“Rerolling” is a term that refers to the process of repeating a certain procedure to receive many benefits that, through regular means, would take weeks or even months to obtain. In gacha games, rerolling is when someone resets their progress in the game to make use of the free summonings that they usually grant the players after completing the tutorial. In some games, these free summonings are random and can potentially grant a character of the highest rarity and strength, from very early on, significantly improving one’s team’s power.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

However, since we’re talking about mobile games, rerolling often takes a few steps in order to reset the player’s progress, and start over from the beginning in order to partake of the free summonings. Since your progress is frequently linked to your Google Play, Line, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, deleting your progress is seldom as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling the game in question. Luckily, as gacha games are evolving, more and more entries are adding features to improve the quality of life of “rerollers”, and make the game a bit more enjoyable for those who strive to create teams with their favorite characters from very early on.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to reroll in Destiny Child, and expand on the points that we mentioned in our BlueStacks Usage guide, as well as the best characters to look out for when rerolling.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

Why Reroll?

In the majority of these gacha games such as Langrisser or King’s Raid, among others, most of the difficulties that the player has to surpass come from the main story fights, as well as from the fights in the side missions. In other words, most of the obstacles come from the combat. In this sense, more than a fashion or aesthetic decision, unlocking the best characters becomes a necessity if you want to advance. This is why rerolling is so important; it allows you to unlock a good team of units early on, instead of having to obtain them via lucky summonings later in the game.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

Rerolling in Destiny Child

As we mentioned above, the process of rerolling varies from game to game. Some titles allow rerolling through uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which resets the progress and lets the player progress until the free summoning phase. However, other titles require more complex procedures such as deleting files in the game’s folders, manually unlinking the game from any social media accounts or other cumbersome steps.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

In Destiny Child, however, rerolling is made easy by allowing you to reset your progress from the in-game “settings” menu. By clicking in the gear, and then in the “support” tab, you can find the “delete account” button, which effectively unlinks the game from any accounts such as LINE, Google Play, or Facebook, and then resets your entire progress, allowing you to start from the beginning.

After this is done, rerolling is as simple as playing the tutorial until you reach the free summons, and then rolling for the character that you want. If you are not satisfied with the results, all you need to do is reset your progress and try again. This process takes about 30 minutes to an hour for every reroll and, while the chances of receiving a 5-star character are very high this time around, you might need to do it several times to receive the specific unit you’re looking for. Keep in mind that a good roll early on will be pivotal for the upcoming fights, and could help to dramatically increase your performance in combat—even in the game’s advanced stages.

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A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

Faster Rerolls with BlueStacks

To speed up your rerolls in Destiny Child, you can use the BlueStacks instance manager, a tool that allows you to enter a game with several different accounts simultaneously. In this sense, while you need to do the tutorial on each instance, you can effectively increase your odds of success by rolling from several accounts at the same time, instead of one by one, keep the account with the strongest character, simple! Feel free to read our guide on the instance manager to learn about the basic usage of this tool.

Awesome Characters to Reroll For

What would be the point of rerolling if not for receiving some powerful units very early on in the game? However, in a game where they are hundreds of heroes to unlock, which ones are the best, and which ones should we look for? Keep in mind that, regardless of the unit, you can always upgrade them as we explained in our tips and tricks article.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

Without Further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best characters for each role:

  • Attackers

    • Eve is a strong water-type Child that specializes in destroying the weaker units. With her Raindrop skill, she can target the two enemy units with the lowest HP, dealing damage and inflicting a poison debuff that does tons of damage every time they take action.
    • Abaddon is a wood-type unit with a strong focus for single-target DPS and that is very resilient due to his ability to leech life from his enemies and heal himself with his special attacks.
  • Defenders

    • I is a dark-type tank that can deal great damage to her enemies while also bolstering her own defenses. Her ultimate skill, Midnight Partner, deals tons of damage to two random enemies and grants her allies a 25% reflect barrier.
    • Mars is a water-type defender with a penchant for healing herself to weather the enemy attacks. She can also use her ultimate skill to damage 3 random enemies and grant a DEF buff to all her allies for 15 seconds.
  • Healers

    • Lost Maat is a light-type healer that can cleanse freeze and petrify, while also healing her teammates. Furthermore, her ultimate allows her to bring a fallen unit back from the dead; very handy!
    • Rusalka is a powerful mermaid that, unsurprisingly, is a water-type unit. She brings powerful healing skills, including the ability to make two allies immortal for 10 seconds, which means that their health can’t go below 1HP.
  • Debuffers

    • Jupiter is a fire-type debuffer that specializes in inflicting bleed effects on their enemies, while also dealing lots of damage to their afflicted foes. His ultimate, That’s a Dangerous Bag, severely damages 3 enemies, removes a random buff from each one, and decreases their defense by a whopping 25% for 20 seconds.
    • Nirrti is a light-type unit that can cripple your enemies by decreasing their drive gauge. Her Karma skill can also sow chaos in the enemy team by confusing their fighters for 10 seconds.
  • Supporters

    • Sunny Chang’e is a water-type supporter that assists you by accelerating their cooldowns, as well as by speeding up the rate at which their skills charge up the Drive Gauge.
    • Epona is a wood-type, all-around supporter that can increase your allies’ stats, as well as set a protective barrier around your team that shield against a set amount of damage. She is a great addition to any team, regardless of composition.

A Guide for Rerolling and Team Building in Destiny Child

These are only some of the units that you should strive to unlock in this game. Granted, you won’t be able to unlock all of them by rerolling but, by obtaining at least two of these, your team will benefit immensely and you will be able to complete most of the early levels with ease.

What are your suggestions for the best units in this game? Leave a comment with your thoughts so that everyone may learn which units to strive for when rerolling!

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