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Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

In Dawn Crisis, the zombies progressively become stronger as each day passes. In fact, they can even acquire some mutations (i.e. temporary invincibility, health regeneration) that will further add to the challenge. If the zombies keep getting stronger, then that means you need to keep getting stronger as well.

In this article, we’ll show you how to properly upgrade your weapons, skills, and abilities in order to be on par or even be more powerful than the ever-mutating zombies.

Upgrading Weapons

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

Your main weapon in Dawn Crisis is none other than your gun – which you can keep upgrading with gold whenever you’re on your campsite. Before clicking “Start Battle”, click the large yellow button on the right of the icon of your gun in order to increase your weapon’s damage. Keep in mind that every upgrade will only get more and more expensive so it is wise to stack up on gold throughout your play-through.

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

If you haven’t noticed already, on the left of the gun icon are your gun’s stats – namely the amount of damage it can inflict – and also some stars below it. For every upgrade, you earn one star and after earning five stars, you level up your weapon to a new tier – which may give it a new appearance and name.

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

If you want to further step up your weapon game, you can click on the gun icon and from here, you can purchase attachments for your weapon. Each has their own particular set of attachments and each attachment has its own benefit. For instance, the “Gunpoint” attachment will further amplify your gun’s damage while the “Magazine”. We actually recommend purchasing a “Gunpoint” attachment immediately after getting a new gun as this will greatly help in taking down more zombies with lesser bullets.

Attachments are crucial in improving your weapons but note that you will need to spend diamonds in order to acquire attachments – and they can be quite expensive – so make sure you save up on them as much as possible.

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

Aside from upgrading your main weapon, don’t forget to upgrade your “Machine gun tower” as well as this will help you in killing off zombies. Once you unlock this turret after surviving Day 15, it will be placed on your camp beside your character. Click on it to bring up its upgrade options.

The system for turret upgrades is no different from your main weapon with the five stars. Pressing the yellow button will initiate the turret’s revamping; however, this may take 30 minutes up to more than an hour. Fortunately, you can lessen the revamp time by watching a short ad though you can only do this once per upgrade. After doing this five times, your turret will level up to a more powerful version of itself which will annihilate any zombie that goes within its range.

The turret is overall a very helpful tool in combating zombies but don’t forget to refill its ammo every now and then (each refill costs 100 diamonds); otherwise, it’ll be useless.

Equipping and Strengthening the Right Skills

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

Your guns alone may not be enough to take down an entire horde in a day. Because of that you need skills, which are powerful tools you can use to kill zombies but are usually used to escape situations wherein you’re overwhelmed by a horde. There are five skills in Dawn Crisis:

Sweep hit – An axe will be swiped three times, damaging but also driving away zombies that are too close.

Fragment Grenade – Three grenades will be thrown to the nearest enemies which will deal great damage to not only them but also to those caught in the blast.

C4 Explosive – A C4 charge will be dropped and will damage and stun enemies upon explosion.

Swift Tumbling – Your character will dodge away from enemies and will temporarily boost movement speed.

Serrated Blade – A set of knives will encircle around your character, damaging zombies who go near it and will also keep your character distant from them.

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

In order to get the most out of skills, you need to equip the skill which suits your playstyle the most and then invest diamonds on that skill. For instance, if you prefer to kill multiple zombies in one go, then a C4 Explosive or Fragment Grenade will do. Take note that not all skills will be available at the beginning of the game but we recommend that you choose which skill works for you early on and then save up on diamonds for said skill.

Improving Abilities

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

To upgrade your passive abilities like the total amount of health, click on “Talent” whenever you’re on your campsite. There are six abilities which you can only upgrade with diamonds:

HP – Upgrading this adds the total amount of health you have which will subsequently increase the amount of damage you can absorb.

Crit Chance – Upgrading this increases the chance of inflicting critical damage (which is a huge amount of damage) on zombies.

Critical Damage – Upgrading this further multiplies the amount of critical damage inflicted on zombies. Take note that you need to have a high Crit Chance in order for this ability to be utilized more frequently.

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

Moving Speed – Upgrading this makes you move faster during combat, allowing you to avoid being outnumbered easily.

Offline Gold – Upgrading this inflates the amount of gold you can receive from offline gold – which can be used to farm plenty of gold.

Gold Income – Upgrading this increases the amount of gold revenue earned during gameplay.

Similar to upgrading skills, you should upgrade your passive abilities based on what suits your playstyle the most. If your goal is to survive longer, then we suggest investing in HP and Moving Speed. On the other hand, if your goal is to earn gold, then we recommend investing on Offline Gold and Gold Income.

Saving Up on Gold and Diamonds

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

Upgrading in Dawn Crisis entails spending a fortune. With this, it is completely sensible to save up on gold and diamonds, especially if you’re aiming for a specific gun or skill.

Here’s a pro tip: you don’t really need to spend your currencies after every day. In fact, what you can do is just save them and keep playing until you unlock your desired gun or skill. As shown in the picture above, we had more than enough gold to upgrade the M249 again; however, since the new S12K shotgun is just four days away before getting unlocked, we decided to discontinue upgrading the M249 and instead survive the rest of the four days to earn and save gold for the S12K.

We recommend doing this if your current weapon and skills are sufficiently powerful enough. If you really need to upgrade your present loadout,

Knowing Your Playstyle

Be Stronger Each Day- A Guide on Upgrading Your Character in Dawn Crisis

We have reiterated several times throughout this article that you need to know your playstyle in order to reap the most out of Dawn Crisis’ upgrade system. This is because that is the primary key to surviving and beating this game. In order to be powerful enough to withstand against the increasingly powerful zombies, you need to prudently spend your resources on things that you know you will use all the time.

Make do with what you have and capitalize on it. That’s how you become the ultimate survivor.

If you want to experience multiple play styles in Dawn Crisis without it interfering with the progress in your main account, then you can try BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance Tool to replay Dawn Crisis from scratch in a separate Android engine.

If you’re planning to play more than two separate accounts of the game and don’t want to waste time grinding each one, then the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Sync will help. With this, you can sync the progress of one instance (account) to another.  So if you have one instance with about 500,000 gold, you can sync that to another instance and now you have two accounts with the same amount of gold that can now be spent separately.

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