The biggest challenge in Dark Exile is grasping the inherent competitiveness of the game because of the seemingly casual nature in which the game is designed. Most players like to play the game the latter manner and just leave it on idle mode for the majority of the time they open Dark Exile, without caring what happens as long as they know it’s running. For some people, it’s not enough to just have the game just running by itself because they want to achieve a lot more than that.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Dark Exile veterans have some advanced tips and tricks for players that have only just started playing the game that will surely help them progress faster. It’s time to take your gameplay to the next level and start trying out the more competitive aspects of this game to give you a deeper sense of fulfillment when it comes to playing MMORPGs. This idle adventure game offers a lot more than what most people have been settling for.

Enable Auto-Combat on Stages

Stages in Dark Exile are the most important part of the progression. Players might find it odd that the game only lets you battle waves of monsters when the difficulty decreases the longer you play the game. This is because the World difficulty depends on your account’s progress in the finishing stages. The more stages you finish, the higher the world level; this will increase the difficulty of the mobs spawning and give better drops in return.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Activating auto-combat decreases the amount of time spent between entering stages. However, there will be a time when your current character will not be able to beat the stage because of the discrepancy in BP. When that time comes, the player must upgrade their character first so that they can continue doing what they want to do.

Spawn Camp National Bosses

National bosses can be a bit frustrating to attempt because the good ones are always on cooldown. This is often because the stronger and most committed players enter these dungeons the moment they respawn. There isn’t any workaround if you want to farm these specific bosses, but the best way you can make sure that you get to fight those bosses is to set up an alarm on your phone or computer 10-20 seconds before the boss goes up.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Individual bosses are extremely difficult to farm, so National Bosses are where players go to farm their gear. To understand how it works, you might want to read up on our Introduction to Dungeons and Bosses so you’ll get a clearer idea of what these bosses offer. The game has a lot of other game modes, but the most difficult to clear are National Bosses because they have the best rewards.

Upgrade Your Characters at the Same Time

Once a player reaches Level 80 and Apex 4, they can unlock a new character that gets added to their party. These characters do not inherit the attributes, skill levels, equipment enhancements, or upgrades of your previous characters so they have to start from scratch. The good news is that they don’t lose out on levels and are always accompanied by your main characters so they’ll never end up getting beat up by random mobs.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Even though the new character is safe from being beat by current mobs, there is still a need to upgrade the new character to keep up pace with your current characters. If players leave the new character unupgraded, they become a burden to the party because they contribute little to no damage. It’s a good idea to stop, or at least minimize, spending gold and other resources on your main characters at that point so that your new character can catch up and become useful.

Play on the Most Recent Server

For players that want to enjoy the full features of the game while still keeping a fighting chance to compete at the Rankings, playing on the most recent server is an important first step to take. The same goes for players that have created an account weeks earlier: you might want to switch to a more recent server so that you don’t get left behind.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Older servers have more established players which makes it easier to actually keep up with the rankings because they are days, weeks, or even months ahead of you in terms of progress. There’s also the dilemma of joining a decent guild when the requirements to join one are extremely high. Servers that are 7 days old at most are the best servers to join because you still have a chance to catch up to the players.

Save Your Diamonds For Apex

The Apex Level is probably the most important feature that you need to increase in the game. When you have a high Apex Level, you’re more noticeable in the community and so that’s an easy way to push you up the standings. Although, increasing one’s Apex Level isn’t as easy as leveling up because of the high pre-requisites needed to upgrade it.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Apex Levels are upgraded either by sacrificing one of your Levels until you fall to Level 80, up to a maximum of five times per day, or by consuming Apex Potions which cost Diamonds. Diamonds are easily earned by completing various content in the game, but the easiest way is to spam stages to earn 10 Diamonds per stage. The fastest way to increase your Apex Level is by purchasing Legendary Apex Potions which cost 998 Diamonds per bottle.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is always the most recommended thing to do in any game because of the benefits a player gets simply by being a member. In Dark Exile, guilds offer a lot of new game modes that give great rewards when the guild finishes them together. You can also contribute some resources to the guild to benefit from the passive rewards that you get depending on the level of your guild.

BlueStacks’ Advanced Tips & Tricks for Dark Exile

Guilds in Dark Exile also help you coordinate doing content like National Bosses, which will help you greatly if you’re having trouble soloing a boss. As long as you establish a good relationship with the other players in your guild, you can expect to have a great time interacting with different people as you play.