Dark Exile is a relatively simple game that essentially runs itself. Casual players will be able to enjoy the game without diving too much into the specifics, but those who want to experience competing against the cream of the crop will need more information than what’s given to you throughout the game. This beginner’s guide aims to explain some of the game mechanics that aren’t explained too clearly so that players have the option to choose when or how they want to play.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

Mobile MMORPGs are often filled with a mountain of tabs and buttons to compensate for the small screen and limitations that come with playing on a mobile phone. This often makes playing games like these very confusing, so people often don’t know which tabs are safe to open without being redirected to microtransaction baits. Despite the fact that majority of those buttons are promotions and sales, there are actually some buttons that players need to use to progress through the game.

Importance of BP

Battle Power or BP is the main value that players need to be paying attention to. It basically determines how strong your character is by calculating your current character’s total stats. The higher your BP, the stronger your character is, and in turn, the more stages, dungeons, and bosses you can attempt to fight. BP goes up in a variety of ways such from leveling up, to upgrading gear, and using enhancements to increase specific stats that you have.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

The most important use of BP is in the PvP arena. A set of enemies that your character can challenge will be shown to you, so you’ll need to outmatch those opponent’s BPs to have the best chances of beating them. BP also counts towards the server Rankings. The most difficult players to catch up with are the ones who have started the game earlier than you, those who use VIP perks, or those rare combinations of both. 

Completing Stages

Stages are the main progression milestones. Every time a player completes 10 stages, the world difficulty will increase and become increasingly stronger. On the flip side, it will reward the player with more experience and gold each time they kill a monster. Players need to clear a certain number of monster packs before they can challenge a stage. Once a stage is completed, players will gain loot relative to the level of the world they are in, regardless of the level of the player’s characters.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

Players must always be clearing stages otherwise they’ll fall behind progression. If a player gets stuck on a particular level for too long, they are wasting experience and gold that would otherwise help them rise through the ranks faster. Eventually, monsters at a specific stage won’t give relevant rewards and players won’t be able to defeat bosses or dungeons that are appropriate to their current level. This overall makes the game less challenging and eventually too boring to even continue.

Challenging Bosses & Dungeons

Bosses and Dungeons are the highlight of Dark Exile. This is where the strongest monsters are found and so will truly test the ability of your characters to survive in a battle. Unlike Stages, Bosses and Dungeons aren’t required, but rather, recommended, because of the rewards that players get when they complete them successfully. Rewards include gold, experience, equipment, and even shards/gems that can be used to enhance your characters’ stuff.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

There are different types of bosses and dungeons. Group bosses are the easiest way to earn important loot, but they have very long spawn timers, so you need to make sure that you catch them while they’re alive. You should run through certain Dungeons depending on the type of main reward that you are looking for. These dungeons are often limited to one free entrance per day, but can be attempted an additional time as long as the player pays the entrance fee which uses diamonds, a premium currency.

Upgrading Equipment & Skills

Equipment and skills are the biggest factors that increase a character’s BP. Equipment is dropped by monsters or are given as rewards for completing a stage, boss, or dungeon. The level and rarity of the item is set upon drop and can’t be upgraded. The only way to upgrade equipment is by enhancement, which uses Seclusion Crystals that you can acquire by smelting unneeded  equipment from your inventory.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

There is also different equipment such as Legendary Equipment, Wings, and Forces. All of these other things have different ways to upgrade or craft them. Yet another way to increase BP is by upgrading the character’s Skills. Skills are relatively expensive to upgrade until the player reaches the higher stages of the game where they won’t be needing to upgrade those skills as often. Beginners should simply prioritize trying to unlock all of the skills first, then upgrading all of them equally.

Leveling & APEX

Leveling is the most important part about playing Dark Exile. A player’s level unlocks even more different game modes and increases the character’s stats for each level they gain. The most common way to increase a character’s level is by clearing waves of monsters until the experience bar reaches 100%. Once a character has reached Level 80, you can attempt to increase that character’s Apex Level, which unlocks more slots for their equipment and gets them better gear.

Beginners Guide to Play Dark Exile on PC with BlueStacks

Once a character has reached Level 80, the game becomes more intriguing. Players can unlock a new character whenever they reach Level 80. By unlocking a new character, players can essentially double their BP. This is important when trying to climb the rankings; the amount of power you get after Level 80 is relatively minuscule.

Choosing the Right Class

There is really no right class to choose from in Dark Exile because players can use all three classes as long as they reach Level 80. The only differences that the classes have is the skills and aesthetics because playstyle doesn’t directly matter in this game; everything is auto-combat, after all. The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing a class that you identify with the most, so that you don’t have anything to regret by playing the game the way you want to.