Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an awesome gacha RPG with real-time combat in which you’ll need to bring your A-game if you want to beat every single stage. Despite the combat being relatively straightforward, some stages can be really tough if you don’t know what you’re doing—it might be a Disney game, but it doesn’t mean you can just waltz in and defeat every enemy in your path!

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

If you’re looking to master the combat in Disney Heroes, then you’ll need good info. Fortunately, we’ve created this article to serve as a guide for those who are just getting started, so that you can learn all about the combat system in this game, as well as some advanced tips.

Hero Selection and Attack Priority

The very first thing you’ll do, even before initiating combat, is choosing the heroes that will go into battle. While you’ll always want to use your strongest characters, there’s a bit more to consider when it comes to choosing the right team for the job, particularly in relation to the roles of the characters you’re choosing.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

When it comes to your formation in Disney Heroes, it’s the characters that are closest to the enemy that will take the brunt of their attacks. In other words, the heroes that are in the frontlines are the ones who will get attacked first. In this sense, your hero selection is important not only from an offense perspective, but also because you need to choose your tanks properly, or else your entire squad will get overwhelmed once the hero in the front inevitably falls to the enemy’s assault.

Luckily, when you choose a hero from your roster, they will get automatically assigned to their specific slots, which means that tanks will always go in the front, and DPS and support characters will be in the rear lines. You don’t really have to think too much about this other than choosing a balanced team.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

If you’re looking for a good lineup, our recommendation is to choose one tank, one support, and three DPS heroes. However, some characters are good at multiple roles and, with proper setup, you can get away with not having a tank or supports. Check out our best characters guide if you want to know which characters are the best for the early game.

Using Character Skills

Every character that you obtain in Disney Heroes comes with a single skill unlocked which, depending on the hero in question, could be really good. However, all characters also have a set of additional skills that you can unlock by increasing their rarity, at a rate of one extra skill per level of rarity. In some cases, some characters require the rest of their skillset before they become useful in battle, in which case upgrading their rarity will be your priority.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

When it comes to actually using your skills in combat, this process is quite simple, especially since your characters use most of these automatically. The only exception to this is their first skill, which you can manually choose when to use by clicking on the character’s portrait whenever their skill gauge is full. While you won’t really have to worry too much about using the rest of your abilities, a properly-timed first skill can definitely help to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Battlefield Effects

While it’s definitely satisfying to unleash your most powerful attacks and watch those big damage numbers appear on screen, some skills are for more than just dealing damage—some of them can apply debuffs or other nasty conditions that can be just as bad, or even worse, than simply suffering lots of HP damage. The exact effects of these debuffs varies case by case, and revolve around the following:

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

  • Stun: Hero is unable to move for the duration of the effect.
  • Freeze: Similar to Stun, though some heroes gain boosts when attacking frozen targets.
  • Cursed: Prevents healing entirely.
  • Studied: All basic attacks against the character with this effect will automatically become critical hits.
  • Blind: Heroes with this condition will always miss their basic attacks.
  • Silence: Blocks heroes from using their skills.
  • Charm: The hero turns against their own team for the duration of the effect.
  • Scare: Attacks with “Fantastic Damage” will always result in critical hits on heroes afflicted by this effect.

It’s important to understand and use these effects wisely as some heroes’ skills revolve entirely around them. In this sense, there are more ways to build a team than simply choosing the ones with the most damage.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

In fact, exploiting these effects is often the best way of countering one-dimensional strategies that rely on brute force. Does the team rely solely on physical damage? Charm their strongest characters and watch them fight each other. Alternatively, you can also freeze or stun the heavy hitters and deal with the rest of their team while they’re incapacitated. The possibilities are endless!

The Best Team in Disney Heroes

One of the greatest aspects about Disney Heroes is that, despite being a gacha game, there’s no real “meta”—all characters in the game are viable, as long as you are wary of your team composition. Sure, while you’ll have troubles if you run with a team of 5 supports, you can easily mix and match your favorite characters while filling all the important roles, and still get good results. However, since all characters unlock better skills as you increase their rarity, it’s crucial that you upgrade all of them evenly in order to adapt to any situation.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Combat Guide - Tips and Tricks to Win all Your Fights

And that’s it for our combat tips and tricks for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. This game is now available on now.gg. Play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode online. Please feel free to leave us your best pointers in the comments below to help out your fellow readers. Happy hunting!