D-Men: The Defenders is a mobile tower defense where you must recruit historical and mythological characters and deploy them to the field to battle against waves of attacking enemies. The battles are often very chaotic, as you can have hundreds of enemies marching on the field at one time, and you’ll need to deploy the best heroes for the job if you wish to defend your lane against all attackers.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Even though D-Men is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to phone tower defense games, it still has its very own learning curve that you’ll need to master if you want to beat its toughest challenges. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of the best tips, tricks, and strategies for this game, so that you can learn its intricacies much faster and blaze through all its stages.

Reroll to get a Headstart

Despite being a tower defense game first and foremost, D-Men also has gacha mechanics in place when it comes to summoning new characters. In this sense, you’ll need to constantly farm resources and currency, and use them to summon new heroes from a randomized system. Sadly, this means that you’ll never know what you’re going to get, and you’ll often spend countless days trying to pull for that one character you’ve always wanted.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

However, this doesn’t have to be the case as you could just simply reroll in order to unlock the best characters from the very beginning. In other words, you can start from the beginning, advance until the point where you get your first summoning, and restart the game if you’re not satisfied with the results. You can do this as many times as you want until you get the characters you’re looking for.

Check out our BlueStacks tools guide for D-Men to learn how to use our emulator to speed up rerolling when playing it on PC.

Claim Your Idle Rewards Twice a Day

Despite being mostly a tower defense game, D-Men also has some idle elements in place to help you grind even while you’re offline. Namely, the idle grinding system allows you to farm important resources at any given moment. The materials you can gain from this system are mostly Gold and Spirit, though you can also score a few extra goodies like advance stones, and hero exp, among others.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

These idle rewards cap out at 12 hours, though, so you need to claim them frequently to prevent overcapping, since your characters stop grinding if your rewards are maxed out. If you won’t have enough time to claim them, such as when you need to run errands, you can use the BlueStacks Macro Recorder and create a macro that will claim the idle rewards several times a day. Just activate the macro and feel free to leave the emulator running while it picks up your rewards while you’re gone.

Upgrade Heroes to Increase Stats and Unlock Skills

One of the most important aspects of enhancing your characters in D-Men is increasing their level. This is because it not only increases their main stats, but it also gives them access to better skills and passives. 

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

All heroes start with their main skill at level 1, and then unlock their second ability at level 11, and will continue learning more of these as they continue leveling up. These skills are often game-changers as they can unlock the true potential of your characters. For instance, Newton can learn a passive skill at level 11 that gives him a chance to deal additional AoE damage with every basic attack, which can significantly increase his effectiveness.

Like Newton, all characters can unlock great skills when they level up. Keep in mind, however, that the number of skills they learn is dependent on their rarity, with characters of higher rarity being able to learn more of these; up to 3 for Legendary characters.

Blasters for Crowds; Assaulters for Bosses

Knowing how to use every type of character is pivotal to your success in D-Men, particularly since every role has its purpose. In this sense, you can’t deploy a team of Crowd Control characters and expect them to do well.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

In order to win, you need to strike a proper balance of Assaulters and Blasters, but also have the flexibility to adapt when the situation demands it. To this end, keep in mind that the former is good only for dealing with stronger individual enemies, while the latter is ideal for the crowds of weaker enemies. 

Most of the time, you’ll need mostly Blasters, but always keep an Assaulter or two on the bench in case you need to burst an enemy down.

Use Your Special Skills Wisely

While you’ll be relying mostly on basic attacks to clear stages, there will be times when the enemies prove far too numerous or powerful to deal with, which is where the special skills come into play. These skills are your units’ strongest attacks, and can often deal with the strongest enemies in a few seconds. For some heroes, however, these skills are extra important since they can interrupt certain enemies and prevent them from summoning more monsters.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

In order to use your heroes’ skills, you must use mana, a resource that regenerates with every monster that you kill. You can check the cost of every skill by looking at the character’s portrait. Keep in mind, however, that, aside from their mana cost, these skills also have a cooldown period, which means that you can’t spam then even if you have lots of resources pooled up.

Complete all Stages With 3 Stars

This tip is more of a freebie since you should always be trying to complete your stages with the best rating, anyway. Regardless, some of the best rewards in the game are obtained from the special chests in every chapter, which can only be unlocked when you collect enough stars.

D-Men: The Defenders - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

These special rewards often include diamonds, advance stones, spirit, gold, and even new heroes. Because of this, it’s ALWAYS worth going out of your way to 3-star every level.

Do you have any other useful tips and tricks for D-Men: The Defenders? Please leave them in the comments below to help your fellow gamers!