Playing Dice Dreams involves stress-free gameplay that players can simply relax if they’re not looking to overthink their game. This is the perfect title that allows players to learn at their comfortable pace, but we need to acknowledge that some people want to get the best start possible. That’s why we’ve prepared this beginner’s guide to help new players understand the game’s basic mechanics that will allow them to progress smoothly while they play.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

Beginners often do whatever they want, and there’s nothing wrong with exploring the game the way they’ll have the most fun. However, you may want to ask for a bit of help if you’re the type of player who doesn’t like going in without a proper plan to follow until the later stages of the game. If you’re that type of player, let’s learn more about the game to begin playing Dice Dreams with all the knowledge needed to prepare you for the challenges you’ll be facing ahead.

Kingdom Building

Kingdom building is the primary feature of Dice Dreams, and the players’ ultimate goal is to rebuild every kingdom available in this game. Kingdoms are separated into stages, each having its own themes, with the civilization advancing the more stages you complete. Kingdoms can be rebuilt by constructing and upgrading all the available structures using gold coins as the main resource they need to collect using the dice mechanics to collect them in various methods.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

Players may think that kingdom building is extremely easy, but the game has many ways to ruin their progress. What people don’t realize at the start of the game is that there is a bit of PvP involved in Dice Dreams, where players can attack or steal from other players to make it difficult for them to progress. This means that players’ kingdoms can get destroyed by an enemy attack, and they’ll need to rebuild broken structures by paying the cost, setting them back significantly.

Dice Effects

Rolling a standard dice isn’t interesting. That’s why Dice Dreams has introduced different ways to make the experience unique. The dies used in this game include different effects and actions, allowing players to either earn more gold coins or protect their kingdom from an incoming attack. Since Dice Dreams uses a D6, there are six different effects that players can randomly get, including the wildcard effect, where players can draw a random effect or action from the deck stack.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

The six icons include the coin, jackpot, attack, shield, wildcard, and free rolls. We’ll explain what each of these icons does in a later article so that players can fully understand their effects and how they can abuse them. While there isn’t any real way to manipulate what you can get from the dice since the results are always random, it’s a good idea to understand that these effects are helpful towards furthering your goal of trying to rebuild every kingdom in the game.

Protecting Your Kingdom

Protecting your kingdom is probably the most challenging part of this game since there’s only one way to defend it, and that’s by getting shields from your rolls. The system randomly assigns targets for other players to attack, so there’s no real way to prevent your kingdom from getting raided by another user. Players can get up to three shields by rolling the dice, meaning they can protect their kingdom from three attacks and ensure that another player’s structures won’t easily get destroyed by another player.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

A helpful tip that we can give new players is always to play the game every five hours and try to consume all their roll attempts so that they can replace their shields. If you haven’t been attacked by that time, you may want to wait before you fill up your attempts so that you can maximize getting the chance to defend your kingdom. Otherwise, you might be forced to spend gold coins on repairing your structures now and then, which can prove to be a huge setback to your progress.

Stage Missions

Stage Missions appeal whenever you get promoted to the next kingdom or if the game releases a new event in the game. These missions all have one goal: to fill up the meter with the resource that you get from completing various tasks. For example, a meter will fill up whenever you attack or steal from another player. Completing this task will reward players with additional roll attempts, gold coins, or the chance to win something even bigger, depending on the event.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

The difficulty of the missions increases as the player completes more of them on the same stage. It is recommended that players move on from one stage to another quickly, not only for the sake of missions but also to allow them to experience the game in a different light. The rewards that you get from being promoted from one kingdom to the next significantly increase, making it easier to get upgrades even though the construction cost also levels up as you progress through the different parts of Dice Dreams.

Card Collection

Card Collection is another feature of Dice Dreams, which relates to the wildcard system in this game. Players can get random effects whenever they roll a wildcard combo from their dice, but the effects’ potency and the chance to get a particular effect depend entirely on your deck’s contents. Players unlock new effects and upgrade existing ones depending on how many kingdoms they completed and the number of structures they leveled up. Each upgrade acts similar to experience points in other games.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dice Dreams

The most essential part about card collection is that it increases the potency of your card effects. For example, attacking a kingdom will yield more gold upon success if the player has their Attack Card upgraded. The same goes for the other effects. It’s extremely difficult to level up specific cards because it requires the player to spend a lot of time upgrading buildings which can only be done by rolling the dice. Since this feature is locked behind an energy system, players may take a certain amount of time to complete this.