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Devil Hunter: Eternal War – Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

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Part of the enjoyment of playing a new MMORPG, for us, is creating a character of each class and exploring what they have to offer. The initial grind is far more enjoyable than the endgame for some players, especially since monsters die quicker and it’s easier to level up at the beginning. However, when it comes to choosing the correct class in games like Devil Hunter: Eternal War , we have to look past the initial pleasantries and decide which one will correspond the most with our play styles.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War – Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

However, when it comes to Devil Hunter, and many other MMORPGs, in general, you never really know what each class entails until you actually create a new character and try it out for yourself. This process wouldn’t agree with some people since some are just happy to begin their journey with a single character, and stick with them until the endgame. In these cases, choosing the best class for your play style is quite important, which is why we decided to write this guide.

If you’re new to Devil Hunter, and would like to choose the best class for your play style, then look no further than this guide. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find what the classes in this game have to offer as well as the recommended play styles for each.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

Martial Saint

Topping off our list is one of the bulkiest classes in the game, the Martial Saint, who uses a mix of defensive techniques and powerful defensive stats to provide tons of survivability in a wide variety of situations. It’s this class’s job to stand in the frontlines and absorb the damage that would otherwise be directed at his teammates. In this sense, the Martial Saint is definitely the tank in Devil Hunter.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

However, his main weakness comes in the form of his melee restrictions. In other words, since he attacks using only melee strikes, he is quite vulnerable to ranged assaults and can be kited easily if not careful. Players who want to play this class would do well to prioritize dealing with ranged foes at first, lest they become overwhelmed.

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Nevertheless, thanks to the Martial Saint’s vast strength and durability, this is the class of choice for beginners as it leaves lots of room for making mistakes in the field and powering through hordes of foes without paying too much attention. It’s also great for auto-play since you can simply leave it auto-farming against weaker enemies without any concern.


While the Martial Saint is the preferred option for those who value defense over offense, the Taoist is the best choice for those who think that the best defense is a good offense. While not the most powerful class in terms of raw damage output, this class has plenty of AoE spells and abilities to destroy hordes of foes in just a few seconds. In fact, you could say that the Taoist is the best class for AoE damage in Devil Hunter.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

Almost all of the Taoist’s skills involve, in some way or another, dealing AoE damage. Furthermore, she can also unleash an AoE stun as a form of CC, and even shield herself from incoming damage.

The Taoist is an excellent addition to any group, especially when paired with a Martial Saint or any other class that can tank damage and give her free rein to unleash her skills without worrying about being overwhelmed.

Arcane Luminary

This is another spellcaster class like the Taoist. However, unlike its AoE counterpart, the Luminary is focused more on sheer damage output, in both single-target and AoE settings. In this sense, this class trades all notion of defensive skills for pure damage, making it arguably the strongest class in the game. However, it’s a tricky one to play since it’s also the most fragile and has little in the way of defense and mobility.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

The Arcane Luminary class is best chosen by players who want to take manual control during the toughest fights since they will likely be defeated if relying overly on auto-combat. Nevertheless, the payoff in terms of damage is massive, especially if you know what you’re doing.

This is definitely one of the most challenging classes to learn in Devil Hunter. Nevertheless, it’s very engaging and dynamic, which makes the learning curve definitely worth the effort.

Winged Illusionist

Last, but not least, we have the Winged Illusionist. While definitely a class that can stand on its own, it’s a hybrid of the Arcane Luminary with the survivability of the Martial Saint. This class relies on ranged weaponry to snipe enemies across great distances, while also featuring some mobility to stay safe from enemies who get too close. Regardless, the opponents who actually manage to close the distance will only get an arrow in the face as a reward since this class also has melee skills that can deal lots of damage.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

In a sense, the Winged Illusionist is also one of the safest class choices. However, unlike the Martial Saint who relies on tough defenses and armor to power through hordes of foes, this class excels in survivability thanks to its sheer damage output and long-distance attacks. It’s not uncommon for your enemies to die far before they’re able to reach you when you’re playing as the Winged Illusionist, especially since you can simply jump back and keep firing from a distance if they get too close.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War - Everything You Need to Know About the Classes

With plenty of AoE moves, single-target attacks, and mobility skills, the Winged Illusionist is, in our opinion, the most balanced and entertaining class to play in Devil Hunter. Its unique combination of traits also makes it ideal as a beginner’s choice.

If you’re still on the fence about which class to choose, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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