When you start to play Doomsday: Last Survivors, the first thing that they emphasize to players is the RPG element of the game that features a diverse set of heroes which you can collect. The character designs are aimed to appeal to the players in terms of aesthetics, but some players are more interested in their overall functions as heroes rather than their design. This is where our tier list aims to introduce some of the characters in the game to help players get a better idea of which units they should get.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

Just like any other mobile RPG game, players are able to acquire heroes randomly through a gacha or loot box system. Each hero has a specific function in the campaign and overall PvP. They can function as leaders of your army or a member of your elite squad that participates in campaigns to earn loot and rewards. This tier list specifically covers hero performance according to their capabilities in the campaign setting.

Hero Tier List

Including all the heroes will make for a very long tier list with the SSR heroes all being the same tier. That’s why we’ve chosen the best heroes in the SSR tier to help players make a more specific decision that will help them determine how these units separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

There are heroes who stand out in Doomsday: Last Survivors and we consider these must-haves since they are the best at their roles. We already mentioned that we’re only ranking them according to their strength in the campaign since their capabilities are also different when it comes to the overall PvP mode. We also made an Economy Guide to help players understand how they can make their shelter flourish.

S-Tier Heroes

The S tier belongs to heroes who are unparalleled at what they offer to the squad. They barely have any weaknesses and are simply overperforming when it comes to giving the player an easy way to clear out their campaigns.

  • Racing Lion, Tom

Racing Lion, Tom is a frontline hero that does everything he’s expected to do and more. This hero’s prowess as a hero who can take an insane amount of damage makes him irreplaceable as a tank that players simply need to include in their teams. It’s almost impossible to kill him once he’s unlocked all of his abilities and it makes it fairly easy to clear out even a fat wave of zombies with the boss.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

This hero is also an excellent AoE damage dealer that can disrupt enemy movement from overwhelming your squad. This takes away one of the core weaknesses that most squads experience, especially when dealing with enemies from multiple directions. Building him at max DEF and HP unlocks his full potential as a sentinel that can protect his team.

  • Harbinger of Doom, Hank Jannowitz

Hank Jannowitz is the most powerful damage dealer in the game with his ability to place down flamethrowers, chuck out grenades, and enter a berserk state to empower his own attacks. This essentially means that he has three ways to deal damage to the enemies and doesn’t just rely on using his active skills every so often as most heroes do.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

This hero basically covers all the DPS that you’ll ever need so if you want to run a double frontline squad, you can do so without losing out on your damage sources. Most heroes solely rely on their active abilities and allies/pets to deal damage to enemies, but Hank Jannowitz is a good all-rounder that can do it all without limiting his own capabilities in the process.

A-Tier Heroes

A Tier heroes are also extremely powerful heroes with just a bit of drawback due to their limited designs. They have mostly been created with a central theme that inhibits them from branching out, causing them to become just a bit inferior to the more flexible S Tier heroes.

  • Zombie Hunter, Jaden

Zombie Hunter, Jaden is another frontline hero that can deal damage and keep enemies at bay. His abilities allow him to call multiple allies and structures that do amazing work in the frontline and as a secondary damage dealer for the team. In fact, this means that he’s flexible in his role, giving him the ability to act as a secondary damage dealer while adding a layer of protection.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

The biggest problem with Jaden is that he’s very dependent on his active ability to protect his own pets. This is because Jaden’s innate tankiness isn’t that high as compared to other frontline heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors. Regardless, he’s still pretty efficient in what he does and will be a powerful addition to your team.

  • Doom Girl, Catherine Calamity

Doom Girl, Catherine Calamity is one of the very first SSR heroes that you’ll ever have the pleasure of adding to your squad and the game really showcases why you need her. She is a powerful damage dealer that can instantly wipe out waves of zombies in one shot. Her chainsaws blades can even stay in the area for a while, making sure that thick waves of zombies are cleared out easily.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

Just like Jaden, Catherine is limited by the fact that she needs to spam her active ability to be useful for the team. While she is also able to enter a frenzied state and deal a ton of damage to the enemy, her active ability is simply too powerful that it hogs up all your rage. This isn’t necessarily a convincing downside but there are some squads that require more balance.

B-Tier Heroes

B Tier Heroes are situationally great and can even surpass S Tier heroes if the situation fits them perfectly. Some of these heroes are simply good at fulfilling their roles, simply because no other hero can do it as efficiently as them. They’re not weak but being conditional means that they’re not amazing either.

  • Sinned Priest, Martin

Sinned Priest, Martin is the only healer on this list and as the one unit that can fulfill this role, he automatically earns a spot in our tier list. Heroes aren’t exactly prized in most situations, especially if you don’t have a powerful front line but they can prove to be game-breaking when you manage to build a balanced team.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

This unit isn’t just stuck at being a support since he has one of the most powerful structure skills in Doomsday: Last Survivors with the spike trap being able to damage zombies that pass through it. Unlike other structures, it doesn’t attract enemy aggro so it won’t get easily taken down when faced with a horde of zombies.

  • Thunderstorm, Raigoro

Thunderstorm, Raigoro is THE tank hero in Doomsday: Last Survivors with his innate tankiness and defensive abilities being unrivaled in the game. Defensive abilities are very valuable in this game and having a beefy hero that can take punishment really well is something that the average player wishes they had access to without spending a large sum of money.

Doomsday: Last Survivors - Hero Tier List

Raigoro is a powerful tank, but he has no offensive capabilities whatsoever. Purely defensive heroes can only do so much for the team since it’s still very important for the squad to deal damage. Tanks can get easily overwhelmed if the waves are not cleared out quickly so it’s best to pair this hero with a lot of damage dealers.