There are four exciting game modes available at the start of Dragon Brawlers, with other game modes possibly releasing in the near future. These game modes add a bit of variety to your experience playing the game so that you have a choice every time you log in. Learning each of these game modes’ layout and objectives will give players a better idea of how to win the games by introducing new strategies for players who want to play the game on the competitive-level.

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

Team-based MOBA games are naturally competitive, but without a division or ranked mode to define players’ skill levels, Dragon Brawlers doesn’t have a direct way of ranking players aside from its activity points ranking. Regardless, it’s still pleasant to look at your profile and see a high win-rate. Once you’ve mastered the basics of the game, you’ll slowly be competing against more experienced players who won’t be as easy to beat as those players you’ve been facing off against.

Dragon Brawler Game Modes

The Game Modes are really simple. As we explained in our Dragon Brawlers Beginner’s Guide, the game features linear maps with clear objectives. The only difference that each Game Mode has is the size of the maps and the layout of hazards and brushes. This is to add a bit of strategic thinking to the game so that players aren’t restricted to simply bashing each other every time they meet each other on the map.

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

The game modes feature different sets of maps. Those maps will stick around for a certain duration before they are replaced with another map. Even when the maps change, the objective of each stage will remain the same, but sometimes the zones where you can collect those objectives change spots.

Dragon Soul

The Dragon Soul is the first game mode that players can unlock at the beginning of the game and is explained during the tutorial. In this map, players will have to capture Resource Nodes, which are the zones on the map with a large circle and flag on top of it. Players will be able to capture these flags when they stand in the zone uncontested. While an enemy player is standing on top of the resource node with you, the resource zone can’t proceed to be captured.

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

  • Ideal Composition: 2 Tanks, 1 Ranged
  • Victory Condition: Collect 2000 Resources

The basic tactic on this map is to capture at least two of the three resource nodes on the map. Defending the middle resource node successfully will ensure supremacy around the map. Once you’ve established yourself as a defender, you’ll want to clear the brushes around the middle map so that you won’t get caught by surprise. If you have no way to clear the brush, you should hide and ambush enemies trying to reclaim the resource node. If you need to reclaim the middle node, create a diversion by trying to capture the backline enemy resource nodes to attract attention.

Dragon King’s Awakening

The Dragon King’s Awakening is one of the most fun game modes as it gives you the chance to transform into a Giant Dragon. This mode requires players to capture Dragon Altars in order to summon the Dragon King. Once the Dragon King is summoned, a random player will be chosen to control the Dragon King, which will charge towards the enemy’s base. 

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

  • Ideal Composition: 1 Tank, 1 Melee, 1 Ranged
  • Victory Condition: Destroy the Enemy Base

Once again, players will have to compete with each other to claim zones called Dragon Altars. Prevent enemy players from claiming three dragon altars in a row. If the enemy team claims three altars, move back to your base and wait for the destruction to unfold. The Dragon King will inevitably 1-shot someone, so your best chance is to move back to your base and focus on killing the Dragon King. If you’re attacking, make sure to support the Dragon King by following him closely and kill defending players.

Gem Jam

Gem Jam basically requires your team to hoard gems that drop from the map or those that are collected by enemy players. Each player may collect an indefinite number of gems, but if they die, they will drop all the gems in their possession. Once a team accumulates 10 gems, a countdown from 15 seconds will initiate, and if the team successfully keeps the lead during that time period, they win. If a team steals the lead during this countdown, the timer will reset after five seconds.

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

  • Ideal Composition: 2 Ranged, 1 Melee
  • Victory Condition: Hold 10 or more Gems For 15 seconds

The best way to win this mode is to focus on killing enemies that are collecting gems and let your fastest unit collect the gems. Once you’ve secured 10 or more gems, defend the player with the most gems and have them run around the map so that the enemy team can’t kill them. Stall the game by trying to threaten the most vulnerable player on the enemy team by moving towards them so that the other enemy players will follow you.


Bounties are the most PvP-based game mode in the list, with the name of the game mode basically explaining its objectives. Players will gain a stack of bounty each time they kill an enemy up to a maximum of seven stacks, but the bounty will reset to two stacks if they die. If a player kills an enemy, they collect the bounty and will be tallied for the total bounty collected. At the end of the match timer, the team with the highest total bounty collected will win.

Explaining Dragon Brawler Game Modes

  • Ideal Composition: 1 Tank, 1 Melee, 1 Ranged
  • Victory Condition: Collect Bounties

Bounties is a pretty straightforward game mode – kill enemies and try to stay alive. Don’t rush into the battlefield without your team because you’ll be easy pickings for the enemy team. Make sure to stay in the battle only until you have at least 25% HP, then move back so that the enemy can’t claim your bounty. If you have accumulated five or more bounty stacks, try to stay away from fights as much as possible. If you’re a tank, try not to get the kills and give it to someone who has more mobility.