Dungeons and Bosses in Dark Exile play a big part in progression and gearing. The biggest problem about dungeons and bosses in the game is that there are too many to keep track of,  which often leaves players confused. Introducing the basic dungeons and bosses will help players prioritize which game modes they need to clear, especially if they only play for short periods of time. Efficiency is key to climbing the top of the ladder and reaching rank 1 in no time.

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

Dark Exile is an MMORPG that really requires its players to spend a lot of time discovering all the crucial ways to help their characters get stronger. Players who want to increase their BP will want to enter and complete these dungeons, but if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to do that then you might want to consider reading our Fastest Way to Get BP Guide. There are different subcategories to bosses and dungeons, here are some of the most important ones:


Bosses are the most important monsters that players need to challenge in order to get their hands on gear and materials to upgrade their stuff. You can check out the in-game bosses on the BOSS tab, which includes a list of monsters that you can fight. The higher the boss level challenged, the better the rewards given to you upon completion. There are five types of bosses, but we’ll only talk about the two most important bosses on the list to help the player improve.

  1. Individual Bosses

Individual Bosses are arguably the highest hurdle in Dark Exile. Players are allowed to defeat an individual boss once per reset. Players may attempt to challenge the Individual Boss as many times as they want to, but only if they fail to complete the challenge. These bosses drop a hefty load of items and shards that can be used for upgrading gear, but are potentially too difficult to defeat if the player’s BP is equal to or lower than the challenged boss. 

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

The best part about Individual Bosses is that you don’t have to share the loot after defeating the boss with other players. The daily lockout makes challenging as many bosses as possible a requirement – even if it’s just a low-level boss – because players can still benefit by farming Legendary Items and disenchanting them for shards. 

  1. National Bosses

National Bosses are much easier to beat than Individual Bosses because players can fight the boss cooperatively; on the other hand, they are so much more difficult to enter because of the competition. Unlike Individual Bosses, you can defeat the same National Boss as many times as you’d like up to a maximum of 10 bosses per reset. The problem is that National Bosses go on cooldown once they are defeated and only the players that were present at the end after defeating the boss will get the rewards, even if you contributed damage.

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

Players will need to wait for each boss to respawn before they can challenge it. This can be tedious and annoying if you’re not actively playing the game. The higher the boss’ level, the longer the cooldown before the boss respawns again. High-level players like to spawn camp bosses because they contain gear that they need which implies that these bosses go down relatively fast compared to Individual Bosses.


  1. Material Instance

Material Instances are where players get important gems, shards, and souls. These materials are primarily used to enhance the power of equipment and items for a specific character. Players are given one free challenge per reset. One may attempt to do it additional times, but that costs Diamonds to enter.

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

Players must complete all of the Material Instances every day because of the limited number of entrances they are provided. Missing out on even one of these instances for an entire reset will mean wasting the opportunity to upgrade one of your important materials. Some of the instances require the play to reach a certain level, which is completely achievable as long as the player actively plays the game.

  1. Challenge Instance

Challenge Instances are Gold Dungeons, in short. These instances give the player a ton of Gold and Experience when defeated. Players can only defeat Challenge Instances once in the game because the game will direct them to the next stage once they have defeated the previous stage. The bosses in each succeeding instance becomes significantly harder to beat and will require the player to ramp up their BP.

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

The Main Quest will eventually require the player to defeat higher levels of Challenge Instances as it will reward them with additional Gold. Legendary Shards also drop in these instances after every three bosses. This is a good place to farm gold and experience if the player needs a quick source of income for upgrades.

  1. Arena

The Arena is where the players can get their dose of PvP content. Depending on the size of the server you are playing in, players will encounter different opponents of varying BP that they can challenge on auto-battles. The player has no control over the actions of their character directly but can influence the outcome depending on what they upgrade and which characters they have.

Dark Exile: An Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses

There are also different Arena game modes like the World PvP and Championship which also give the player rewards upon completion. The World PvP is still auto-battle but you can choose from a list which players who you want to gank. Fair warning: The Championship has a real wacky matchmaking system that can be frustrating when they often pair you against players that significantly outrank you in terms of BP.

  1. Event Dungeons

Event dungeons are the final type of Dungeon in Dark Exile. These dungeons only open during specific schedules weekly so players must keep track of the event calendar if they want to enter this game mode. Since Event Dungeons are uniform in schedule, there are times when these dungeons will open at inconvenient times but they are worth the trouble because of how fun they are to play! Besides the rewards given are extremely useful for upgrading your account even further.