Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the definitive gacha RPG for those who are fans of Disney and their expansive repertoire of popular heroes and franchises, including even the most classic characters from animated productions like The Lion King, Mulan, and Winnie the Pooh, to characters from the most recent creations like Frozen, Big Hero Six, and Wreck It Ralph, among many others. 

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

However, even though these characters are the heroes in their own stories, they all have something different to bring to the table in this game. Additionally, for the sake of balance, no character is inherently superior to the others; all of them have their uses and purposes. In this sense, knowing what characters to summon and which ones are the best for your needs can be quite challenging. Luckily, there are some characters in Disney Heroes that are better suited for most purposes, and that can excel in just about any situation in this game.

In this article, we’ll be mentioning the 5 best characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Moreover, we will also be sharing our tier list of the best characters in the game near the end, so that you can get an idea of which heroes to summon. However, if you’re just starting out, we suggest taking a look at our beginner tips first so that you can get a grasp of the basics. With that being said, keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys (and girls)!

Donald Duck

Simply put, Donald is one of the strongest characters you can unlock in this game, which is mostly thanks to his first two skills, “Fly Into a Rage”, and “Hopping Mad”. The former deals tons of damage to the nearest enemy, often being able to take a good chunk of their HP. Meanwhile, the latter also does lots of damage to three enemies and blinds them for 8 seconds. While the first skill is a large nuke, the second doesn’t fall behind in terms of damage AND also debuffs the enemy for a while.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

Moreover, while Donald is definitely a DPS character, he’s quite hardy thanks to his “Ruffled Feathers” passive. Once per wave, this skill heals him for a good amount of HP every time his max health falls under 50%, while also regenerating up to 400 energy over 12 seconds. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also has significant support capabilities thanks to his “Short Tempered” passive, which allows him to absorb up to 3 debuffs from his allies, and return them to the enemy when he uses his first skill.


Frozen’s poster girl couldn’t be anything but the best when it comes to sheer power. However, in contrast to Donald’s single-target damage, Elsa is more about combining AoE damage with crippling debuffs via her ice powers, particularly thanks to her “Cold Snap” and “Icy Blast”, which deal single target and AoE damage, respectively, while freezing affected enemies for a duration. 

Her first skill, on the other hand, is a single-target nuke that can deal moderate damage. However, all her skills are enhanced by her passive, “Getting Colder”, which increases all damage inflicted to frozen and slowed enemies by a whopping 75%. 

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

Suffice to say, while Elsa can be quite strong by herself, her damage output increases considerably when paired with characters that can also apply the freeze debuff, such as Frozone.


While Donald and Elsa are great for dealing single-target and AoE damage, respectively, Baymax is the opposite, excelling at providing support via shields and other helpful effects.

Most of Baymax’s kit is designed to protect his allies in one way or another, mostly via creating shields and barriers that block and reduce damage taken. In fact, his first skill might be one of the most useful and straightforward for this purpose, conjuring a barrier that shields all his allies for up to 10 seconds. His second skill, “Blast Off”, triggers automatically at the beginning of combat and damages all enemies while giving all allies a weak shield.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

His third skill, “Scan”, is very important, especially for teams that have tons of offense. Enemies that are targeted by this ability are scanned for 12 seconds, ensuring that all attacks landed on them will result in critical damage. 

His unique support kit makes Baymax a great character for virtually any lineup.


The master of control; this character is all about disrupting the enemy and keeping them crippled while the others wipe them out. Jafar can both debuff the enemy with various effects, as well as drain their energy, and even turn some enemies against their own allies for a limited duration.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

His first skill, “Snake Charmer”, takes control of an enemy and makes them attack their allies until Jafar runs out of energy. While charmed, the enemy deals greatly increased basic attack damage. His “Sands of Time” skill, on the other hand, targets the enemy with the highest energy and steals up to 350 points, while also significantly slowing their attack and movement speed for 9 seconds. The third skill might just be his most important, considering that it lets Jafar conjure up a sandstorm that deals massive damage to the entire enemy team, while also applying a blind effect for 4 seconds.

Later on, you can unlock his “Sultan Vile Betrayer” passive, which automatically buffs the enemies targeted by his “Snake Charmer” spell, increasing their attack speed by 200% and making them immune to disable effects. 


One of the best single-target support units that can significantly increase the performance of one of your characters. She is quite a unique character in Disney Heroes, particularly due to how her skills and attacks work. 

Megara doesn’t have a typical basic attack like all the others. Instead, you can click on one of your allies to have Megara link with them, giving them a variety of buffs. First and foremost, 25% of the damage taken by the linked ally is redirected towards Megara. Moreover, while Meg is alive, the linked ally cannot be killed. Additionally, she can also activate this skill to charm the 3 closest enemies for 5 seconds, making them attack each other for the duration. 

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - The 5 Best Characters You Should Roll For

Meanwhile, her second skill allows her to heal herself for a good amount, allowing her to stay in combat and provide support for much longer. Her third skill, however, is a very strong nuke against the enemy with the highest skill power, also silencing them for up to 7 seconds.

Once you unlock her fourth skill, her link ability is upgraded to passively increase the linked ally’s basic damage and skill power by 50% of Meg’s stats. 

What are your picks for best characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode? Leave us your own lists in the comments below!

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