer’s maximum attack range.

Once you’ve chosen your ancients, you must deploy your troops on the field according to their roles and types. For instance, infantry troops should always go in the frontlines, while archers are meant to take shelter behind the infantry, since they are quite vulnerable to direct attacks. Meanwhile, cavalry are specialists in flanking, and they work best when offset from the center, so that they can charge and flank the enemy, and attempt to bypass their defenses to attack the archers directly.

The Morale Bar

Last but not least, your role as the commander goes beyond simply watching your troops fight, since you can also manually activate your ancients’ skills at the right moments, in order to get the most out of them. These skills are activated simply by clicking on the ancients’ portraits, as long as you have enough morale.

Clash of Gods: Infinity War Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Morale in Clash of Gods is like the energy bar in any other real-time card strategy game. In other words, it’s a resource that regenerates automatically over time, and is used exclusively for fueling your skills. In this sense, the proper management and usage of this resource is vital for winning battles, especially once you unlock the stronger ancients with the best skills.

With these beginner tips and tricks, you hopefully have everything you need to get started in Clash of Gods: Infinity War. Now get out there and crush your enemies!