Build your own destiny now and explore the hidden paradise when you play Destiny Girl by Next2Play Games. In this role-playing gacha game, you get to recruit a diverse cast of huntresses whom you can take on countless adventures with you where you fight waves of enemies. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show and explain to you all the things that you need to get started in this paradise.

Main Interface

To start off, let’s familiarize ourselves first with the game’s main interface. Through this, you can learn the game’s various features and how you can use them throughout your entire adventure.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Recruit – recruit new huntresses to be part of your team. There are multiple categories of recruitment: Chance++, Normal, Friendship, Water, and Gacha. All categories except for Friendship and Elemental require Crystals to pull for a huntress but they can also accept alternatives such called Recruit Tickets depending on the category. Friendship only accepts Friendship Points whereas Elemental only accepts Elemental Recruit Ticket. Elemental recruitment allows you to pull for heroes of a specific element and it refreshes every day.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Huntress – see all your current huntresses. They can be sorted according to their faction and their rarity. Clicking on one of the huntresses allows you to access her specific info page where you can upgrade her. 

Additionally, you can also create custom team lineups by clicking on ‘Team’. Up to 8 custom lineups can be made.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Shrine – access special features of the game such as the Power of Faith, Painting Scroll, Temple, and Bond. Each of these special features has a unique way of benefitting you and they are progressively unlocked once you clear certain stages of the game.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Bag – access your items such as gems, gear, huntress shards, and much more. This is also where you can know what a particular item is used for and what its current stats are (if any).

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Quests – the game’s bulletin board for the many quests you can accomplish for rewards and resources. There are four different categories of quests: Daily Quest, Weekly Quest, Achievement Quest, and Bounty Quest. Each category offers different sets of rewards to be won by fulfilling certain conditions.

Guild – unite with other players and build friendships by joining guilds. Guilds are unlocked upon completing Stage 3-40 (Cloudy Woods).

Adventure – like the shrine, you can also access more special features of the game here but this time you put your huntresses into action to earn resources. Contents of the Adventure include Dragon Attack, Super Arena, Engrave Dungeon, Tower Challenge, Lost Garden, and Arena.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Idle Earnings – your huntresses constantly fight waves of enemies and earn resources even when you’re not taking them in main story quests. This passive income can be claimed anytime by clicking on the rewards chest.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Challenge – progress through the main story of the game by challenging enemies in different stages. Strategically formulate a lineup and select the right huntresses to be a part of it to defeat the enemy team and proceed to the next stage. More features can be unlocked by completing certain stages.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Player Profile – see information about yourself such as your current level, server, guild, and stage. This is also where you can change your username and edit your list of featured huntresses. Through the gear icon, you can access the game settings where you can: adjust audio and graphics settings, access the game bulletin (patch notes), redeem codes, switch between accounts, change servers, chat with the support staff, and change the game language.

Huntress Characteristics

Huntresses are the main characters of Destiny Girl. Each one is defined by several characteristics as well as skills that determine how they attack enemies.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Each huntress specializes in an element. There are six elements so far in the game: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. These elements play a part in the game’s Elemental Counter system where an extra 25% damage can be dealt or received depending on the element of the affected huntress.

Element Deals 25% more damage to Receives 25% more damage from
Wind Earth Fire
Earth Water Wind
Water Fire Earth
Fire Wind Water
Light Dark Dark
Dark Light Light

Additionally, having at least three huntresses of the same element in the team lineup grants attribute bonuses to all huntresses. Further special bonuses can be received depending on the number of Light/Dark huntresses.

Huntresses also come in several rarities. The rule of thumb is that the rare the huntress is, the stronger they are. From lowest to highest rarity, these are: R, SR, and SSR. However, rarity is not always everything as you still must take into account the element of the huntress as well as their individual skills.

Skills are the main methods of attack huntresses use on enemies. These skills are individually upgraded whenever the huntress reaches a certain level. The rarity of the huntress also determines the number of skills that they can have at most.

Combat Basics

Combat in Destiny Girl is done automatically but the battles are determined by the team lineup that you strategically devise.

Destiny Girl: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Each lineup can hold a maximum of five huntresses. Your huntresses can be positioned according to six different formations that you can choose from. The ideal formation for your lineup depends entirely on the huntresses that are going to be part of it. For instance, a defense-heavy team would likely benefit more from a t-shaped formation (3 on the front, 1 on the middle, 1 on the back) with defensive huntresses placed all in front.

Before every battle, you can see an approximated value of your enemy’s strength as well as your team’s own. You can use this to judge whether your team needs improvement first before battle. This estimated value is not always the prime determinant as you can still take advantage of things like the Elemental Counter system to gain an edge over a “stronger” enemy.