Combat Power in Demon God determines the average strength of your hero in terms of combat efficiency. This is calculated by taking the average value of all the offensive and defensive stats that your hero currently has from all of the different factors in the game such as base stats, equipment, accessories, and other sources that might give a boost in stats. Players are ranked according to their total combat power which is the ultimate goal for most players in Demon God.

Increasing combat power is very easy as long as the players know which ones matter most. Every single thing from leveling up to upgrading gear can directly influence the combat power that you currently have. The most difficult part about it is knowing where to find all of the upgradeable parts of your hero and which ones give the highest amount of CP which is important if you’re currently running on limited resources but want to continuously make progress in this division.

Gearing Up

Gearing is the most basic way to increase combat power but is the most reliable method of doing so. As mentioned in our Demon God Beginner’s Guide, gear is an integral part of your hero’s progression as it allows you to gain better stats. Gear is classified according to its rarity and tier level. The better the rarity and the higher the tier, the more combat power you’ll gain from each of them, not including the set bonus that you get for equipping multiple pieces from the same set.

How to Increase Combat Power in Demon God

The fastest way to increase your combat power through gearing is to craft higher-tier gear by using lower-tier items that you get from the idle system as ingredients. Build up until you get the highest-tier possible that you can equip on your current Class Rank. Make sure that all items are from the same set so that you get even more CP through set bonuses. Finally, make sure to level up your items. Changing items will retain the level so don’t be afraid to burn all of your resources to do so.

Class Transfers

Class Transfers are a great source of combat power. As mentioned in our Demon God Hero Guide, class transfers are similar to job promotions in other MMORPGs. In the case of Demon God, the hero class doesn’t change but the hero gets promoted to the next Class Rank. Players can be promoted multiple times, each time granting bonus stats to the player which directly impact the overall combat power. Class transfers are done by completing transfer quests or consuming transfer pills.

How to Increase Combat Power in Demon God

There are many reasons why players want to perform class transfers as soon as possible. Aside from the stats that you gain from doing so, players will also be able to equip higher equipment tier. Limiting your class rank will limit the amount of combat power that you gain because players are hard-capped by the restrictions of having a lower class rank. Players will also gain special skills from ranking up which also add value to your overall combat power rating.


Augments is the first tab that involves multiple ways to increase the hero’s combat power. Augments include the mounts, attendants, artifacts, and other companions that help the hero in combat. The augments are equippable and visible when the player is either AFK farming in the overworld or challenging bosses. In single-player mode, companions will act like party members which help the player fight against bosses and mobs, making it easier to deal damage to your opponent.

How to Increase Combat Power in Demon God

Augments also have stat values that increase when the player upgrades them. The stronger your mount and companions are, the stronger the hero becomes because of them. The great thing about augments is that they are fully customizable. Players are given the option to purchase different skins or upgrade them naturally to unlock the next appearance for the item or companion. Augments also unlock new skills and abilities that are usable in battle.


Peripherals are similar to augments in the way that they are a set of upgrades that the player can do on one tab. Peripherals involve appearance items such as cloaks, wings, auras, etc. They are like basic gear but don’t have the same upgrade path as them and don’t share the same set bonuses that equipment has on a hero. Even though these peripherals may seem like they are only vanity items, they actually provide stats that increase the player’s combat power depending on the upgrade level of these items.

How to Increase Combat Power in Demon God

The best part about peripherals is that they enhance the flashiness of the hero. If you want your hero to look intimidating, you can upgrade your peripherals so that you’ll look stronger. Just like augments, leveling up your peripherals will also unlock new passive abilities in the form of stats that directly increase your combat power. Once the player has unlocked and equipped all of the peripheral options, their combat power will grow dramatically and should be a priority in the middle stages of the game.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a collection of cards that are found on the Bag tab. Players can collect cards that belong to various groups and races, depicting traditional eastern characters in folk tales and other pieces of literature. Players can’t use the characters or the cards themselves but unlocking them gives bonus stats that is converted to combat power. The more cards the player has in their gallery, the more combat power they will get. These can also be upgraded to increase the bonus stats acquired from those cards.

How to Increase Combat Power in Demon God

There are 4 categories of cards that the player can collect. Collecting all of them will require a lot of time and patience. Cards are acquired by participating in the Gallery Treasure Hunt found on the tab just below your hero’s combat power modifier. You can acquire Treasure Hunt Orders by challenging various game modes such as the God’s Pagoda. Remember that the cards are acquired at random so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the pieces you want immediately.