Dragon Brawlers is a simplified version of most traditional MOBA games on the mobile platform today, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its share of complicated mechanics that new MOBA players might find confusing. Learn the best ways to start playing the game so that you’ll be ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. This game offers so many exciting features that you might’ve missed out on, so take a deeper look with our beginner’s guide!

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

MOBA games are loved for the competitive PvP experience they give for players who like to showcase their skill sets. Dragon Brawlers offers this experience, but it’s different from most games in the same genre since it doesn’t have all the “standard” elements of its original predecessors. Understanding Dragon Brawlers is easy because you don’t have to memorize a lot of complicated features or learn advanced game tactics that would otherwise take weeks to get to figure out.

Explaining The 3v3 MOBA Setting

Unlike most MOBA layouts, Dragon Brawlers uses a 3v3 linear map setting that’s easy to follow. Both your team and the enemy team need only to walk forward and meet up with the enemy to secure objectives and prevent the enemy from advancing. There are no minions or neutral monsters since gold and items are nonexistent in the game. The main point of the game is for players to clash directly as soon as the game starts and do so until one team has completed the stage’s main objective.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

Like most MOBA games, the maps feature terrain modifiers like bushes, walls, and hazards that add a bit of a strategic layout that players can use to outplay opponents or secure an advantageous position for their team. Players will be fighting each other using skills unique to the units within their team. You can either invite up to two other friends to join you for premade games or queue randomly to team up with other people online.

Dragons & Heroes

The main theme of Dragon Brawlers is the use of Dragons and their Heroes as the main units that players control. There are various dragons that can be collected randomly via Dragon Eggs or through other rewards systems. Each dragon has different auto-attack types and ranges as well as an ultimate skill. You can choose which dragon you want to use before queueing up for a game on the Illustrations tab beside your screen.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

The Hero is another unit that you can also collect through various means. Each Hero has both a passive ability that benefits the dragon they are riding and an active ability they can use at will. There are only a few Heroes that you can collect, but each one will benefit different types of dragons differently. Mix and match your Dragons and Heroes to fit different situations and see a drastic change in your playstyle. Find a pair that matches how you want to play the game well.

Collecting Dragons and Heroes

The most tedious part about Dragon Brawlers is that you have to collect Dragons and Heroes from random loot boxes called Dragon Eggs. Each egg has a random chance of giving you either a new dragon or duplicates of an existing dragon you already have called Illustration Cards. You can use Illustration Cards to upgrade those specific dragons. Heroes aren’t obtainable through Dragon Eggs, but you can still get illustration cards of heroes you already own in this manner.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

There are different ways to collect these Dragon Eggs. Games reward you with points that count towards Exceptional Dragon Eggs. Once you reach 100 points, you’ll be able to open five eggs, which stack up if you don’t open them one by one. You can also watch ads to open other dragon eggs or purchase them using real money. 

Upgrading Dragons and Heroes

To upgrade Dragons and Heroes, you’ll need to collect duplicates of those existing units. Once you’ve already unlocked a Dragon or Hero, they’ll appear more frequently on Dragon Eggs and give you about 3-10 cards each time. The units have an Experience Bar that you can fill up by collecting illustration cards unique to them.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

Aside from Illustration Cards, you’ll also need a currency called Gold, which is also obtainable from Dragon Eggs. Upgrading units will cost gold; the higher that unit’s level is, the more expensive the cost of upgrading will be. There are also other ways of earning gold, like buying them with real money or watching ads.

Maps & Game Modes

The game features different maps and game modes. Each map will have a different game objective from the others, so you’ll be able to choose how you want to play the game. All of the maps will still feature team-based 3v3 combat but will have a different layout to fit the objective being fought for.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

The game modes are all somewhat similar in the sense that you have to either collect a certain amount of resources to unlock superweapons or defend them by preventing the enemy team from killing you or your teammates. These maps have a lockout period, so you can’t play the game an unlimited number of times, and you’ll have to wait until the next refresh period for you to play again. The refresh period can range from a few hours to half a day.

Joining Guilds

Guilds are a helpful way for players to interact or create a community of like-minded players who are looking for other people to play with. There are different benefits to joining a guild, like being able to complete different tasks and missions to unlock items in the shop. The Guild also awards players the chance to collect the Hero – Tiny Tamer – that they can use permanently.

Beginner's Guide To Playing Dragon Brawlers

Players have the option of creating a new guild or joining an existing one. Guilds are ranked according to the performance of their members through activity. The higher the standing of each Guild Member, the higher they will be placed on the rankings. Contribute to the guild by winning more games and ramping up your personal standings!