Dark Exile can be quite competitive with players trying to increase their BP as fast as possible to climb up the Rankings quickly and leave their competition in the dust. Players with no idea how the BP system works might find themselves lacking the right tools to defeat bosses and progress through the game. Even though players may seem behind in terms of BP values, it’s actually not too difficult to catch up to eventually  play the game normally again.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

Aside from Leveling Up and acquiring strong gear from the loot system, there are several ways that players can increase their BP in record time. Some of the methods require that the player hit certain levels, but most of these can be done with just a little elbow grease. Remember that Dark Exile is a grinding game so there’s no instant way of getting a large amount of BP without putting in an hour of work or so defeating game modes to earn resources for your character.

Gear Upgrade

Upgrading gear is probably the easiest way to increase a character’s BP. Upgrading can be done on the Forging tab where players have four options for how they want to upgrade their gear: Enhancement, Gem, Inject, and Refinement. The easiest of the four is Enhancement because the resource needed to do this is relatively common to acquire. Upgrading gear is separate per character so you’ll need to redo the process once you hit Level 80 and Apex 4.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

Enhancement is the fastest method, but players still need to perform the other Gear Upgrades. To enhance gear, you’ll need to Smelt any extra gear that you have in your inventory. The higher the level and rarity of the item being smelted, the more Seclusion Crystals are rewarded to the player. One tip to keep in mind is to Quick Equip gear on your characters first so that you don’t end up accidentally smelting items that will help your character get stronger.

Unlocking Characters

Unlocking Characters is a method that gives a large boost of BP. Although, players need to wait until they’re at Level 80 and Apex 4 before they can unlock new characters. Characters are separate entities and don’t share any attributes, modifiers, upgrades, equipment, or skills. The only thing that Characters share are the Levels and Apex, so you don’t have to level a new character and go through clearing stages one by one again.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

A new character will have its own BP values. It’s recommended that a player dedicate all of their resources into upgrading a recently-unlocked character so that it doesn’t end up being a burden on your team later on. A character that’s behind in terms of BP compared to your mains will just end up being empty BP, meaning that it contributes very little to the fight. Your main character has enough upgrades to hold its own, so prioritize your newest characters.


Apex is the most difficult thing to upgrade, but it offers a huge boost in BP, especially if you have two or more characters. Apex is unlocked when the player reaches Level 80; they can be upgraded by either using Apex Potions or sacrificing a Level to be used as Apex experience. Players need to reach a certain Apex Experience before they can upgrade their Apex Level, so don’t assume that you’ll instantly be able to reach Apex 1 once you reach Level 80.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

The most difficult part about increasing your Apex Level is the amount of Experience needed. If you haven’t been spending your Diamonds on other transactions in Dark Exile, it’s suggested that you use the first 998 Diamonds to buy the Legendary Apex Potion so that your character jumps from Apex 1 to Apex 2 instantly. This should give your characters a huge boost in progression; you should be able to deal with more powerful monsters and bosses once you do that.

Skill Levels

Skill Levels contribute to a majority of your BP, but cost a ton of Gold to upgrade. Once a player reaches Level 80, it’s pretty difficult to find sources of Gold in the game, especially if you’re not actively spamming Stages. Skill Levels are what make your characters powerful and the limit of the upgrades you can perform depends on the highest level you’ve achieved. Levels that were used for Apexing will still be considered as hidden levels, so you can upgrade it even if you’re stuck on 80.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

Newly unlocked characters will once again start from Skill Level 1 on each of their skills. This makes them extremely useless in fights because they deal very low amounts of damage against higher-level enemies. Players should try to upgrade their newly unlocked character’s skill levels as quickly as possible so that they can maximize the damage that they do against the enemy, otherwise those units will essentially be throwing toothpicks at the enemy boss, waiting for their turn to get wiped out.

Legendary Gear

Legendary Gears are a difficult concept to grasp because they are constantly getting outdated and replaced. Legendary Gears are acquired by combining Legendary Shards or as drops from Bosses and Dungeons. Players can disenchant low-level Legendary Gears to get Legendary Shards and combine them so that they can get more powerful equipment for their characters. The higher the level of your Legendary Gear is, the higher the cost will be to craft these pieces of equipment.

Dark Exile: A BlueStacks Guide on the Fastest Ways to Increase BP

An important task that players need to carry out to strengthen their Legendary Gear is to use shards to upgrade them. Upgraded Legendary Gear will give more BP and stay longer in your inventory. Once you reach Apex level 1 or higher, your gear will phase out a lot more slowly, at which point you can finally start filling up your Legendary Gear slots with items that you collect from high level National Bosses. Try to fight those bosses every time they spawn so that you can get your hands on those higher-quality drops for your character.