There’s always so much to do in Dark Domain that you might forget about the social aspects of this new MMORPG. Between daily utility dungeons, raids, farming, quests, gear upgrades, and everything else that you can do on your own, there’s hardly any time to just sit and chat.

Still, there are a couple of social features in Dark Domain that are worth exploring, mainly because they can significantly enhance your character and gameplay. These are the guild and the marriage systems, both of which you can read all about below.

Choose and Join a Suitable Guild

Very early in the game, the AI will invite you to find and join a suitable guild. To do so, you’ll be asked to consult a list of potential guilds on your server, choose your favorites, and send in applications.

Some guilds review requests from new players, while others are free-for-all. If you apply to one of the latter, you’ll join straight away without any additional confirmations. A message about your arrival will pop up in the guild chat and the guild screen will become available for you.

Once you’re all settled in, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a guildie.

Raid with your guildmates. As we’ve already mentioned in our article about dungeons, raids, and world bosses, most of the instances in Dark Domain can be soloed. In some cases, though, such as, for example, those of the bosses in the Boss Hall, multiple players can compete for the last shot and a chance at more loot.

This can actually be pretty annoying when you’re not the highest level or the best CP in the room. To avoid perpetual deaths that occur right before the bosses are downed, you can bring a couple of guildmates with you and fight off the other players together. You don’t even have to worry about damaging your own team with AoE abilities. Only players from other guilds can be targeted.

Enjoy guild perks and rewards. On the guild screen, a tab called “Mantra” on the right-hand side takes you to your “guild skills.” These are ways you can improve your character by spending guild scrolls, which you can obtain from guild activities. Provided that you complete a few guild dailies every time you log on, guild scrolls are fairly easy to obtain. Using them, you can enhance anything from ATK and DEF to Hit, Dodge, Crit, and Anti-Crit.

At the same time, under the “Info” tab, you’ll find a “Daily Check-in” menu where you can claim more guild scrolls, as well as Offline Botting cards, treasure maps, and other rewards. You gain access to more rewards by doing more guild-related activities each day.

Develop the guild through teamwork. In the “Tech Hall” tab on the guild screen, you’ll find several buildings that your guild presumably owns. These include the guild HQ, houses, a library, an altar, and a few others. All of the latter can be improved to the benefit of all members of the guild. The library, for example, can increase the EXP granted to guild members during dungeons, while the altar can increase the chance that rare gear will drop during raids.

To upgrade these buildings, a member with the appropriate level of authority must set up an upgrade quest. These quests typically last for up to a week and consist of filling up a generous points meter through the contribution of all members.

Find the Right Partner and Get Married

Unlocked slightly later in the game (as soon as your character hits level 180), the marriage system is a great way to celebrate a relationship or to make new friends. To help you out in case you’re single or your partner does not play Dark Domain, a “notice board” features other single characters looking for a marriage partner. However, you’ll find that this announcement platform is usually empty.

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As such, you actually have to take the time to meet someone, talk for a bit, see if your respective playing schedules match, and then consider the big step. On the one hand, this can be slightly inconvenient, but, on the other hand, it actually makes the whole thing a little more personal. Since marriage is at stake, that’s kind of the point. If nothing else, this system compels you to interact with others, which is a plus.

Trade flowers and PMs. Once you find a suitable partner, you must meet a few requirements as a couple in order to get married. For one, both of your characters must be at least level 180. In addition, the intimacy level of your relationship must be 520 or higher. To get to this score, you must give enough flowers to one another, at a rate of 1 point per rose. In case you don’t have enough flowers from adventuring, you can buy more with Bound Diamonds from the in-game shop.

Organize the wedding ceremony. If your relationship meets all the requirements, there’s only one thing left to do. While both players are in a party, you have to travel to the Main City, find the “Goddess of Love” NPC, and schedule the wedding. If both players agree, the person who initiates the wedding can select the type of celebration they want to have.

The possible options range from a wedding paid in gold (the cheapest) to a wedding worth approximately 1300 Bound Diamonds (mediocre) and a grand event for 9999 Bound Diamonds. The only significant advantage of getting the latter (aside from vanity, of course) is the fact that both players get to keep their wedding costumes for considerable CP boosts.

Once the wedding is scheduled, an announcement is made on the server chat to invite all other players to be present at the right time. Don’t forget to be there yourself to enjoy the festivities, get drunk, and gain some free EXP to boot!

Perform couple activities. What kind of activities do we mean? Unfortunately, it only gets as steamy as completing a couple’s dungeon together on a daily basis. To gain a few additional resources that can be used to improve your marriage score and ring, you can also take a daily quiz together. During the quiz, you are both asked the same 10 questions. Whenever you choose the same answer, your score improves by 10% and so do your rewards.

Upgrade your rings. Perhaps the most significant advantage of being married in Dark Domain is the wedding ring, which offers a decent CP boost. To increase its stats and its overall quality, you can upgrade it using flowers and engrave it using relationship points. Flowers are obtained from daily couple activities, while marriage points are earned through flower exchanges and doing things together in-game.

All in all, you don’t have to interact with other players in Dark Domain, but doing so can improve your character considerably. Whether you join a guild to raid together and unlock skill buffs or whether you look for your in-game soulmate and enjoy a potent new piece of gear together, there are aspects of this MMORPG that invite players to socialize and work together.

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