Released globally in 2018, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has become one of the best gacha RPG games centered around Disney’s most popular characters and franchises, all within the same world and packed together with a pretty interesting story. And if you don’t really care about the reasons why Rex from Toy Story or Miss Piggy are fighting against Elsa from Frozen or Clawhauser from Zootopia, then at least you’ll be glad to know that the gameplay elements themselves are pretty solid, featuring exciting real-time combat, and vast character variety to keep things fresh as you continue to unlock more heroes.

In the spirit of helping new peeps to get started in Disney Heroes, we decided to write a guide with the best beginner tips and tricks for this gacha RPG. If you’re just beginning in this game, keep these pointers in mind.

Stamina Refresh Vs Summoning Characters

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when playing any gacha game revolves around the best way of spending your premium currency which, in the case of Disney Heroes, happens to be Diamonds. As its name suggests, this currency is pretty difficult to get as a f2p player since there are only a few limited methods in which to do so. In this sense, you need to decide how best to spend your hard-earned Diamonds whenever you manage to save up a bit.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

The answer to the question above depends on one important factor: Your hero roster. If you’re just starting off and don’t have many heroes unlocked, then you stand to gain a lot from actually purchasing Diamonds Crates from the Crate menu. These items are the best way of unlocking new characters, especially if you purchase the 10x combo since it has a guaranteed chance to grant one of these. However, as you progress through the game and your roster grows, these Crates will lose their value since there will be high odds of receiving duplicates or unwanted items.

In this sense, if you’re satisfied with your current roster, then the best way to spend your Diamonds is by purchasing a few stamina refills every day, which will allow you to clear more levels and progress faster through the main campaign.

Powering Up Your Characters

Now, even if you do have some good characters on your team already, you’ll still need to work on their stats if you want to unleash their full potential in the field. After all, even the strongest, most meta heroes in the game are completely useless if you leave them at level 1 and without any gear.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Luckily, there are several ways to improve your characters in Disney Heroes, starting with their level. Every time you complete challenges and stages, your characters will get experience, which will help increase their level and boost their base stats. This is pretty straightforward and simple, and is one of the best ways to power up your characters.

Next up are the badges. Every character in the game can equip a number of badges that give them stat boosts and useful bonuses. In contrast to leveling up, however, badges give some of the most significant increases in the game, especially when you fully-equip a character and promote them. You can promote a character when you equip all six badges to their slots, which will consume all the items and give the hero a permanent stat boost. Every time you promote a character, their rank will increase, and they will require stronger badges to move onto the next rank, and so on.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Additional methods of improving your characters include using gold and skill points to upgrade their skills; using the memory disks received after completing the character’s friend campaign to unlock their special passive abilities, and using chips to improve a hero’s star level. However, these three are a bit more advanced and you won’t have to worry about them in the beginning.

Level Up Your Characters Evenly

Disney Heroes is not like regular gacha games where there is a single “meta” team. This is because your ideal formation will depend heavily on the level and challenge you’re trying to complete. Some of these levels will require a defensive formation, while others might need a more offense-oriented team in order to compete.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

With that being said, one of the best tips we can give you is to level up your characters as evenly as you can, so that they’re always ready for when you need them.

Rush Through the Story

Now that we know a bit about how to use our resources and upgrade our characters, the primary aspect you should focus on if you’re just beginning in Disney Heroes is the main story missions. This is because these stages are not only good sources of rewards and materials, but also because they give valuable Team XP through which you will unlock other features of the game.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Your first priority after completing the tutorial in this game should be to rush through the story until you reach a difficulty wall. Afterward, you can use the resources received from completing the first stages to upgrade your characters, and then continue powering through the campaign. Remember to pick up your free 2* hero that you get after completing the tutorial. You can find this freebie in the main screen, on the bottom right corner. We chose Nick Wilde as our free character since we were a bit lacking in offense.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

As long as you summon a few good characters, upgrade them, and clear the story missions at a good pace, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the endgame in Disney Heroes. Don’t worry too much about the meta for now and, most importantly, remember to have some fun with your favorite characters!

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