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Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Throughout your adventures in Dawn of Isles, you’ll get to travel to lots of different places, all of which are rife with wildlife and all sorts of different critters and beasts. Luckily, most of the creatures in this game are more than just for show; some of them can actually be tamed and added to your squad, after which they can be summoned to help you out in combat.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Beast taming is an important aspect of Dawn of Isles as it effectively allows you to get support from your own animal friends. What’s more, these companions not only help by attacking the enemy, but they can also team up with you to unleash powerful combo moves. Furthermore, most animals have their own attributes, elemental types, and own special abilities, which makes trying to catch as much of them as you can paramount for surpassing the game’s many challenges.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Considering the importance of the beast taming aspect, it’s imperative that you become acquainted with this mechanic early on. To this end, we’ve decided to write this guide so that you can learn the basics of this trade as well as discover some of the more advanced aspects of managing your pets.

Taming and Deploying Your Pet

Before being able to capture your first pet, you’ll need to advance the story a bit. By completing the quest in the main story, you’ll eventually meet Nikolai, an envoy for the Hunter’s Guild. This character will teach you everything you need to know about the world and how to maintain the balance between living things. He’ll also ask you to fetch several materials to help nurse his ailing pet back to health. After a few short requests, he’ll summon you to the training grounds where he’ll teach you how to tame your first pet.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Taming in Dawn of Isles is very simple. However, before attempting the act, you need a special item called a “Taming Stone.” This rock-like object, when used on a wild tamable creature, will send the animal into a dancing frenzy. After a dance-off (which is performed automatically by your character), the pet will join your squad. If you’re using the Keymapping Tool to improve your gameplay, make sure to add the Taming Stones to your hotbar for easier access. Read our BlueStacks usage guide for Dawn of Isles if you want to learn more about these awesome features.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

In other games, the pet taming mechanic has a chance to fail, which is usually determined by the character’s level and his proficiency at capturing beasts, such as the case of Durango Wild Lands. However, in this game, there’s no indicator that there’s a chance to fail when taming a creature. What’s more, our attempts at capturing the local wildlife have always resulted in success. Because of this, we suspect that, as long as you have the right taming stones, taming a wild beast is a matter of using it on the animal, and waiting for the dancing ritual to end.

Now, once you have captured your pet, you can deploy it from the pet menu. In this menu, all you have to do is click on the desired pet, and then on “employ.” Also, by clicking on “deploy,” you can access the pet queue that determines the order in which animals are summoned in battle. If you primary animal falls in combat, your second-in-line will take its place, and so on.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Training Your New Pet

A tamed pet can be improved in many ways. The most straightforward method to power up any animal companion is through combat. As you defeat foes on the field, your pets will gain experience, which will help them to level up. However, you can also speed up the process by using Training Manuals from the pet menu. These books bestow a set amount of experience to the selected pet, which will help to increase their level.

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Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

As your pet levels up, you will receive many different perks such as attribute points, which can be used to fine-tune your pet’s stats. The correct allocation of attributes will determine their effectiveness in combat, so be mindful of how you distribute your points.

Attributes and Bonus Skills

Speaking of attributes, you can control the growth of your pets by setting up allocation plans. From the pet menu, click on “allocate” under the attributes, and then on “allocation plan” In this new screen, you can set how many points are allocated to each attribute per level. Every time your pet levels up, its attribute points will be spread across your selected attributes, increasing his strength in any way you see fit.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

If you’re starting off, don’t worry too much about attributes; you get 2 free resets per pet, so feel free to leave the allocation plan in its default setting. If you need to tweak your pet’s stats down the line, you can simply use your free resets and redistribute its points as per your requirements.

Another important aspect of pet raising is the bonus skills feature through which your companions can pick up new abilities. Bonus skills are essentially passive abilities that can provide boosts and bonuses to your pet’s skills, as well as alter their behavior in some ways. The most straightforward way to teach your pets new bonus skills is via Pet Skill Tomes. However, as long as they have skill slots available, they can also pick up new skills passively after defeating a powerful foe.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

Every time they learn a new skill, there’s a chance that it may overwrite existing skills. In order to safeguard their strongest abilities, you can use an Impression Nut to lock the said skill and prevent it from being overwritten. On the other hand, you can make a pet forget a skill simply by clicking on it and then on “Forget.” Forgetting skills costs gold, so make sure you have enough!

Feeding and Pet Affection

An important part of pet progression is the affection system through which you can increase your affinity. In a nutshell, your affinity can dramatically increase stat growth every time your pet levels up. In other words, the stronger your bond, the stronger your pet will become as he grows.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

You can increase your affection in many ways, most of which occur naturally, such as through fighting, feeding, upgrading, and using pet manuals. Once your affection reaches a certain threshold, your bond level will increase. Furthermore, as your bond level increases, it will be easier to upgrade your affinity and, subsequently, your pet will become stronger every time he levels up.

Pet Evolution

The last thing we need to discuss regarding pet raising is the evolution feature. Once your pet reaches a certain level, you can invest specific Evolution Stones as well as certain elemental particles to evolve it into a larger, stronger form. This process is fairly straightforward and will greatly increase your pet’s potential as they will enjoy a higher stat growth per level up, while also inheriting new properties.

Taming and Raising Your Animal Companions in Dawn of Isles

When it comes to taming and raising pets, Dawn of Isles is much more complex than other similar games. Luckily, with the information shared in this article, you now know all the essentials required to get out there and start capturing beasts left and right.

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