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Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

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Eyougame’s new release Dark Domain builds on a familiar mobile MMORPG recipe, but it is also unique in that it brings together tens of different character improvement and customization options. Gear is by far the most potent way to improve your CP, but when you add up all the bonuses your character gets from different companions, the total comes in a close second.

Mounts are a common sight in MMORPGs and so are pets, but Dark Domain adds a battle spirit and a wings system to the bunch. In addition, unlike with other games, these companions are not just cute. They actually help out in combat.

Unlock Powerful Mounts

The mount is the earliest companion to join your quest in Dark Domain. Initially a Flaming Steed, you can upgrade this trusty horse to a ram, wolf, unicorn, and even a robot, whale, or phoenix. Doing so gives your mount new abilities, but also takes a lot of work.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

There are four different ways to upgrade your mount:

  • Using mount souls to increase the grade. Your mount has a basic EXP bar displayed on the mount screen. With every five mount souls you obtain and use, 50 EXP is added to the meter. Once the meter is filled, the mount gains a star. You need 1 star for the first grade upgrade and an additional 1 star per grade moving forward, up to 12 stars for Grade 12. The higher the mount Grade, the more abilities it unlocks.
  • Using mount essences to increase the stats. Your mount grants abilities to use in combat, but also boosts your stats. You can increase three of the stat improvements, including the HP (50 times), DEF (15 times), and ATK (5 times). Special mount essences are used in the process.
  • Equipping your mount with gear. Four basic gear slots are unlocked once you hit level 180 on your character, while the additional four slots become available once your mount reaches higher grades. You can equip your mount with special gear and upgrade this gear by disassembling duplicates or weaker items.
  • Using new skins in transmogrification. New mounts become available with various in-game events. While these cosmetic skins do not add much in the way of CP, some of them are simply delightful to look at.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Mount souls, essences, and gear can drop from world mobs and bosses, but are most frequently found in the daily Mount Dungeon.

Obtain the Cutest Pets

In terms of upgrade mechanics, pets are very similar to mounts. You get your first pet a bit later in the game, but although they use different resources and they grant unique combat abilities, the upgrading process is more or less the same.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

The four basic ways to upgrade your pet are:

  • Using pet souls to increase the grade. Just like with mounts, a soul provides 50 EXP, while the meter for each star can range from 250 to 5,000+ EXP. Grade 12 is as far as you can take your pet and you unlock a new ability once every couple of upgrades.
  • Using pet essences to increase the stats. Similarly to mount essences, pet essences can be used to improve your HP, DEF, and ATK stats. Each stat improvement requires a specific type of essence.
  • Equipping your pet with gear. Four gear slots are unlocked when your character hits level 230, while the remaining 4 slots become available as the grade of your pet increases. Pets use dedicated gear, which can be improved by sacrificing duplicate or lower quality items.
  • Using new transmogrification skins. Even more so than with mounts, there are a whole bunch of adorable pet skins to be obtained through in-game events. They even boost your CP and stats for a bit.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Pet souls, essences, and gear can be found on world mobs and dungeon bosses, but are more commonly obtained from the daily Pet Dungeon.

The EXP Elf appears in a category of its own under the “Pet” tab. When equipped, it increases your EXP gain by 50%, but in order to have it on, you must purchase it once every 30 days with either Bound or Unbound Diamonds.

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Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Enlist Capable Battle Spirits

Once you complete your first Class Switch, a battle spirit – something like a pet – will join your cause. Once every few seconds, you can call on this spirit to cast an ability in combat, usually dealing damage to your enemies. Enhancing the spirit’s grade works similarly to mount and pet mechanics, but the gear system is replaced by talents.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Here’s how upgrading works for your battle spirit:

  • You increase the grade with spirit souls. The battle spirit’s grade functions identically to that of the mount and pet. The maximum grade is 12 and every couple of grades grants you a new ability.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

  • You increase the stats with spirit essences. Although different resources are used, these upgrades focus on the same three stats: HP, DEF, and ATK.
  • You can equip your spirit with talents. Four talent slots are available to begin with and an additional 6 can be unlocked as you advance the grade of your spirit. Once a day, you can generate a talent for free or you can obtain more talents from the Spirit Dungeon. To upgrade a talent, you must dismantle duplicates or lower level talents to obtain enough talent souls.
  • You can transmogrify your spirit for new abilities and a different look. The look of your battle spirit changes with every grade advancement, but if you want something truly special, transmogrification skins can do the trick. These skins, purchased with Dwarf Shop points or obtained during events, are both cosmetic and useful because each one comes with its own 3 extra abilities.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Much like mount and pet materials, spirit souls, essences, and talent books can be found throughout the world, but are generally farmed in the daily Spirit Dungeon.

Develop Your Wings

Although they are not technically a pet, wings are very similar to the other companions described here. They are also upgraded using wing souls and essences and, believe it or not, they, too, can wear special gear. To be honest, although they can boost your CP by a significant amount, their biggest buff has to do with how cool they look on your character. Check them out!

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

To develop your wings, you can do the following:

  • Increase the grade with wing souls. Nothing new here. Each grade changes the appearance of your character’s wings and requires additional 50 EXP souls to enhance.
  • Increase the stats with wing essences. Your character’s HP, DEF, and ATK stats can be boosted using the appropriate wing essences.
  • Equip better gear for wings. The first four wing gear slots are unlocked once your character reaches level 260. The remaining four slots become available as you further develop the grade of your wings.
  • Get cool new skins. Transmogrification options for your character’s wings are truly diverse. You can put pretty much anything on your back – from better looking wings to a giant ice-cream cone, the cutest bunny sleeping on a moon, a lyre, and other crazy things. Each of these comes with new abilities to boot.

Dark Domain: Collect Mounts, Pets, and More

Unlike with mounts, pets, and battle spirits, there isn’t a dedicated daily dungeon for wings. Instead, you can obtain wing souls, essences, and gear from world mobs and bosses, as well as most dungeons and the Lil. Realm. Wing transmogrification skins are mostly obtained through events and daily top-ups.

Whew! That’s a lot of companions for one character. Equipped with a mount, pet, spirit, and a gorgeous set of wings, you are now ready to beat every dungeon the game throws at you. All these accessories increase your CP with every upgrade and, even though they take a bit of time to get to Grade 12, the fact that they constantly change into prettier versions kind of makes up for the long wait.

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