There are over a hundred different characters to collect in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, all of which come from your favorite Disney/Pixar shows and movies. And the best part is that, while every character is different and brings unique elements to the mix, there’s no real “meta” in this game in the sense that you can freely choose your favorite characters, and still get good results in battle.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

However, when it comes to choosing a good team in Disney Heroes, there IS one thing you need to keep in mind, the character’s roles. This is because, while all characters are definitely viable, their roles will limit what they can do at any given situation. For example, you can’t really win battles if you’re running with a team of 5 support characters. Similarly, running with all DPS and no tanks is a recipe to get demolished by someone running with a balanced lineup. Take a look at our combat tips to learn a few pointers for winning all your battles in this game.

Moreover, despite all characters being viable, there are some that are better than others at specific roles. For this reason, we decided to create our very own tier list with the best Disney Heroes characters for every role, in case you have no favorites and are simply looking to create the best teams.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

Keep in mind that we’ll be dividing our tiers in B through S tiers, with each tier meaning the following:

  • S Tier: The best heroes for nearly every occasion.
  • A Tier: Good heroes that function well with the proper setup.
  • B Tier: Average heroes that can get you far into the game, but that should be replaced later on.
  • C Tier: Sub-par or weak heroes that shouldn’t be used.

Disney Heroes DPS Tier List

The DPS role in Disney Heroes is simple and straightforward: deal as much damage to the enemy in the shortest time possible. In this aspect, there are many heroes that can fulfill this criteria, but the best ones are the following:

  • S Tier: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker; Mulan; Shan Yu.
  • A Tier: Mushu; Megavolt; Elastigirl.
  • B Tier: Moana; Vanellope; Peter Pan.
  • C Tier: Merida; Barbossa; Aladdin.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

When it comes to dealing damage, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker is hands-down one of the best, not only because of his sheer damage output, but also because he can cripple the enemy with the “blind” effect. Moreover, he can also apply the “studied” condition, increasing not only the damage he inflicts, but also that of his team. 

However, our honorable mention in this tier is Elastigirl, especially since you unlock her for free from the very beginning. If you upgrade her, she can easily carry you through the entire game.

Disney Heroes Tank Tier List

Tanks are a bit more complex than DPS characters as they need to strike a balance between absorbing damage and protecting their team, while also dishing out their own brand of hurt. Regardless, the most important part about tanking is being able to take more than a few hits, and these are the best characters who can do so:

  • S Tier: Maximus; Slinky Dog; Baymax.
  • A Tier: Clawhauser; Mr. Incredible; Hades.
  • B Tier: Eeyore; Gonzo; Chief Bogo.
  • C Tier: Ralph; Baloo; Rex.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

Sadly, when it comes to tanks, the character you get from the very beginning, Ralph, isn’t very good and you’ll want to replace him as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many viable alternatives such as Baymax, who can not only tank a few good hits himself, but can also guard his teammates with a series of shields and barriers. 

Disney Heroes Support Tier List

The support role is one of the most varied as these heroes are about aiding their allies with a variety of beneficial effects. They’re also the most niche as they’re not as necessary in every formation as, say, DPS heroes, but they are required for some of the best setups.

  • S Tier: Joy; Kristoff & Sven; Tron.
  • A Tier: Animal; Kevin Flynn; Rapunzel.
  • B Tier: Mickey, Rafiki; Launchpad McQuack.
  • C Tier: Violet; Woody; Gizmoduck

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

The good thing about support characters in Disney Heroes is that there are only a few of these that are unviable or, in other words, not recommended for use. Most of these heroes are useful in their own way, with the challenge being finding four other characters that could greatly benefit from the positive effects that they can grant. 

For instance, Tron is a character that revolves generally around providing the Hardy effect, preventing debuffs from affecting his allies, and allowing you to roll with an offense-oriented team without fear of getting charmed or stunned to death. And just like Tron, all support characters in the game have their own niche.

Disney Heroes Control Tier List

Unlike the rest of the crew, control heroes are neither about dealing damage nor supporting their crews; they’re all about inflicting negative status effects and crippling the enemy. However, some control characters are strong enough to actually defeat the enemy by themselves if the conditions are right.

  • S Tier: Jafar; Tia Dalma; Honey Lemon.
  • A Tier: Flynn Rider; Jasmine; Angel.
  • B Tier: Hiro Hamada; Gaston; Huey, Dewey & Louie.
  • C Tier: Basil; Finnick; Frozone.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List - The Best Characters for Every Role

Just like support characters, control heroes in this game are all about finding the perfect setup. For instance, while Frozone is in C Tier, he can definitely excel if you’re rocking a Freeze build alongside Elsa since he can contribute to inflicting the freeze debuff that significantly increases Elsa’s damage output. However, other control characters, like Jafar, are more generalized and can fit better in most formations since the debuffs they inflict are often more useful.

And that’s it for our Disney Heroes Tier List. This game is now available on Play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode onlineWhat did you think of our picks? Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the section below!