In Eyougame’s latest MMORPG Dark Domain, more than ten different customization options contribute to your character’s total power; and it all starts with the class you choose to play. Although you can eventually access all classes, it takes intense farming and a strong commitment to reach the end game with one character alone. As such, you’ll want to make sure that the class you pick from the get-go is the one that best suits your playstyle.

Yet there isn’t much information to go on when it comes to making this decision, not in-game, at least. That’s why we’ve put together this BlueStacks guide to the four possible classes of Dark Domain, as well as the some of the basic character progression mechanics, including the Class Switch.

The Mage

High burst damage and crowd control abilities are the hallmark of mages in Dark Domain. Although their defense stats are not as impressive as those of other classes, their skills focus on dishing out massive AoE damage in order to make up for their lack of tankiness. In addition, several of their skills disable or stun multiple enemies at a time, which makes them perfect for team dungeons.

A mage’s primary skills include:

  • Ice Storm – a frontal AoE with decent damage.
  • Deformation – a CC and damaging ability that targets enemies in a frontal cone area.
  • Doom – a frontal AoE ability with high damage.
  • Flicker – a gap-closing ability that blinks the mage to the nearest targets and deals AoE damage.
  • Arcane Call – a CC and AoE ability that damages and knocks out all surrounding enemies.

The Warrior

The warrior is perhaps the most balanced class in the game, as well as the easiest to level while playing solo. They are fairly tanky, which means their survivability is impressive even when they are not assisted by other party members. They are also capable of decent damage so that grinding for XP is reasonably fast. When playing in a team, they usually fulfill the tank role, but they can also stand in for a damage dealer.

The warrior’s abilities are:

  • Ghost Windmill – an AoE targeting all surrounding enemies.
  • Earthquake Strike – a gap-closing ability that throws the warrior forward to deal damage and stun present enemies.
  • Sword Aura – an AoE ability targeting surrounding enemies.
  • Death Grip – a high damage ability that also pulls one enemy closer.
  • Demon Burst – a high damage ability that knocks up all surrounding enemies.

The Ranger

The ranger has the longest attack range in Dark Domain. Like the mage, they lack in defensive stats, but they excel in terms of AoE damage. They feature fewer CC abilities, but they have more damage potential. They are not ideal for solo encounters, but they make fantastic additions to any team dungeon.

The ranger’s skills include:

  • Hail of Arrows – a high damage, frontal AoE.
  • Ecstasy Trap – one of the few defensive abilities of the ranger, this trap damages and stuns enemies caught in it.
  • Charging Arrow – a frontal AoE and damage over time ability.
  • Jump Back – a disengage ability that damages enemies surrounding the ranger, then removes the latter from the fray.
  • Barrage Shoot – a massive damage, frontal AoE attack.

The Assassin

If PvP is your preferred MMORPG game mode, the assassin is the perfect class for you. Like the warrior, she relies on melee attacks, but unlike the latter, her single-target damage is much more significant and her mobility is equally impressive. The assassin is certainly not as sturdy as the warrior, but her stun potential more than makes up for this shortcoming.

The assassin’s primary abilities are:

  • Flywheel – a decent damage, frontal AoE attack.
  • Lash – a damage and stun ability that effects nearby enemies.
  • Meteor – a single-target attack for massive damage.
  • Void Step – a single-target attack that deals massive damage and closes the gap between the assassin and her enemy.
  • Shadow Pile – an AoE attack that targets nearby enemies and knocks them up.

Character Skills and Titles

Most character skills become available within the first hour of gameplay, before you hit level 100 on your hero. Once unlocked, each ability can be further upgraded using coins. This increases its damage and the duration of its effects, but also boosts the character’s CP by a slight amount.

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A more considerable CP boost comes from the character’s title, which ranges from a number of Soldier ranks to Veteran, Knight, and more. You can access the title in the Medal screen and you can upgrade it based on your character’s CP. The higher the CP, the higher the title and the bigger the boost.

Class Switches

Aside from gear, the primary mechanic for character progression in Dark Domain is the Class Switch. Contrary to what the name might suggest, this does not imply a switch between the four main classes, but rather an upgrade of your character’s class.

For instance, a mage will switch to a blood mage, a dream mage, and an additional 2 upgrades before reaching Peak Awakening. Each switch comes in 3 different stages, which are unlocked based on your character’s level and CP. Once a stage is available for completion, the required quests are fairly straightforward – kill a few mobs. Only stage 3 is significantly more difficult because it asks you to defeat a boss within a limited amount of time. While survival will not necessarily be an issue here, you might have to improve your character’s CP pool to help them dish out enough damage to meet the timer.

Each class features its unique upgrades and the latter do more than just improve your CP. On the first Switch, for example, your character unlocks the power to summon another companion – the spirit – to assist them in battle. Additional abilities and gear/rune slots become available as you make your way to the Peak Awakening.

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