Destiny Child is the RPG gacha game for Android with some of the best visuals we’ve seen to date. On many occasions, we’ve found ourselves motivated to progress in the game not only because of its awesome story, but to discover new characters and environments, and to admire the creations that the artists have conceived. However, like most mobile games, your progress in Destiny Child is limited in many aspects, especially by the energy system—which is inevitable in these games—, as well as by those tough stages for which you must train and prepare your team if you seek to beat them.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, overcoming the difficulties of this game is not always an easy task, especially when they’re related to the progression of your characters, or to your performance in combat. Luckily, in this guide, we will share five of the most important tips and tricks that you can follow at any time to improve your odds of success and to create amazing teams in Destiny Child.

Beat the Toughest Levels With the Fever Mode

On many occasions, you will run into battles that, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to complete. Some bosses or enemies have tons of HP and, despite not being very tough in terms of offensive power, can easily resist the merciless onslaught of your team. One by one, your team will eventually fall to the superior defenses of these foes; but it doesn’t have to be this way.

For these difficult levels with complex bosses, what you’ll usually need to do is upgrade your units so that they can break through the defenses of even the toughest enemies. However, if for some reason upgrading your characters is not an option, you will need to play it smart, using the Fever Mode to drastically increase your damage output for a few seconds.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

Fever Mode is a combat mechanic that allows you to freely use your character’s skills without cooldown for a period of time. In this sense, once you enter Fever Mode, you will be able to rapidly click on your character’s portraits to unleash a barrage of skills, dealing tons of damage to the enemy. If you followed the directions in our BlueStacks usage guide for Destiny Child, you will be able to use your keyboard in Fever Mode to release a significantly larger number of attacks, compared to manually clicking on each portrait.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

To access Fever Mode, all you have to do is use enough Drive Skills in a single match to fill up the Fever gauge. Keep in mind that, the better your performance in launching Drive Skills, the more Fever meter you will accrue per skill. In this sense, always try to land the Drive Skill dead center.

Explore Night World Regularly

In gacha games like Destiny Child, it is very difficult to find all the necessary materials to upgrade your team, or for unlocking new heroes, by playing only the story mode. Luckily, there are always extra game modes in which you can complete alternative challenges for the opportunity to receive useful objects and materials.

The Night World encompasses most of the side-content for Destiny Child, in which you will gain access to a number of challenges and daily tasks that you can complete to earn many rewards. As you progress through the main game, you will unlock this feature, as well as all the content within. Finally, upon reaching level 12, you will gain access to all that Night World has to offer.

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Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

Among the many game modes that you can find in Night World are the Devil Rumble—Destiny Child’s PvP arena—, several stores, and the Replay Bar, which is where you can rewatch scenes from the game’s story. However, the most important features of Night World are the Exploration and Event Dungeons, which provide all the materials that you’ll ever need in this game.

Remember to visit the Night World frequently so that you may receive all the materials and rewards that it has to offer.

Complete Lisa’s Daily Tasks

Every game in this genre offers a series of weekly and monthly tasks that you can complete to receive amazing prizes, and Destiny Child is no exception.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

Lisa’s Daily Tasks, as their name implies, are missions that you can complete every day in exchange for certain rewards. These tasks are very simple, and usually involve activities that you will perform frequently anyway, such as going on expeditions in the Night World, leveling up a hero’s skills, or extracting Onyx from one of your characters, among others. In this sense, regardless of your plans for this current gaming session, make sure to check up on Lisa’s Daily Tasks to claim any prizes for missions that you may have completed without noticing.

Upgrade Your Characters

It’s always important to remember that, if you’re stuck on a tough level, the most sensible thing that you can do is to check your lineup of characters and determine which ones you can upgrade to increase your odds of success.

There are many ways in which you can increase a character’s power:

  • By leveling up: Every time you complete a level, each of your participating characters will receive experience points that contribute toward increasing their level. Every time they level up, their stats will increase slightly. Alternatively, you can also sacrifice characters and turn them into XP for others to use.
  • Upgrading Skills: Similar to the level of your characters, each of their skills can also be upgraded. However, their skills can be upgraded only by paying with Onyx. Furthermore, to increase the level of a skill further than its initial limit, the character must first be “uncapped” by using another similar unit and equipping them together.
  • Increasing their rank: The rank of each character is represented by their letter, and it can only be upgraded through “Awakening,” which is a process that you pay for with Onyx, and use it to advance a unit onto the next rank. As an added bonus, every time a character’s rank increases, you will also experience their own personal story unfold in a series of cutscenes. In this sense, it’s worth it to increase their rank even if you’re not using the character, only for getting to know them better and learning about their motivations and personality.
  • Through evolution: When your character reaches max level, you may evolve him to increase his number of stars, and his attributes along with it. However, every time you evolve a character, his level is reset, and you’ll need to increase it if you want to evolve him again.
  • By Improving their gear: Your character’s gear plays a vital role in his combat prowess. Make sure you always equip him with the best gear available. Furthermore, keep in mind that clothing, just like your character, can also level up to increase its stats.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

If you wish to learn more about the characters in this game, as well as how to use them appropriately in combat, we recommend reading our guide about the combat and unit types in Destiny Child.

Use the Auto-Battle Wisely

In the vast majority of levels in this game, you will frequently need to dispatch waves of weaker enemies before facing the boss.  Similarly, in many of these levels, these weak enemies are tedious to fight against, so you’ll likely prefer to use the auto-battle to deal with them. However, even though the computer mostly does a good job controlling your units, it never uses your Drive Skills. In this sense, if you wish to make optimal use of the auto-battle system, we recommend always paying attention so that you can use your Drive Skills to charge up your Fever gauge.

Destiny Child—Become the Demon Master With These Tips and Tricks

In a sense, the best way to play Destiny Child is through a combination of auto-battle, and manual inputs to optimize your skill usage.

Destiny Child is a very fun game that, unfortunately, can become very difficult in its advanced stages. Luckily, with the information that we’ve provided in this guide, you now have all you need to know to prepare your team for future challenges. Nevertheless, if you wish to learn more about this game, feel free to take a look at our blog where you’ll find several articles about this game.

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