The main objective in Dice Dreams is to build as many kingdoms as possible by using resources that you can only get from effects that involve rolling the dice. With so much reliance on dice rolls in this game, it can be considered a disadvantage for players not to know these effects and how they can take advantage of them. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help players understand the dice effects and how they change or why players need to look forward to them when they’re trying to win big.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

Dice effects are pretty straightforward aside from the wildcard, which involves many different factors that leaves players with so many options. While there is no way to manipulate the results of a die roll, having knowledge of how you can use these to your advantage is something that we always recommend to players. If you want to learn more about the game’s fundamentals, we suggest that you check out our Beginner’s Guide to give you a better idea about this article moving forward.

Coins & Jackpot

The primary way to get gold coins in Dice Dreams is to get them directly via the Coin or Jackpot icons on the dice. Dice Dreams rewards players a certain number of coins regardless of what they roll, but the amount is increased when they get all three matching icons. The Coin icon is the most basic combination that you can get and is the one that gives the least gold aside from rolling non-matching icons on the dice. The amount you get scales depending on the stage level.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

The secondary way to get coins is through the Jackpot icon. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t give that many gold coins even if you get it and is only second to the basic coins icons. Just like the Coin icon, Jackpot’s value increases as you play in the higher stages of the game. The Coin icon can be upgraded by collecting a certain number of stars, while the Jackpot icon remains the only effect in the game that can’t be increased or upgraded by any means available.


The Attack effect is one of the best ways to get coins in the game and can be seen by the red Buddy icon on the die. Attacking another player awards the player with a certain number of gold coins depending on their chosen structure. Players will get bonus gold depending on their performance of the attack and if the attack goes through successfully. Players will have to manually launch Buddy to attack an enemy structure to get the full effects of the die roll before it expires.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

The best way to utilize this effect is to launch Buddy exactly at the bullseye mark of the meter. This guarantees that you get a double reward bonus if the attack successfully goes through. However, if the player has a Shield active, the attack will be considered blocked, and the player will only get the base amount of gold even if they hit the bullseye. In addition, a successful attack will damage the enemy’s structure and show it burning, so it’s a good idea to choose structures that were not attacked yet.

Wild Card

The Wild Card is the most interesting effect in Dice Dreams because players can get a random effect depending on the cards they have available in the deck. Effects that players can get from the Wildcard include the five other effects on the die, including four more that can be unlocked later in the game. The most common effects that players can get from a wildcard are Steal and Attack, with the other effects being rare draws that players rarely get, so they’ll need to be a bit lucky.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

The Steal effect is a very interesting wildcard because it targets another player like an Attack, but another player can’t block it. However, the number of coins you can steal depends on how wealthy the player you’re attacking is and how well you roll the die. The “die on the steal” event features a bomb that, if you roll, the event will immediately end regardless of how many coins you’ve taken. If the player successfully steals the full amount without triggering the bomb, they get a double bonus at the end.

Free Rolls

The Free Rolls icon is another event trigger that players will love to see. This event gives players ten free rolls that they can use to get even more chances to win big on the dice. It offers players an additional opportunity to roll without consuming or adding the roll chances you already have in your inventory. Take note that players can get extra free rolls during the free roll event to increase the number of chances they can to win big prizes in Dice Dreams.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

This is one of the rarest rolls you can get in the game. Even if the game takes the appearance of dice, the game uses a random number generator to determine what combination players will get. You’ll notice that the other icons appear more frequently compared to others, and that’s because the game doesn’t really use the same dice mechanics that it would in real life. That’s why getting a Free Roll match is the true “jackpot” in this game.


The Shield icon is a basic effect, but it’s one of the most important match effects in the game. Getting a shield means blocking the next attack that an enemy player attempts on your kingdom, preventing your structures from getting broken. This saves the player a lot of gold coins because repairs cost a lot of money, depending on what level that structure was damaged.

Dice Dreams - A Guide to Dice Effects

Players can get up to three shields maximum, meaning they can only block three incoming attacks. It’s recommended that players try to replenish their shields regularly so that enemies can’t continue destroying their kingdom and make it hard for them to progress in the game. It’s fairly easy to get shields in this game, so players don’t have to worry about leaving their kingdom undefended.