Note: While we’ll be talking about Crash Bandicoot: On the Run using BlueStacks 4, this game is already available on the new BlueStacks 5 with much better performance, less resource consumption, and more stability. Download the latest version of our Android emulator and give it a try! 

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is arguably one of the most popular endless runner games that has launched on the mobile platform, ever. This is mostly due to the reputation that the franchise has acquired ever since it first released, back in the late ‘90s the original PlayStation all the rage. However, On the Run is a very formidable platformer and endless runner game by itself that perfectly captures the essence of the original and adapts it to the new platform, offering many of the familiar elements, while also several new additions to spice up the formula.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

However, as a mobile game, it’s quite expected that it might have loads of items that can be purchased with premium currency. And in this regard, Crash Bandicoot has tons of different costumes for both Crash and Coco that you can unlock, and that give many different bonuses when used. And while some of these outfits can be obtained through events, the vast majority are purchased in the vending machine in Coco’s base using purple crystals.

Since these skins can give bonuses to certain aspects, some might be better than others in specific circumstances. In this sense, if you’re looking for the best investment in the game, you might want to keep an eye out for these.

The Best Crash Bandicoot Skins for Battle Runs

The battle runs in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, are the standard story campaign missions that always have a boss enemy at the end. Most of these levels are fairly straightforward, consisting of dodging obstacles, collecting wumpa fruits and other resources, and surviving until the end. However, stages can differ depending on whether they’re henchmen levels, or boss stages. 

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

For the henchmen stages, the ending minigame consists of a timing event where you must press the button when the indicator lines up in the middle of the gauge to get the most rewards while fighting the henchman. Regardless of your timing, however, you will always defeat the enemy no matter what; your timing here only affects the number of trophies and experience that you receive. 

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

For the boss stages, however, you will need to actually fight against the enemies by dodging their projectiles while pelting them with the explosives you pick up along the way. These stages can be quite challenging, especially since you’ll need to hit the bosses multiple times before they fall. However, some skins can increase the damage you deal to certain bosses. In this sense, the best Crash Bandicoot skins for battle runs are the following:

  1. Against “Nitro” Enemies: Retro, Ika-Ika, Robot, Retro Space, and Nitro for Crash; Robot for Coco. 
  2. Against “Frosty” Enemies: Cyborg, Glam, Velo, Prehistoric, Party and Viking for Crash; Kupuna-Wa, and Retro Space for Coco
  3. Against “Oxide” Enemies: The only Crash skin that gives a good bonus against Oxide enemies is Tennis, and the same goes for Coco, whose Nitro skin grants a strong bonus against these enemies.
  4. Against “Inferno” Enemies: Similarly, the only Crash skin with a good bonus against Inferno enemies is the Ringmaster skin, which is similar to Coco as she has the Retro skin as her best skin against these enemies.

It’s worth clarifying that the skins we mentioned here are the ones that give the absolute best bonuses against the respective enemy types, and that there are quite a few others that also give boosts against them, albeit smaller ones. Regardless, any skin is better than no skin, so equip them if you have them. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the best skins for battle runs, then the ones we mentioned here are the best in their categories.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

Finally, one last thing about skins for battle runs is that both Crash and Coco are better against certain enemies. For instance, the Crash skins mentioned above give a maximum bonus of 80% against Nitro enemies, but only give a max of 40% against all other enemy types. Meanwhile, Coco’s skins only give a max bonus of 40% bonus against Nitro Foes, but increase her effectiveness against all other enemies by a whopping 80%. With that being said, if you buy a skin for each character and for every enemy type, you should be using Crash against Nitro enemies, and Coco for the three other types. 

The Best Crash Bandicoot Skins for Collection Runs

When it comes to farming materials, your selection of skins is a bit more varied, as there are quite a lot more variety of resources than there are enemy types. In fact, most skins give bonuses to the resources you get from crates on every collection run, with the max bonus here being 80%, which are usually bestowed by the rarest Legendary skins.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

With that being said, here are some of the best skins for farming materials in the game:

Crash Skins

  1. Nitro: +80% Wiggle Weed.
  2. Retro Space: +80% Shell Shard.
  3. Robot: +80% Red Eyes.
  4. Ika-Ika: +80% Nitric Fungus.
  5. Retro: +80% Glow Bark AND Brain Freeze.
  6. Tennis: +40% Glowmato.

Coco Skins

  1. Nitro: +80% Snow Cabbage.
  2. Robot: +80% Flame Orb.
  3. Retro: +80% Magma Chunk.
  4. Retro Space: +80% Chill Berry.
  5. Kupuna-Wa: +80% Pop Blossom.
  6. Berserker: +40% Stinky Shroom.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run - The Best Skins in the Game

Just like with the battle run skins, there are some things in which Crash excels, and other parts where Coco is the clear victor. For your convenience, we’ve listed only the skins that give the best boost for every resource type. In this sense, if you’re looking to maximize your farming of a specific material, you now know what skin to acquire.