Most of your character’s activity in Dark Domain happens on Auto, so progression in this mobile MMORPG is not so much a problem of how to defeat opponents as it is a matter of how to get to them. There are more than a dozen dungeons and bosses scattered across the world, which you should ideally kill on a daily basis to ensure the optimal progression of your hero.

In most cases, the game won’t let you take part in an event, dungeon, or raid if your CP is too low to defeat the bosses on Auto. If you can get in, you don’t have to worry about whether you can finish the task. Below, you’ll find a checklist of things you can and should get your character to do once you log on.

Clear Daily Utility Dungeons

The majority of dungeons and bosses in Dark Domain serve some kind of utility purpose. Every day, you can take part in the following events for various resources:

The EXP dungeon. As its name suggests, this dungeon helps your character gain additional levels. You can complete this dungeon twice a day and should prioritize it over others simply because EXP is very hard to come by once the 20 daily quests are completed. With an EXP elf and an EXP potion equipped, you can get a good 10 levels out of this activity per day.

The Gold dungeon. Also available twice a day for non-VIP members, the gold dungeon will give you upwards of 100k gold per run. If your character is on Auto, don’t forget to manually target the little “gnome” thieves for extra rewards. They escape just a few seconds after spawning, so the AI rarely gets them on its own.

The Spirit dungeon. Available once per day, the spirit dungeon pits you up against 5 spirit bosses and a couple dozen adds that you can defeat for spirit upgrade materials and talents. The AI is more than capable of handling this event on its own.

The Pet dungeon. Once per day, you (or your character on Auto) can protect an NPC from a cascade of mobs in the pet dungeon. The rewards include pet souls, essences, pieces of gear, and transmogrification fragments. Additional runs can be unlocked using Purify tickets.

The Mount dungeon. Also completed only once per day, the mount dungeon is a straightforward “kill everything” kind of affair. The rewards include mount souls, essences, and gear.

The Rune tower. Organized across 120 levels of increasing difficulty, the rune tower grants runes, gold, and EXP for each defeated wave of mobs. The higher your CP, the more you’ll be able to climb on this ladder.

The Maze quest. Once per day, the maze quest puts your character on a board with tiles and gives you 11 dice throws to get across the board. Once every couple of throws, your character must complete a challenge in order to continue. You can do these challenges manually or you can spend Bound Diamonds to complete them automatically. If you need extra throws to get to the big chest at the end, you can purchase them for 30 Bound Diamonds each. Rewards include purify stones and locks that you can then use to improve the stats on your equipment.

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The Escort quests. This activity is reminiscent of the good old days of Silkroad. Three times per day, you can escort a caravan from the capital city to a nearby village for decent gold and EXP rewards. You can also choose the “pirate” role and attempt to intercept other caravans, but it’s actually pretty rare that you’ll see one passing by. A few times per day, a C.S. (cross-server) event takes place that doubles the rewards you obtain from these quests.

Enter the Lil. Realm

The Lil. Realm is a small area that spawns waves of mobs and, if enough of these are killed, a lootable boss. Unlike all the other dungeons or raids in the game, your character can complete Lil. Realm up to 20 times per day, which makes it a significantly more reliable source of gear and materials.

While in this area, your character has access to all of the following:

  • Decent EXP from killing mobs and the boss.
  • Some gold.
  • Upgrade materials for pets, mounts, spirits, and wings.
  • Roses.
  • Red gear (very rare).
  • Orange gear (a good amount).

Each run through Lil. Realm takes no more than 3 minutes and your character can clear the instance on Auto, then repeat. Although Red gear is very rare here, a piece of Orange gear usually drops per boss kill and you can use four of these items to forge a Red quality item yourself.

Raid for Ultimate Gear

Raids in Dark Realm are fairly straightforward and can be completed without any other players. Three basic options for raiding are available, as follows:

Daily Boss Raids. Each day, your character is allowed to kill 3 bosses for a chance at ultimate Red gear. You should always choose the highest level bosses that your CP affords because rewards are also better as you go further up the ladder. A piece of Red gear is the best reward you can get from each of these kills, but you’ll usually also loot some EXP, gold, and companion upgrade materials.

Boss Hall Raids. The boss hall is an instance split across 5 floors with 6 bosses each. This instance is shared with other players and, unlike in the case of daily boss raids, others can attack you for the last hit on the boss. The person who gets the last hit earns additional rewards for themselves and for their guild, but, unfortunately, this means you’ll get killed on almost every boss if you’re not the max level there. The boss hall can be accessed for free by VIP 4 players, but requires an Aging Ticket (fairly rare) otherwise.

Personal Boss Raids. This instance is exclusively open to VIP players. It essentially houses the same bosses as the Boss Hall Raids, but without other players to steal your loot. You can down the bosses here a limited number of times per day, depending on your VIP level.

Participate in C.S. and World Boss Fights

C.S. (cross-realm) bosses and world bosses are open to all players a few times each day, at pre-determined hours. They are significantly more difficult to beat than other in-game opponents and, although they can technically be soloed by a high CP character, you’ll usually need the help of others to kill them before the timer runs out.

These instances are not entirely co-op, however. Players compete for the last hit on the boss (better loot) and will, as such, attack one another once the boss is on low health. In addition, a chest will drop in the arena once the boss is slain and only one player can access its contents.

This completes the rundown of things to do once you log on Dark Domain. Even if the game runs on Auto, it all adds up to quite a bit of work, which is a good thing if you’re looking to waste a bit of time, sit back, and relax. If you want to get rid of your daily assignments as quickly as possible, play Dark Domain on your PC using BlueStacks. Nobody at the office has to know that your hero is battling the world in the background.

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