Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate features multiple types of resources that players can use to improve their teams and progress through the game. However, like with most mobile games, these materials and currencies are both scarce and badly needed. To ensure the best possible outcome for your playthrough, you have to know how to get more resources quickly and how to spend them wisely.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

P2W players will find it much easier to manage their resources, but if you intend to stay F2P, you need to stick to a strict set of priorities. In what follows, we’ll look at the most important materials in Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate and give you a rundown of how to find them and use them correctly.

1. Energy (Bounty, Campaign, Conquest)

The Energy system in Crystalborne: HoF is slightly different from what you would expect of a regular Gacha game. Although Energy is still the resource that will most limit your progression in the game, you actually have three types of Energy, each with its own pool and uses. This makes it easier to prioritize your Energy usage because you don’t have to split the same pool between 5+ different activities.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

The three types of Energy are:

  • Bounty Energy, which you can use to clear bounty missions for Silver, gear, and other hero upgrade materials.
  • Campaign Energy, which is solely dedicated to your progression through the main storyline.
  • Conquest Energy, which you can use to engage territory on the Guild Conquest map. Some of your Conquest Energy is actually converted into Bounty Energy as follows: using 16 Conquest Energy gives you 3 Bounty Energy, 32 gives you 6, and any PvP engagement (against another player’s territory) gives you 9. If you ever need a slight boost of Energy to finish up your bounty quests for the day, this is a good way to get it.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

The best thing you can do for your progression in Crystalborne: HoF is to constantly deplete your Energy because this will allow you to generate more of this invaluable resource and, as such, do more things in the game. If you have Gems to spare, you can use them to refresh a specific type of Energy, but this will cost more for each recharge over the course of two days.

2. Summoning Resources

We’ve already talked about the main ways to obtain new heroes in another article, so this time, we’d like to take a look at the resources you need in order to pull more characters through the summoning system. You can summon characters using Gems and Crystals, while Keys can be used to summon gear.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

Our advice is to never use Gems for hero or gear summons simply because there are much better uses for this currency (such as recharging your Energy, for example). The only exceptions to this rule are the discounted packages you can purchase once per day – one for heroes and one for gear. These come at the cost of 1000 Gems each, so you won’t lose too much if you buy them regularly.

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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

Instead of using Gems, you can focus on gathering Crystals and Keys, mostly from events and campaign progression rewards. The trick is to never ever pull with less than 10 Crystals or Keys at a time since 10x summons give you a guaranteed Epic or Uncommon character/item, depending on the type of Crystal/Key that you use.

Ultimate Crystals and Keys are the only summoning resource that can only be used for single summons. This is fine because they are guaranteed to pull an Epic or better hero or item.

3. Silver, Salvage, Skill Books, and Hero Experience

Hero upgrade materials follow one rule in Crystalborne: HoF – they are used in outrageous amounts. While it might seem like you’re swimming in Silver and Hero Experience to begin with, this quickly changes once you are asked to spend more than 1 million Silver per skill upgrade or just shy of 100,000 Hero XP per level up.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

Silver is, in fact, the most daunting progression wall that most players encounter in this game. If farming Silver is your goal, you can do so in a few ways:

  • Selling gear you don’t need, although this will only give you enough Silver for pocket change compared to the amounts used by your heroes.
  • Farming campaign stages. The highest stage you can clear is always the most advantageous from this perspective.
  • Clearing bounty missions. Conquest bounties for Silver are the most generous, but you need Light and Dark heroes to participate in them, which most people don’t have early in the game. Alternatively, you can clear daily bounties for Silver, but since you only have 5 daily bounty attempts per day, you’ll sometimes have to split them between Silver and Infusion materials. As a general rule, though, we recommend you go with Silver just because you will need sheer amounts of it to level up your main team alone.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

Salvage and Hero XP are used to level up gear and characters, respectively. Focus on getting them from campaign stages, rather than wasting Bounty Energy or daily bounty attempts to farm them. Although you’ll need plenty of both these resources, the requirements per upgrade are much more manageable than in the case of Silver.

The same goes for Skill Books, most of which you’ll get from first-time clear rewards in the Campaign. However, the further you progress in the game, the slower your progress will become and the fewer resources you’ll be able to gather from the main storyline. If you find yourself stuck behind a progression wall, don’t forget to check out our daily to-do checklist for optimal resource gains.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on PC – The Beginner’s Resources Guide

This is why it is absolutely essential to decide on the heroes you are most likely to use on your core team very early in the game. Upgrading characters that you will replace later on will cost you weeks of progression, which can’t be a fun prospect for anyone. The sooner you decide on a core team, the sooner you can start investing your resources and speed up your progression. Especially as an F2P player, though, you’ll want to consider this choice carefully. As Bob Ross would put it, you have to make these big decisions!

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