Dark Domain: Upgrade Your Gear and Artifact for the Ultimate CP Boosts

Dark Domain: Upgrade Your Gear and Artifact...

There are more than a dozen ways to increase your character’s CP in Dark Domain, but the most potent is by far the gear. In addition, you can augment your power with a special, class-unique artifact that gives your weapon a new look and drastically increases your CP.

However, the process is not as simple as killing mobs and looting stuff. While it may be easy enough to equip a full Grade 1 set, things get increasingly complicated as you progress through higher Grades and better quality items. We break it all down in the article below.

How to Get and Upgrade Your Gear

Random mobs in the world of Dark Domain do drop pieces of gear, but these are negligible items you’ll most likely throw into the furnace for CP. As soon as you hit level 150, you’ll start looking for Ultimate Gear, which you can only obtain from Raid Bosses or the Raid Shop.

Gear is valued on two separate scales – the Grade and the Quality. Grade ranges from 1 to 12 (extremely rare), while Quality can be Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, and Pink, in that order. Once you have a decent set of Orange Grade 5 gear, you can start investing in improvements. But there are actually a lot of separate ways to upgrade your gear. These include:

  • Enhancing items. This is the most basic upgrade for your gear in Dark Domain. All it takes to enhance an item is gold, but as the level goes higher, so does the amount you need to spend. The maximum enhancement level is dictated by the Grade of the item you’re currently wearing, but the upgrades are actually made to the item slot and not the item itself. This means that you can switch items at any time without losing your enhancement.

  • Rarifying items. Each item has several stat improvements, depending on its Quality. An orange piece of gear, for example, can usually boost no more than 3 stats. When you acquire an item, however, its stat improvement slots might be empty. You can fill them up with the desired stat by sacrificing a lower quality item with the right stat and a bit of gold.

  • Embedding gems. Like gear enhancement, gems are embedded to a particular item slot. The number of gems you can embed depends on the Grade of the item you currently have equipped, but also on your (non-)VIP status. Each gear slot can only be embedded with specific gems, while 3 gems of the same type and quality can be forged into a higher quality gem. Gems can be obtained in Glory Wars, but also purchased with Bound Diamonds and rarely looted from dungeon mobs.

How to Get and Upgrade Your Artifact

Each class has a unique artifact that greatly boosts a character’s CP and replaces their weapon’s look. The only way to obtain the artifact, however, is by topping up with Unbound Diamonds for real currency. The artifact and a unique pet are given to you as a gift following your first top-up, regardless of how little you spend. In other words, you can get the weapon for as little as $2.

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Once you have the artifact, you can upgrade it in three different ways:

  • Using artifact souls to increase the grade. Artifact souls can be common, superior, or ultimate and will fill up the artifact grade meter by set amounts. Once the meter is full, the artifact gains 1 star and is upgraded to Grade 2. Two stars are then necessary for the next upgrade and this continues all the way to Grade 12. You can acquire artifact souls from the Dwarf Shop (1 free spin per day) or by purchasing further diamond top-ups.
  • Using artifact crystals to increase the stats. Three stats on the Artifact weapon can be increased using specific crystals – Anti-crit (50 times), Crit (25 times), and ATK (10 times). Artifact crystals can be obtained from the Dwarf Shop or from subsequent diamond top-ups.
  • Through transmogrification. During the course of various events, you can collect fragments for different artifact transmogrifications. These not only change the appearance of the artifact, but also further increase its stats.

How to Forge Better Gear

Once you start looking for Red Grade 6 gear and above, you’ll notice that it’s a lot more difficult to obtain such items from bosses. In addition, if you’re an F2P player, you only get 3 shots at a boss per day and this makes it highly unlikely that the right gear will drop for you. Given the circumstances, the most reliable way to obtain better gear is through the forging system.

Under the “Red Gear” tab of the Forge screen, you can combine 4 piece of Orange Grade 6+ gear for a 100% chance to get one Red Grade 6+ item of your choice. You can obtain suitable Orange gear pieces both from daily raid runs and from the Lil. Realm boss. Because the success chance jumps from 27%, with 3 pieces of Orange gear, to 100%, with 4, it’s never worth forging with fewer than 4 Orange items.

In addition, under the “Forge” tab, you can further improve Red items by sacrificing duplicate or lower quality Red gear. You can upgrade each item a total of 3 times for massive CP boosts. Finally, Pink gear can be forged from fully upgraded Red gear, but this also requires the use of Colorful gems, which can be procured from the Dwarf Shop or certain daily events.

The Costume System

No self-respecting MMORPG skips on costumes and Dark Domain makes no exception. Under the costume tab on your character screen, you’ll find the following customization options:

  • Shirts, which refers to the costume proper.
  • Weapons, which can change the look of your weapon/artifact.
  • Footprint, which adds special effects to the way your character walks.
  • Avatar Frame and Chat Bubble, which add a unique look to your avatar and chat bubbles, respectively.

Some of the above are obtained when you purchase VIP memberships, while others become available with events. All costumes in Dark Domain have a cosmetic effect, but also boost your CP and stats. For instance, to get a quick boost to your character power, you can get married to another player’s character and equip the “Vow of Love” costume, which you receive for free.

Crazy as it may seem, everything you’ve just read about in this BlueStacks guide to gear improvement is just a small part of character development in Dark Domain. Powerful companions are another way to considerably enhance your CP and tens of other small boosts await your discovery in this complex MMORPG.

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