Dawn of Zombies has a pretty simple combat system that doesn’t involve additional mechanics aside from the standard TAB-target attack mode. However, the simplicity of the combat system means that there aren’t mechanics like dodging and strafing that are necessary to keep you alive. The game has challenging bosses and monsters that can hit a little too hard, especially if you make a mistake and suddenly drag a horde of zombies your way. If you did, that would take you down in no time at all.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

Learning how to fight more efficiently in Dawn of Zombies involves more preparation than fighting itself. There are some things that players can do during combat that are easy to apply with some practice. Since the game will have you fight against The Charred often, it’s a good idea to start practicing some of these tactics while the enemies are still relatively easy to beat. As you reach a higher stage in the game, your standard beat-down tactics won’t be enough to let you do as you please.

Equipping Yourself For Battle

The most important thing about combat isn’t learning tactics, but to have the right equipment prepared for battle. This involves wearing the right armor for the job that will help raise your defenses so that a single zombie won’t run you down by itself. It’s a good idea to have every piece of armor equipped including accessories so that you’ll reap as many benefits from your items as possible, which increases the survivability of your character against stronger enemies.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

Some items, specifically the coats are extremely important because they add a Quick Select item slot to your interface. These quick select slots do not only add another inventory slot that you can use but also allow you to Quick Select a consumable from your bag. Good consumables that you can place here are potions, bandages, and throwing weapons that you can use to increase your combat capabilities without going to the inventory. As you know, the game does not pause even if you browse through your bag.

Using the Right Weapon

Weapons are another piece of equipment that players might want to take some time trying to prepare before going out on a quest. If you’re out farming weak zombies, a simple bat or spear might do the trick but if you’re going out on a main quest or plan to farm a wave of multiple zombies at once, you might want to think about your weapon choices a bit more. There are three types of weapons in the game which are melee, ranged, and AoE which deal damage to multiple enemies.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

Weapons can also be one-time use or durability-types, which are the ones that you usually get. If you’re trying to take out weak enemies, melee weapons will do the job. If you’re planning to take out one or two enemies without drawing attention, ranged weapons are the best at assassinations. AoE weapons such as grenades are great at eliminating multiple enemies at once. Be careful when choosing weapons because some have significantly lower durabilities than others.

Kiting Enemies

When using throwing weapons or ranged weapons, one tactic that you can utilize is Kiting. Kiting is a technique where the player constantly tries to move away from the enemy while landing attacks. In Dawn of Zombies, Kiting isn’t necessarily an advanced type of movement that takes weeks of practice. This is a skill that you can pick up after trying it out once or twice to reduce the amount of damage you take from enemies while using a ranged weapon for combat.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

Kiting enemies requires a ranged or throwing weapon because melee weapons don’t give you enough time to move away before getting hit. When kiting enemies, make sure that you’re just far enough that the enemy can’t reach you but close enough so that you can hit them with your attacks. One thing that you need to be careful about when kiting is looking at the path you’re taking because you might attract too many enemies that kiting will be pointless against so many enemies.

Taking Advantage of the Terrain

Taking advantage of the terrain is also another tactic that you can do to increase your survivability especially if you messed up during a fight. In Dawn of Zombies, you’ll be glad to hear that the enemies can’t pass through walls or other types of terrain to attack you. This can serve to your advantage if you suddenly need to use an item from your inventory or craft a new weapon/armor piece if one of the ones you were using breaks down in the middle of a fight.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

The best way to use terrain to your advantage is to go around walls. Some walls or hurdles are shorter than others so if you’re fighting a ranged enemy, take note that their projectiles can hit you even if you think you’re safe. Thin walls might also prove useless against enemy explosives. When you’re in a desperate situation where you have no chance of winning against the enemy, the best thing you can do is run to the fog so that you’ll be able to escape and try again.

Stealth Tactics

Covert operations are a cool way to complete missions without the risk of dying or losing equipment durability. One of the movement options that you can choose when playing the game is the crouch. Crouching prevents enemies from detecting you if you’re walking at them away from their direct line of sight. Smack them in the back of the head with your bat or shoot them with a crossbow to deal extra damage and potentially kill them instantly.

How to Fight Better in Dawn of Zombies

One thing that you can do to improve your stealth tactics is to use bushes. When you’re inside a bush, enemies won’t be able to detect you, even if they walk in front of you, as long as you don’t make any noise. This is a great way to forage certain materials without bringing any weapons to make the most of your inventory space. For an exciting experience play Dawn of Zombies on PC with BlueStacks app player and experience lag-free gaming.