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A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

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Dawn Crisis puts you in a constant battle against zombies – who will progressively become stronger as you survive each day. The game offers plenty of ways to take down the horde. For one, you have your gun which will serve as your main weapon. On the other hand, you also have skills which are special moves or tools that you can use to escape dangerous situations. And lastly, you have passive abilities which will contribute to your being more powerful in Dawn Crisis.

The game has a wide arsenal of weapons and a diverse set of skills and abilities; all of which could be upgraded individually. Albeit every one of these is good in their own way, it is undeniable that there are some weapons, skills, and abilities in the game that completely outshine the others.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best weapons, skills, and abilities in Dawn Crisis and how these can help you in becoming an ultimate survivor of the apocalypse.

Best Weapons

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis


A zombie apocalypse is not a true zombie apocalypse if it doesn’t have exploding zombies. Luckily, the RPG-7 is the perfect weapon that gets this job done. One of the perks of this rocket launcher is that it can damage – or even kill – multiple zombies caught in a single rocket’s blast radius. What also makes this weapon even more effective during combat is its ridiculous ammo count of eight rockets – which essentially makes it an oversized grenade launcher. Furthermore, the RPG-7 becomes insanely powerful and fun to use once it’s combined with the temporary “Ultra Rapid Fire” and “Enhance Damage” power-ups so we recommend getting these immediately whenever zombies drop it.

The RPG-7 only has one attachment – which is a scope that increases Crit Chance. We suggest not purchasing the scope and instead just spend the diamonds on upgrading your overall Crit Chance ability in the “Talent” menu.

Albeit the RPG-7 is a strong weapon, you still need to be considerate of its ammo count. Unlike the automatic rifles and light machine guns in Dawn Crisis, the RPG-7 is not exactly suited for a “guns-blazing” type of approach since taking this approach will just quickly deplete your ammo. Nonetheless, the RPG-7 is still a reliable weapon that will get you through the early stages of Dawn Crisis.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis


Believe us when we say that the M249 will instantly be your favorite weapon once you get your hands on it. The M249 is arguably the best machine gun that you can equip early on in your playthrough. This heavy-duty gun has pretty much everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse with ease: high damage, fast fire rate, and lots of ammo – 200 in each belt, in fact. The 200-bullet ammo count is undoubtedly the best feature of this gun since it allows you to unleash waves of damage on the zombies without the annoyance of having to reload frequently. What we also like about this gun is that we never seem to run out of total ammo while using it. This is because zombies kept dropping ammo crates before the 200 bullets even ran out.

Attachments for this gun are a sight and an improved ammo belt. The most important attachment to purchase is the ammo belt (labelled as “Reloading”) as this will dramatically increase the gun’s reload time.

The M249 is a very great gun with almost no flaws. Limitations of this gun include a slow reload time (which can be fixed with the aforementioned attachment) and a fairly high recoil. Regardless, it is still an ideal weapon in Dawn Crisis and will never let you down until you eventually unlock the higher-tier guns. But even after unlocking said guns, the M249 will still remain a reliable zombie-killing machine.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis


The MG42 is the M249’s big brother and being so, it’s statistically better than its little brother. For instance, this machine gun has an incredibly faster fire rate at the expense of lesser ammo than the M249. Despite the lower ammo count, the MG42 compensates this with its higher base damage combined with its rapid fire rate.

Attachments are the same with the M249 and just like with that gun, you must prioritize improving the “Reloading” in order to boost the initially slow reload speed.

The MG42 is fundamentally a better version of the M249 and we recommend switching to it once you unlock it after Day 130. The only downside to this weapon is that it’s more expensive to upgrade than the M249 but we guarantee that the myriad of gold spent on this will be worth it.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis


If you want to use a powerful gun without having to grind for one, then the AK-47 can grant that wish. To claim the AK-47, all you need to do is just log in the next day after playing Dawn Crisis for the first time. The fact that it’s so easy to redeem is the best part about this gun. But aside from that, this gun also packs plenty of damage in just 30 bullets. Additionally, it also has a decent fire rate and moderate recoil.

You can improve this gun further by buying either the Gunpoint, Compensate, or Magazine attachments. We suggest buying Gunpoint first since this will increase the gun’s damage.

Like all other automatic rifles in the game, you need to be wary of your ammo count with the AK-47 since it can run out pretty quickly. This gun isn’t ideal for long range either due to its recoil but this can be alleviated with the “Compensate” attachment.

Best Skills

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

Serrated Blade

When activated, several knives will encircle your character in order to serve as both a shield and weapon. The Serrated Blade skill will ensure that your character remains a proper distance from zombies, preventing him from getting entrapped. Meanwhile, the spinning knives will deal massive damage to enemies touched by it. The high defensive and offensive capabilities of this skill make it arguably the best skill in Dawn Crisis.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

The only downside is it’s going to take a lot of grinding to get this skill. Your character needs to be Level 50 in order to unlock this. You can level up faster by choosing to “exercise” after every day.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

Fragment Grenade

The fragment grenade is an excellent skill that you can get early on in the game. Activating this will release three grenades to the three nearest enemies, effectively dealing damage not only to them but also to those caught in the blast. You can also use it to take out large groups of zombies that are about to overwhelm you. This skill is very useful in the long-run during the early stages of the game because of its huge offensive capabilities.

Best Abilities

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis


Upgrading your HP will help you survive longer in Dawn Crisis since more health means more damage that you can take in before succumbing to the zombies. Of course, we don’t want that to happen so we recommend investing your diamonds on HP.

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

Gold Income

Gold will play a major role in your entire survival journey since this is the main resource for upgrading weapons. And since upgrades progressively get expensive, it’s a good idea to invest on the Gold Income skill – which will increase the amount of gold you earn from killing zombies.

Moving Speed

In order to constantly keep distance from the horde, you’re going to need to move faster in-game. You can’t keep relying on the “Fast Step” powerup all the time so we upgrading your base movement speed is the wiser option that will benefit you in the long run.

Utilize the Best to be the Best

A List of the Best Weapons, Skills, and Abilities in Dawn Crisis

Becoming the ultimate survivor in Dawn Crisis means equipping the best weapons, skills, and abilities available and strategically using these to survive each day. Don’t forget to upgrade your arsenal so that you can become even more ultimate.

As a fun experiment, you can try replaying Dawn Crisis and use nothing but either of the best weapons mentioned in this article. With the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Tool, you can play Dawn Crisis in a separate Android engine and go back to square one.

Try it out yourself and perhaps you’ll discover a weapon, skill, or ability that can beat the ones showcased in this article.

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