What do you get when you cross traditional tower defense gameplay, with history and mythology? Well, if you guessed D-Men: The Defenders, you’re right! This game offers classic tower defense elements, but with many different characters to unlock and upgrade, including famous historical and mythological heroes like Thor, Eris, Blackbeard, Rameses II, Cleopatra, Billy the Kid, King Tut, and many, many more. But don’t get us wrong, while the game has characters based on ancient heroes in our world, it’s pretty much completely fantasy as these characters rain destruction on the battlefield with their impressive skills and powers.

If you’ve already played other mobile TD games in the past, then you’ll probably be familiar with D-Men: The Defenders. The objective, as usual, is to deploy your characters along several paths and prevent the hordes of enemies from breaking through and reaching your base. This is pretty much self-explanatory. However, since the games often have several factors to set themselves apart from the rest, there’s a bit more to D-Men than meets the eye.

In this beginner’s guide, we’re going to explain all the elements of this tower defense game so that both newcomers and veterans alike can begin their journeys on the right track.

The Different Character Types

The very first thing you have to consider when deploying your characters in combat is their role. Your heroes in D-Men have very specific functions as determined by their type, which means that using them effectively isn’t as simple as setting them down and watching them fight the enemy. Instead, you have to look at their type in order to determine their strengths.

The three different unit types in D-Men are the following:

  1. Blaster: Deals moderate damage across a wide area with every basic attack.
  2. Crowd Control: Does the least amount of damage, but their attacks often come with added effects that can cripple the enemy, debuffs them, or slow them, among other helpful effects.
  3. Assaulter: Does the most damage, but only to single targets. Very effective against bosses and other strong enemies.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

With these distinctions in mind, we can find that a good team is composed of a balance of these character types, with an emphasis mostly on Blasters, followed by Assaulters, and at least one or two Crowd Control heroes. The latter type, though the least common, is especially important since some enemies can move too fast for your other heroes to destroy, and having a bit of CC can make it significantly easier to destroy them.

Character Positioning

Now that we know what each character type in D-Men can do, we need to also consider their positioning within the stage, as this will allow them to realize their full potential.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

Depending on the character’s role, you must position them correctly so that they can do their job. For instance, your Blasters should be among the most numerous heroes in your formation, and should be carefully positioned so that they can always be attacking the largest number of enemies. In this sense, placing them near crossroads or intersections is ideal. Moreover, Assaulters are more suited for dealing with stragglers or runaway bosses, and are better when hanging around the back of the path. If there’s a particularly strong boss, you could get away with placing one of these in the middle, and another in the back for good measure.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

Crowd Control characters, on the other hand, are better when they can affect enemies early on. For example, Gypsy can slow large groups of enemies with every attack, so it’s better if she can do it as early as possible so that your other characters can capitalize on the debuff. In this sense, these characters are often better near the front. However, you can also place them in the back of the lane when fighting against powerful bosses to debuff them throughout the entirety of the path.

Character Upgrading in Battle

Even with proper positioning, your characters in D-Men could often fall short against the toughest enemies. Luckily, you can easily power them up and boost their stats in the current level by spending coins, which is a resource used mostly for summoning characters on the field. However, you can also use it to upgrade existing characters and increase their damage output.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

Most of the time, it’s much better to summon another character to the field rather than upgrading an existing one. This is because the stat gains from upgrading are often minimal, compared to adding an extra pair of hands to help defend your lane. However, once all your positions are filled, you can continue powering up by spending excess coins. 

If you’re looking to upgrade, we recommend always starting with your Blasters, unless you have a powerful boss incoming, in which case you’d be better off upgrading your Assaulters.

Leveling Your Heroes

The upgrades you purchase in battle are short-lived and get removed as soon as you finish the level. However, you can permanently power up your characters by spending other resources in the hero menu. The resources required for leveling up your heroes are Spirit and Gold, both of which can be obtained by completing the main stages and by farming them with the AFK grinding system.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

Try to keep your characters upgraded to the limit as this will increase their base stats, making them deal much more damage in both PvE and PvP.

Resource Farming

However, if you’re going to upgrade your characters, you will need lots of resources. Luckily, D-Men: The Defenders, aside from being an awesome TD game, also borrows lots of elements from AFK titles. In this sense, one of the best ways to farm for resources is through the AFK grinding system which, as its name implies, is completely automated. 

As time passes, you will continuously generate more resources, even while offline. And to claim these materials, you simply need to go to the campaign menu and click on the “Get” button on the lower left. The amount of resources that your characters can farm per hour varies depending on your current progress. As you complete stages and move onto other chapters, your revenue will increase.

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

Keep in mind, however, that these AFK rewards cap out at 12 hours, after which your characters will stop grinding until you claim your materials. 

D-Men: The Defenders Beginner’s Guide on PC

And that’s all you need to know to get started in D-Men: The Defenders. We hope that this basic beginner’s guide helps you to begin on the right foot. Feel free to leave your own beginner tips and tricks in the comments below!