Are you having trouble rebuilding your kingdom in Dice Dreams because of the scarcity of resources and the PvP system? You’re not alone. That’s the main problem that both new players and veterans struggle with in this game, but if you have a bit of experience already, you already know there’s an efficient way to make sure that you’re not lagging behind in terms of progress. By being able to rebuild your kingdom faster, you ensure that you can progress in this game continuously.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

The only way to build kingdoms faster is to get as much gold as possible in a short amount of time. However, that’s relatively easier said than done because the game doesn’t give a guaranteed way for players to earn this currency. That’s why you need to learn some techniques on how you can make more gold while trying to maintain the consistency of your kingdom’s development at the same time. Let’s look at these methods and how you can take advantage of them in the game.

Get More Roll Chances!

The best way to win more gold coins is to receive more chances to win them. To do that, you’ll need roll chances that you can get through various ways in Dice Dreams. There are multiple ways you can increase the number of times you can roll aside, from waiting 50 minutes or spending real money just to get additional attempts. The game is much more generous than you think, and players who are dedicated to grinding it out are rewarded with the resource to play more.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

Players can get additional roll chances by completing stage missions, unlocking new buildings, rolling the Free Rolls effect on the die, or watching ads. All these methods are easily accessible aside from the Free Rolls effect since it requires a bit of luck. Players may take a look at our Dice Effects Guide to understand how this works in more detail. By being able to roll the dice more, you’re ensuring that you can get other dice effects too that helps rebuild your kingdoms.

Increase Your Card Levels

Card effects are the primary method of earning gold coins in Dice Dreams. Even though there’s the coin effect and jackpot, those dice rolls don’t give an incredible amount of currency, so the effects you probably want to roll in the dice when trying to earn more money are the Steal and Attack effects. Both of these effects give so much value when you’ve successfully completed them and guarantees that you can unlock or upgrade at least one structure after collecting your reward.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

Even though the base value that you get from these effects is already good enough to give you the gold you need, you can earn more by increasing card effects. Leveling up the cards in your deck can be done by upgrading buildings as quickly as possible. This increases the modifier on each effect by 0.1%, which may not seem like a lot, but you’ll notice that you’re getting a significant amount of coins compared to the base value, especially if you manage to get a double bonus on top.

Defend Your Kingdom

Defending your kingdom is a method that doesn’t exactly yield any gold or help push the progress on your kingdom, but it’s necessary if you’re looking to rebuild your kingdom faster without interruption. In some of our articles, we already explained that a player attack would leave the kingdom with damaged structures that will cost the player gold coins to repair. Those gold coins spent on repairs are a complete waste because you’d rather use them to construct or upgrade buildings.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

There’s only one way to defend your kingdom, and that’s by collecting the Shield effects. This prevents the next attack that another player would attempt on your kingdom. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop another player from stealing gold coins from your kingdom during the game’s early stages. Once you unlock the higher-level cards, you’ll be able to find new ways to defend your kingdom from various enemy attacks that prevent others from messing up your resources.

Claim Bonuses

Bonuses are another excellent way to earn big money in Dice Dreams. There are many types of bonuses in the game, such as daily gifts, game compensations, event rewards, and progression bonuses. All of these give players ways to get free coins for free or by completing specific tasks in the game. The most important thing to remember is that you should try to log into the game every day and collect all of the bonuses available to maximize the amount of stuff you get.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

The game doesn’t always make reward bonuses obvious, so players may need to explore a bit to maximize getting the bonuses that they get. We suggest that players follow Dice Dreams for any updates always to stay informed if the game is looking to give away some free stuff like gift codes that you’ll need to claim manually. Be careful not to accidentally purchase since the game sometimes has banners that stack on each other containing both free and paid content.

Do it in One Go!

Finally, one good way to rebuild kingdoms faster in Dice Dreams is to restore all the buildings in one go. We mean trying to upgrade and complete all your structures during one playthrough by saving up your dice chances. This allows players to complete all their kingdom-building without the threat of being pushed back when a player attacks or steals your gold coins since you’ve already upgraded your kingdom fully and are starting from scratch again.

How to Rebuild Kingdoms Faster in Dice Dreams

However, it’s important to note that it’s not a good idea to save up your gold coins because it allows other players to steal large amounts of coins from your kingdom while offline. We suggest spending almost all of your resources before you log off to start a new day with a good amount of resources without the majority of your coins being stolen while you were away.