MMORPGs have a heavy emphasis on developing the main hero and the same is true in Demon God. The hero is the heart of the gameplay and the star of the story with so many parts revolving around them. Understanding how your hero works is the key to becoming one of the top players on a server. Even though there are a lot of things that players need to learn about, there are only a handful of things that they need to learn to have an in-depth idea of what to do throughout the game.

Demon God has so many features that make it unique. A lot of these have been explained in our Demon God Beginner’s Guide so take a quick look at that if you haven’t already. The character is the most emphasized role as the game pushes the narrative that the hero must surpass mortal limitations in order to successfully ascend to godhood. Once you’ve taken care of your hero’s basic needs, you can move on to upgrading them to compete against the best players on the server.

Class Selection

Class selection is probably the easiest part of starting out because there are only three choices that have distinct differences. There are three classes in Demon God which are the Swordsman, Zitherman, and Spirit Force. Just like in any traditional MMORPG, each class plays a specific role which is important in group settings like World Boss fights. Depending on your playstyle, you should choose a class that works well for you as the individual who will be playing it.

Demon God - A Guide to Your Hero

The Spirit Force class is your traditional tank. It has a lot of defensive stats with low damage output. The Zitherman is a support mage that has high damage output and can help allies survive longer in fights but has low personal defenses. The Swordsman is a perfect balance of offense and defense which is the easiest to use among the three. These only apply in multiplayer fights so if you’re planning to go single-player all the way, the classes don’t really matter that much.

Hero Skills

Hero skills are what make each class unique. Once you’ve chosen your class, you’ll be given a set of unique abilities that perfectly complete the role that you’ll be playing. Most of them are damaging abilities that help the character deal damage to the opponents which are either single target or AoE. These refer to the number of enemies being affected by the ability in terms of damage or secondary effects. Since the skill execution is automatic in Demon God, it doesn’t matter how it’s used.

Demon God - A Guide to Your Hero

Players have the option of upgrading these abilities on the Character tab to increase the damage value that they inflict on the opponents. Players will notice that each has an upgrade cap that prevents the player from upgrading all of them unevenly. To increase the maximum value of these skills, players need to upgrade ALL of their abilities to the max level first, which will unlock the next milestone. It is highly recommended that players keep all of the abilities upgraded evenly because they all have equal importance in terms of damage output in fights.

Path to God

Path to God is basically the primary goal for the hero that you are using. It is similar to the class promotion system in most MMORPGs even using the same goals to achieve it. Even though your class doesn’t technically have an upgraded version of the class with a different name, you instead upgrade your hero rank every time you complete a set of missions. This process is called Class Transfer and is a good way to increase your combat power but we’ll get to that a little bit later.

Demon God - A Guide to Your Hero

The Path to God tab includes a set of quests that players need to do in the Transfer tab. Once a hero undergoes successful transferring, they unlock additional features such as the ability to equip better gear and gain a massive boost in stats. Another tab in the Path to God is the Rank Promo which serves as a personal achievement system that promotes the player to complete even more milestones in their gameplay. Just like Transfers, Rank Promotions give a massive boost in stats.

Combat Power

Combat Power (CP) is the primary value that indicates the hero’s strength in combat. This is calculated by taking the average value of all the hero’s stats both offensively and defensively to determine how strong they are. In the PvP setting, the hero with the higher CP often has the best chances of winning. Combat power is also a prerequisite in a lot of missions in the game so that player is obliged to raise their character’s CP higher all the time so that they can keep playing the game.

Demon God - A Guide to Your Hero

There are a number of factors that affect raising CP which we’ll be explaining further in a future article. The basic explanation is that anything that influences the hero’s stats and combat capabilities will always directly translate to a change in combat power. Even though combat power is a great benchmark for how strong your hero is, it doesn’t always mean that your hero will be superior in combat. Factors such as skills and status effects may influence the fight more.

Deity Mode

Deity Mode is a special ability that players can use for a short duration. It is similar to an ultimate ability since it has a painfully long cooldown so it’s often reserved for the most difficult opponents. What it does is that the player temporarily fuses with their Deity of choice and takes on their appearance, increasing their stats and combat abilities but retaining their class and skillsets. 

Demon God - A Guide to Your Hero

Deity Mode is often reserved during group bosses or special bosses that are extremely hard to defeat as the last resort. Players can still opt to use it whenever they are following the main story quest to defeat basic bosses to make progression a lot quicker but take note that the cooldown can go between 1-3 minutes depending on the class you are using. Each class has a unique Deity Mode that.