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DomiNations: The Best World Nations

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Once you hit the Iron Age in DomiNations, it’s time to choose a world nation to align your interests with. This is a crucial decision that you must make fairly early in the development of your village and that will later cost at least 600 crowns to alter. As with most choices in this mobile MMO strategy game, your play style should be weighed in, but the community generally agrees that some nation bonuses are significantly more advantageous than others.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

As you go through our top 3 nations, also bear in mind that some bonuses are better for the Early Ages than they are for the late game. In addition, a nation might rank differently on a military vs. economic vs. defensive scale, so it’s important to know which of these aspects are worth prioritizing for you.

1. The Germans

The Germans are by far the best nation to war with during the later stages of the game. They offer a 5 seconds reduction in the cooldown of “Rally” during attacks, as well as a 100% increase in the duration of its effects.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

In DomiNations, your units tend to be frustratingly dumb when sieging a base. Without Rally, a tower or other defensive building can pick at them one by one while they viciously poke at a piece of wall or a farm. When used strategically, rally gives you the chance to focus their attacks on a particular building. The German bonus to this ability lets you target most of the main threats in a base and get a 100% destruction bonus with time to spare.

An even more powerful trait of the Germans is their “Teutonic Fury” – a 15% troops DPS boost that applies after a multi-player victory and can be carried into World War attacks. This singlehandedly allows players to steamroll through bases both in normal multi-player and in wars, making Germany the best nation for the Industrial Age and above.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

2. The British

Unlike the Germans, the British boast an economy trait, as well as a military one. One of the main reasons why this nation is preferred among players in the Early and Middle Ages is the fact that it grants a 15% increase in the loot stolen during raids.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

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Although this might not seem much at first, starting with the Medieval Age, loot ranges anywhere from a couple of hundred thousand (food and gold) to millions. Overall, the bonus adds up to a great deal of extra loot, which has a variety of applications for the development of a nation.

Even better is the British improved ranged unit – the Longbowman. The latter has +1 range compared to other archers, which means it can be used to destroy base defenses without being attacked. It certainly takes a bit of planning and strategizing to make this possible, but even missile silos are vulnerable to the Longbowman during the late game. The special archer also spawns from the Command Center on defense and can kill a good deal of invading infantry on its own.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

3. The French

The French come in very close to both the Germans and the British, mainly because of the fact that they can train troops 20% faster than other nations. In fact, when considered against the British 15% loot bonus, the French can generate more food and gold if played consistently. However, this is not the case for casual players who do not spend a lot of time on the game.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

When you attack other bases of a similar development to your own, you are bound to lose troops. During later ages, it can take up to 40 minutes to re-train all of your units, which inserts a big pause between your attacks. If you play often and for hours at a time, the French training speed bonus can go a long way.

In addition, the French let you receive 3 additional troops from your Allies (6, after the Gunpowder Age), which can make a considerable difference both during a raid and during a World War attack. Finally, their special unit – the Chevalier – upgrades to a massive tank in the late game and can spare you many casualties during raids.

Runner-Up A – The Chinese

The Chinese are a well-rounded nation with bonuses in military offense and defense, as well as economy. Although they don’t particularly excel at anything, they are a great starting nation for players who are willing to expend 600 crowns for a switch later in the game.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

In terms of economy, the Chinese offer an extra citizen that can be instrumental to the faster development of your base. Although one single citizen does not accomplish much on their own, this can be further improved with the right world wonders. Once you have 2 extra builders, you can use them to upgrade farms and caravans, which can save you a significant amount of time.

For defense, the Chinese spawn extra defenders from the Town Center (1 per age), making it more difficult for enemy players to earn victory stars. Their special ranged unit, the Chu Ko Nu, fires twice as fast as other archers and can clear large waves of invading infantry when generated by the Command Center. Finally, this nation also lets you recruit 1 extra mercenary army for better offense and more effective raids.

Runner-Up B – The Romans

The Romans are a force to be reckoned with on in terms of offensive military, but unfortunately, they offer no significant bonuses otherwise. Their main feature is to allow players to field larger armies – more specifically, to train and bring into battle 10% more units.

DomiNations: The Best World Nations

The Roman-specific unit – the Legion – is a special kind of infantry with 25% more health. This is a fairly awesome bonus during the early game because, while archers and horses are useful against defenses, infantry are the main damage dealers against most buildings. In short, they can ensure more 100% destruction victory stars, even though they are not as effective starting with the Atomic Age.

The Greek, Japanese, and Koreans all have their perks as well, but unfortunately, at this time in the game, they are not nearly as good as those of the nations mentioned above. Regardless of which nation you choose, however, it is possible to leverage its perks and lead your little village to glory. As you strive to do so, don’t forget to try DomiNations on BlueStacks for flawless, lag-free battles and a worthy display of your growing nation.

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